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Power Carving Burrs

Syndent Power Carving Burrs

Syndent power carving burrs provide you with powerful endless applications on wood and other materials.

You can use our power carving burrs to carve literally anything into useful objects.

Syndent designs premium power carving burrs for your easy application in various industries. We have manufactured professional power carving burrs in China for more than 11 years.

We supply our quality power carving burrs to all parts of the world. We use advanced CNC equipment and welding technology from the USA.

Syndent can make the fastest dispatch in a week after you’ve made an order. We have professionally trained employees and follow strict quality control during each production process.

Power Carving Burrs

Cylinder power carving burrs are ideal for contour finishing, flat surface removal.

Power Carving Burrs

Cylinder with end cut power carving burrs are suitable for removal contour and right-angled corners

Power Carving Burrs

Cylinder with radius end power carving burrs are suitable for processing contour and arc surface at a certain angle

Power Carving Burrs

Ball shape power carving burrs are good for machining round edge and end pre-processing before brazing

Power Carving Burrs

Oval shape power carving burrs are suitable for round edge removal

Power Carving Burrs

Tree with radius end power carving burrs are perfect for grinding round edge in long and narrow positions

Power Carving Burrs

Tree with pointed end power carving burrs are used for machining round arc contour in long and narrow places

Power Carving Burrs

Flame shape power carving burrs are good at round edge machining

Power Carving Burrs

Cone shape power carving burrs function like a countersink. Suitable for chamfering inner hole

Power Carving Burrs

Taper with radius end power carving burrs are widely used for round contour removal in narrow positions, and surface machining

Power Carving Burrs

Taper with pointed end power carving burrs are suitable for narrow position deburring and counter surface machining

Power Carving Burrs

Inverted cone power carving burrs are suitable for rear-side chamfering from the inner side.

Why Syndent Power Carving Burrs

Syndent power carving burrs have maximum power that can see you through various functions. You can use our power carving burrs in carving various materials.

Nevertheless, Syndent power carving burrs can cut, polish, drill, engrave, clean, chamfer and remove sharp corners and edges.

You may strongly use our power carving burrs in machining materials like wood, jewelry, jade, glass, plastics, etc. Also, you may machine metals like aluminum, brass, titanium, silver, copper, cobalt, nickel, cast iron, steel, bronze, etc.

Syndent power carving burrs apply in industries like wood carving, metalsmith, dental, metal, sculpting, automotive, etc. You can make your work easier and increase productivity with our power carving burrs.

Syndent has always supplied you with stable and consistent quality power carving burrs for more than a decade.

We ensure that the samples received always match your Syndent power carving burrs official order.

We have done this for more than 11 years therefore, we have a good historical experience. We have practiced honesty over the past years and treat credibility as our source of life.

Through our quality control system, we ensure tracing every process to responsibility. Thus, we guarantee you a continuous supply of stable high-quality Syndent power carving burrs.

Power Carving Burrs

Syndent will check the raw material specifications of power carving burrs before production.

Power Carving Burrs

Syndent automatically brazes power carving burrs with silver in a low temperature.

Power Carving Burrs

We must make the power carving burrs jumping test after brazing. The tolerance is less than 0.1mm

Power Carving Burrs

Syndent examines the hardness of power carving burrs shank after brazing, and tests the bending strength

Power Carving Burrs

Solid power carving burrs need a shaping process from the carbide rod materials

Power Carving Burrs

Syndent CNC grinds the power carving burrs teeth after the tests approved

Power Carving Burrs

Syndent polishes the power carving burrs shaft, and its brazing position

Power Carving Burrs

Syndent makes your logo on the power carving burrs, and stick your own label on the case.



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  • Syndent has all the popular carbide cutters and shapes. Succeed in helping many customers save costs in the past decades.

  • Range from the dental laboratory to clinic purpose. Either a dental technician or dental doctor could find what you demand here.

  • You have creative nails through Syndent amazing nail carbide burrs. We can do better and think about what you think.

Your Best Supplier of Power Carving Burrs

Syndent power carving burrs last longer and you can easily afford them. We at Syndent, provide a balance point with a great combination of both longevity and budget-friendly price. Syndent has successfully managed cost performance issues.

Syndent is amongst the earliest Chinese factories that introduced and used CNC machines to manufacture power carving burrs.

Syndent also was an active participant in forming the Chinese Standards for Rotary File Industry. The Syndent power carving burrs you buy always appear at a leading level in the industry.

Our company was founded by three people who previously were in a state-owned enterprise. This includes a technical research and development engineer, an equipment maintenance engineer, and a business sales supervisor. Syndent stable enterprise structure that gives you a solid-rock supply chain of power carving burrs.

Apart from premium Syndent power carving burrs, we manufacture many other quality cutting and grinding tools. Syndent can process tungsten carbide burr set, carbide burr for steel, die grinder carbide burr, and more.

Ask for an instant quotation of Syndent power carving burrs, contact us now!

Syndent has an active customer care service that works 12/7 to listen to and respond to your requests.

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