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Pedicure Drill Kit

Syndent Pedicure Drill Kit

Syndent pedicure drill kit includes a compilation of unique bits for your full pedicure or podiatry services.

Our professional pedicure effectively removes dead skin from the heel and can offer other pedicure and sometimes manicure services.

Syndent fabricates its best pedicure drill kit from China. We use some of the best, quality, and advanced CNC equipment from the United States.

We are the most prominent company to trade for different abrasives besides the pedicure drill kit. Our mass production ensures we supply our items to many international locations.

Besides, Syndent offers OEM and ODM full support and assured after-sales services.

Pedicure Drill Kit

10-piece pedicure drill kit

Pedicure Drill Kit

32-piece pedicure drill kit

Pedicure Drill Kit

12-piece stone pedicure drill kit

Pedicure Drill Kit

13-piece felt pedicure drill kit

Pedicure Drill Kit

12-piece pedicure drill kit

Pedicure Drill Kit

9-piece pedicure drill kit

Pedicure Drill Kit

12-piece pedicure drill kit

Pedicure Drill Kit

7-piece pedicure drill kit

Pedicure Drill Kit

6-piece pedicure drill kit

Pedicure Drill Kit

6-piece pedicure drill kit

Pedicure Drill Kit

5-piece pedicure drill kit

Pedicure Drill Kit

20-piece pedicure drill kit

Why Syndent Pedicure Drill Kit

Syndent pedicure drill kit is a must-have of unique bits that serve different pedicure applications. You can convincingly grind, file, shape, clean, shorten, carve, sharpen, drill, polish, engrave, smoothen, remove overlays in bulk, etc.

With our pedicure drill kit, you can nicely clean your heel by removing the dead skin. Our professional kit can effectively grind the thick toenails, remove calluses, shape or shorten both toenails and figure nails. You can therefore make it your preferred manicure and pedicure drill kit.

Syndent fabricates a super-sharp pedicure drill kit available at wholesale price. Our manicure & pedicure nail drill kit also has excellent wear resistance. Syndent pedicure drill kit exhibits quality performance at unbeatable prices.

We have 90% of our abrasives dispatched internationally. Syndent has collaborated with many freight forwarders to ship our pedicure drill kit.

We understand the shipment process and can advise you comprehensively about all the logistics involved. Ship your 14-piece professional manicure & pedicure nail drill kit with confidence.

Besides fabricating the best manicure pedicure nail drill kit, Syndent guarantees safe payment options. Our several safe and convenient payment alternatives range from Banks, TT, and Western Union to PayPal.

Furthermore, you can embrace the services of MoneyGram, L/C, etc. We have intentions of increasing the options. As a result, paying for your pedicure drill kit has become convenient and practical.

Pedicure Drill Kit

Syndent will check the raw material specifications of pedicure drill kit before production.

Pedicure Drill Kit

Syndent automatically brazes pedicure drill kit with silver in a low temperature

Pedicure Drill Kit

We must make the jumping test of pedicure drill kit after brazing. The tolerance is less than 0.1mm

Pedicure Drill Kit

Syndent examines the hardness of pedicure drill kit shank after brazing, and tests the bending strength

Pedicure Drill Kit

Solid pedicure drill kit needs a shaping process from the carbide rod materials

Pedicure Drill Kit

Syndent CNC grinds the teeth of pedicure drill kit after the tests approved

Pedicure Drill Kit

Syndent polishes the shaft of pedicure drill kit, and its brazing position

Pedicure Drill Kit

Syndent makes your logo on the pedicure drill kit, and stick your own label on the case.

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Your Best Supplier of Pedicure Drill Kit

We deploy highly-skilled workers with experience of more than five years in abrasives. As the company’s valued assets, Syndent skilled engineers will ensure the pedicure drill kit produced have standard features. Our products can compete with top brands on the market.

As part of Syndent’s stable growth, we willfully offer a lifetime warranty with each pedicure drill kit purchased.

We freely replace the items that contribute to faulty performance when doing your manicure or pedicure services. We are the best supplier you can always rely upon.

Syndent imports its pedicure drill kit materials from the most prominent international enterprises with an excellent standard supply.

We convert the raw materials into a finished electric nail manicure pedicure drill file tool kit using modern CNCs. Stable and promising material delivery and using modern machines means quickest fabrication and dispatch of premium items.

Our 10-piece professional nail drill kit for manicure & pedicure includes indispensable quality features. After an estimated operation, we always service our equipment and substitute unproductive parts with new ones.

Thus, our equipment has enhanced the fabrication of the best professional manicure & pedicure nail kit with the highest precision.

Besides electric nail file drill kit for manicure pedicure, Syndent makes carbide dental burs, a diamond nail drill bits, etc.

Please hurry and make your professional manicure & pedicure nail drill kit order with us

Pedicure Drill Kit: All-inclusive FAQ Guide

The nail/beauty industry comprises assorted nail drill bits that can work better in many resourceful ways. However, it demands quality and suitable devices for the job. Plus, a pedicure drill kit will serve well when you have various pedicure tasks to manage.

What is Pedicure Drill Kit?

A pedicure drill kit represents a set of different devices that vary in shape, size, and style for pedicure maintenance. For instance, the all-in-one set may encompass other pieces of cone bits, ball-shaped bits, flame-shaped bits, needle bits, etc. A pedicure drill set, therefore, may suit both professionals and beginners.

Pedicure Drill Kit

Pedicure drill kit

A pedicure drill kit can suit all your pedicure needs because of various items. For instance, you’ll drill the nails, offer excellent polishing, clean out the cuticles, refine or shape nail edges, etc.

At the same time, you can remove dead skin and dirt under the nails or sidewalls with the kit.

Pedicure maintenance includes giving your toenails and feet a new and attractive look. And the pedicure drill kit can help you in achieving that.

Hence, the equipment is an essential gift for beauty parlors, nail salons, personal pedicure manicures, DIY nail art, etc.

Pedicure nail drill kit adopts top-most precision standards from materials with optimum strength. At the same time, the materials used will ensure the pedicure drill kit comprises tools that have knife-like edges.

With superior strength and maximum durability, you can have the assurance of a long-lasting kit.

Syndent has emerged as a top manufacturer of the best pedicure drill kit. You can therefore use a professional pedicure drill machine. And as a leading supplier in China, our products have also found their way overseas.

Although bits can incorporate 1/8-inch shank sizes, the Syndent pedicure drill kit is versatile. That implies the kit comes in a universal 3/32-inch shank size. Thus, they will fit most rechargeable or electric nail file machines.

With a professional pedicure drill kit, you will treat your toenails and feet faster than sanding caps/bands and Mandrel.

Besides using original and quality materials to build a pedicure drill kit, manufacturers may also coat the bits. A coating essentially works in two distinct ways.

First, it may enhance the beauty of a pedicure drill set. And lastly, it can improve the tool’s durability depending on the type of coating applied.

Note that the pedicure drill kit with coating may not possess the same properties as the original ones. For example, an extra layer on a bit usually reduces the sharp cutting properties. And although they cut accurately, they can lack the exact precision as the original set.

What Can You Do with Pedicure Drill Kit?

Pedicure Drill Kit

Applications of pedicure drill kit

A pedicure drill kit treats toenails and feet to ensure a client looks neat. It implies the pedicure drill can remove calluses. Furthermore, it will treat both soft and hard corns.

Corns usually form at the top and between toenails or at the bottom of your feet. On the other side, calluses form at the bottom of your feet and toenails and look more enlarged than corns.

Using the best pedicure drill kit, a podiatrist will treat such abnormalities effectively from the feet and hands.

The surface of the pedicure drill kit has a fine polish. So, it won’t cause injury to the feet or toenails during any pedicure procedure. Moreover, the pedicure nail drill kit works on natural toenails and artificial nails such as acrylic or gel nails.

The pedicure drill kit can shape your toenails and easily clean their sidewalls. Moreover, a proper shape can reach under the nails and remove excess dirt and ridges. Consequently, the professional toolset will help you quickly trim the cuticles and buff the skin and nails.

The pedicure drill kit can also facilitate your pedicure/manicure at home. However, inexperienced users may not achieve the desired outcome. Or, it might seriously damage your nails and harm you.

As an all-inclusive toolset, the tools will generally do the following:

  • Clean under the toenails or fingernails.
  • Thin down or treat your infected thick and distorted toenail.
  • Cut down cuticle edges and nail overlays.
  • Polish hard skin, remove calluses and corns, etc.
  • Sharpen, shape, or shorten thick toenails.
  • Perform backfill cutting.
  • Provide sidewall filing.
  • Remove excess materials with a smoother finish.

Which Important Tips Should You Know Before Using Pedicure Drill Kit?

  • Select the fitting pedicure drill kit for your nail artwork. Bits represent what manicurists or podiatrists need to file and shape toenails. Moreover, the bits will enable you file away calluses, corns, and dead skin besides trimming the edges of your cuticles.

As mentioned, a pedicure drill kit you choose will occur in various sizes, shapes, textures, and materials. And while some textures provide multifold operations, some can have restrained functions.

For instance, a giant diamond barrel will sufficiently grind the feet to remove calluses or corns. Moreover, the small version barrel can do a backfill cutting or shape the toenails o fingernails. Nonetheless, you may not use a similar bit to file the cuticles professionally.

Therefore, research the tools before buying the bits and find a kit that will satisfy the needs.

  • Educate yourself about nail machines. The industry gives various handpieces that have varying features. Thus, you will need different ways to operate them, which can help you in the filing process.

For instance, some modern machines have reverse and forward modes. The options provide a specification to a dominant hand. And in such a case, a right-handed technician will use the forward setting while the left-handed a reverse setting.

  • Understand the speed. Besides the reverse and forward settings, a drill machine incorporates other settings. And the rate is essential in nail artwork if you intend to find good results.

Modern handpieces have speed settings that can go up to 35 000 RPM. Although there is freedom of choice, any speed might not apply to all filing functions.

Filing at an extremely high speed might damage an entire nail. On the flip side, filing extremely slowly won’t present the desired outcome.

Can Pedicure Drill Kit Have Bits with Different Shapes?


Pedicure Drill Kit

Shapes of pedicure drill kit

When you buy a toolset, you need good bits that will successfully facilitate all your nail work needs. A pedicure drill kit comes in handy, especially when it has all bits that can bring satisfaction to your work.

For a complete and successful pedicure application, you’ll need a toolset with various shapes that the industry provides. Furthermore, the profiles provided may include distinct materials to complete and good the whole process.

Other than materials, the bits in a kit usually have different grits. It also helps in making your work perfect and faster with high precision.

A kit may comprise a barrel bit (small or large), cone bit, ball-shaped bit, flame bit, needle bit, etc. A brush bit can also come as part of the kit.

For instance, a medium grit barrel bit in your kit will aid the polishing of both nail and foot surfaces. The same bit might also facilitate shaping a nail curve, shortening or reshaping the nail, and polishing other hard surfaces.

A cone bit in your toolset aids in the precision cutting of cuticle edges or sidewall cutting. In addition, the slim size facilitates the processing of toenails and makes the surfaces smoother.

The usual ball shape type can facilitate ultimate dead skin or callus removal, cleaning the sidewalls, etc. It will also help in safe preparation for backfills.

A flame bit on the other side will assist in creating a lip of a dead cuticle. Thus, it makes the removal of dead skin convenient and better.

Pedicure Drill KitFlame shape bit

A micro-ball type will clear the dead skin in fixed areas like under the nails and around cuticle zones.

A pedicure drill kit can also feature safety bits. Safety bits naturally comprise rounded tops. And such like bits usually possess exceptionally sharp edges that require extra care when filing close to the skin.

But, with rounded tops, the safety bits can give flawless services without cutting the skin around the nail. Nevertheless, the tools will perform safe surface work, provide backfill cutting, offer infill cuticle services, shorten nails, etc.

Pedicure Drill Kit

For professional pedicures

What Materials Can Pedicure Drill Kit Have?

Drill bits might offer contrasting peak performances because of materials with varying characteristics. The features usually vary in durability, strength, rigidity, service life, sharpness, and efficiency.

The most popular material’s manufacturers can use in making the pedicure drill kit include:

  • Diamond.
  • Tungsten carbide.
  • Ceramics.
  • Sanding bands/caps with Mandrel.

A Mandrel bit typically comes from metal, rubber, or emery cloth. The filing tip that contains an emery or plastic cloth may appear as a sanding cap or bands. The tips seemingly slip onto a metal Mandrel, ready to handle filing tasks.

With sanding caps or bands, you will need replacement after using one client. However, it means the tips don’t require cleaning or disinfection.

The bands or caps come in discrete textures; coarse, fine, and medium. Consequently, you’ll use the mandrel bits for surface performance on feet, toenails, and other pedicure services.

Techs will also use the Mandrel bits on a natural nail for gel and other nail enhancement removal.

Pedicure Drill Kit

Mandrel Bits

Carbide bits contain carbide metal, a rigid material better than steel. The tungsten carbide bits will therefore last longer. Additionally, the bits have flute-like edges on the carbide tips.

The flute-like cutting edges on a carbide bit facilitate effective shaving of enhancement products. Consequently, flutes won’t scratch your toenails, enhancements, or skin like the particles on diamond bits.

The carbide bit also incorporates discrete textures. The texture scale of the bit will appear based on the size ad arrangement of the flutes.

The flutes can include deeper and larger designs to indicate coarser texture. Nevertheless, shallow and closely designed flutes will provide bits with a more refined texture.

Carbide bits present absolute tools in a pedicure drill kit for professionals because of razor-sharp cutting edges. Plus, preparing your natural nails with carbide bits is a risky exercise we do not recommend.

Ceramic bits in a pedicure drill kit contain ceramic elements on the tips. The component has a unique heat dissipation properties than its counterparts. Similarly, ceramic bits will give incredible service life like tungsten carbide.

The ceramic has flutes just like tungsten carbide and will shave off materials smoothly without traces of scratches. Additionally, the flutes contain several textures like medium, fine, and coarse.

You can clean both ceramic and tungsten carbide bits in your pedicure kit and use them afterward.

Diamond bits derived through natural and artificial means remain the hardest of other bits in your kit. And like their counterparts, the specific tools contain multiple shapes and sizes. But, the particles firmly glued on the tips scratch while removing materials.

Why Choose Pedicure Drill Kit?

Making a pedicure drill kit your investment can offer tremendous benefits in many ways.

  • Tools in a pedicure drill kit have the finest quality because all the materials used differently have top-grade properties. Additionally, all components contain dense properties. Therefore, the pedicure drill kit purchased will deliver durable services and peak performance.
  • With a pedicure drill kit, you’ll find bits in favorite shapes and sizes. Hence, technicians can find desired flexibility in doing pedicure services. You will find helpful ways of performing challenging assignments.

Pedicure Drill Kit

Pedicure drill kit shapes

  • Through modern instruments, Syndent manufactures pedicure drill kits with ultra-modern characteristics. And most undoubtedly, a pedicure drill kit with everyday products can only promise a pre-eminent outcome. Plus, you’ll benefit primarily from precise performance.
  • We expect the technician or podiatrist to do challenging jobs faster with a toolset that contains the finest tools. The highly sharp edges will practically file toenails or other materials more quickly. Therefore, productivity remains essential when using a pedicure drill kit for pedicure and similar services.

Syndent plans with all nail drill bit users worldwide. The mission of the company includes providing only productive, highly durable products. For that reason, we have categories of bits besides those in a pedicure drill kit. Such tools include e file drill bitssmooth drill bit nailsvolcano nail drill bit, etc.

Through a sound system, we can serve you better. Therefore, contact us, and we shall avail a comprehensive pedicure drill kit quotation.

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