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Rotary Burr Cutter

Syndent Rotary Burr Cutter

yndent rotary burr cutter have special cutting teeth that helps you cut different materials in high efficiency.

Using our rotary burr cutter, you can have a faster cutting time on a specific material with a lot of ease.

Syndent manufactures rotary burr cutter in more than 40 sets six axis advanced CNC equipment.

We observe strict quality control during the manufacturing process of rotary burr cutter. Therefore, Syndent delivers to you sturdy and high-performing burr cutters for all your project demands.

Rotary Burr Cutter

Cylinder rotary burr cutter is ideal for contour finishing, flat surface removal.

Rotary Burr Cutter

Cylinder with end cut rotary burr cutter is suitable for removal contour and right-angled corners

Rotary Burr Cutter

Cylinder with radius end rotary burr cutter is suitable for processing contour and arc surface at a certain angle

Rotary Burr Cutter

Ball shape rotary burr cutter is good for machining round edge and end pre-processing before brazing

Rotary Burr Cutter

Oval shape rotary burr cutter is suitable for round edge removal

Rotary Burr Cutter

Tree with radius end rotary burr cutter is perfect for grinding round edge in long and narrow positions

Rotary Burr Cutter

Tree with pointed end rotary burr cutter is used for machining round arc contour in long and narrow places

Rotary Burr Cutter

Flame shape rotary burr cutter is good at round edge machining

Rotary Burr Cutter

Cone shape rotary burr cutter functions like a countersink. Suitable for chamfering inner hole

Rotary Burr Cutter

Taper with radius end rotary burr cutter is widely used for round contour removal in narrow positions, and surface machining

Rotary Burr Cutter

Taper with pointed end rotary burr cutter is suitable for narrow position deburring and counter surface machining

Rotary Burr Cutter

Inverted cone rotary burr cutter is suitable for rear-side chamfering from the inner side.

Why Syndent Rotary Burr Cutter

Syndent rotary burr cutter is all you need in all your demanding tasks. Whether your job involves engineering, jewelry making, tool making, welding and sculpting, you can accurately and precisely cut, shape, grind, machine, carve, drill, chamfer, polish, remove sharp edges and more.

You can apply our rotary burr cutter on both ferrous and non-ferrous materials. You can confidently complete your tasks on wood, aluminum, steel, hardened steel, cast iron, copper, brass, zinc, etc.

Syndent manufactures rotary burr cutter in different shapes to suit all industrial demands. You can improve on your performance and speed with our rotary burr cutter.

We sent 90% of our cargo to the rest of the world. Therefore, Syndent has accumulated enough experience and cooperate very well with multiple freight companies.

Based on this, we stand in a position of helping you find a suitable and most reliable shipping option. We can as well suggest for you a good shipping company according to your rating category to enjoy quality services.

Syndent has a 24-hour hotline. We also support WhatsApp, Skype as well as Messenger. You can always contact us at all times.

Our customer care service will respond to your request immediately. You don’t have to worry anymore how to reach us after placing your rotary burr cutter from Syndent.

Rotary Burr Cutter

Syndent will check the raw material specifications of rotary burr cutter before production.

Rotary Burr Cutter

Syndent automatically brazes rotary burr cutter with silver in a low temperature.

Rotary Burr Cutter

We must make the rotary burr cutter jumping test after brazing. The tolerance is less than 0.1mm

Rotary Burr Cutter

Syndent examines the hardness of rotary burr cutter shank after brazing, and tests the bending strength

Rotary Burr Cutter

Solid rotary burr cutter needs a shaping process from the carbide rod materials

Rotary Burr Cutter

Syndent CNC grinds the rotary burr cutter teeth after the tests approved

Rotary Burr Cutter

Syndent polishes the rotary burr cutter shaft, and its brazing position

Rotary Burr Cutter

Syndent makes your logo on the rotary burr cutter, and stick your own label on the case.



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  • Syndent has all the popular carbide cutters and shapes. Succeed in helping many customers save costs in the past decades.

  • Range from the dental laboratory to clinic purpose. Either a dental technician or dental doctor could find what you demand here.

  • You have creative nails through Syndent amazing nail carbide burrs. We can do better and think about what you think.

Your Best Supplier of Rotary Burr Cutter

Syndent accepts custom design for your sample production. You can simply mail your competitor’s samples to us. We can help you easily defeat your competitors.

Syndent has previously made too many successful cases. First, we do a chemical analysis of the raw materials. We then analyze the strength of the tool holder as well the geometry variables of the cutting edge.

Based on this, we understand your industry and the material hardness of the grinding tool. Syndent then matches all the variables and produce samples with exact similarities like the original samples. We can even surpass them.

Syndent rotary burr cutter has a unique process requirement. Using our self-developed CNC machine, our rotary burr cutter finished surface shines as bright as stainless steel. You might even compare it with artwork. This can greatly help you in making your local sales work a lot easier.

Based on our 11 years experience, Syndent can help you find a suitable logistics method. This can make you benefit from the most economical logistics cost.

Hence, you focus on your local marketing as well as promotion. We can help you monitor the entire transportation process issues before transporting Syndent rotary burr cutter.

Besides Syndent rotary burr cutter, we have other quality tools too. You may order carbide burr for steel, die grinder bits, rotary file bit, and more.

Rotary Burr Cutter

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Rotary Burr Cutter- The Ultimate FAQs Guides

Syndent is one of the leading manufacturers and Suppliers of rotary burr cutters. We manufacture rotary burr cutters in various designs and shapes.

Our rotary burr cutter is also called carbide rotary file. Syndent rotary burr cutters use in shaping, grinding, carving, smoothing, deburring and engraving of materials.

Let’s discuss a detailed overview of the manufacturing process, benefits, shapes, and preventive measures.

What does Rotary Burr Cutters mean?

Syndent manufactures rotary burr cutters with tungsten carbide material using advanced CNC machines. We produce them in various shapes, sizes, and flutes. Also, you can have many long rotary file bits with different lengths.

Our rotary burr cutters are designed and manufactured with a specific geometry so that you have high work efficiency, reduces workload, and saves your precious time.

The rotary burr cutters are produced with high-quality raw material. Therefore, our burrs are durable, rigid, and resistant.

Syndent rotary burr cutters perform very well on different surfaces like plastic, metal, stone, glass, wood, bone ceramic, etc.

Syndent produces a wide range of rotary burr cutters including, single cut, double cut, aluminum cut, steel cut, pencil grinder bits, and so on.

Rotary Burr Cutter

Which Steps Include in the Manufacturing Process of Rotary Burr Cutters?

Syndent uses high-graded raw materials in the manufacturing process of rotary burr cutters. A special inspection team checks and promises the performance of the carbide material before further processing starts.

It goes through a stringent control system. We produce the rotary burr cutters under strict quality control to meet International Standards.

The process includes:

Material selection

The first step is to check the quality of raw material for the rotary burr cutters. Syndent gets raw material from top suppliers.

We produce high-quality burr cutters that offer remarkable results.


The following process is to raze the solid carbide with hardened steel. Syndent uses silver for the brazing of two materials.

The brazing process happens at a moderate temperature.


The next test is to check the jumping level of rotary burr cutters. The burrs need a specific balance to work smoothly. The burrs have a 0.1mm or less tolerance level required to bear any resistance.

Rotary Burr Cutter


After the balancing test, Syndent applies the bending test to rotary burr cutters. The burrs are tested to check the hardness level and strength.

The burrs bend at a specific level to check the required hardness levels and strength.


After bending, solid carbide burrs require shaping. We use advanced CNC machines to grind the burrs into required shapes.


After shaping the rotary burr cutters in required shapes, we give unique teeth called flutes to our burrs.


Then the rotary burr cutters polish to smooth the rough areas. We shine the shaft part of the burr and clear the uneven places.


The last step is to mark your company names, labels, and logos on your burrs and prepare attractive packaging before shipment.

Rotary Burr Cutter

Which Functions Rotary Burr Cutters Perform?

The rotary burr cutters are highly versatile, so these burr cutters are used to perform different tasks of a project.

Syndent rotary burrs reduce workforce and expenses and feed excellent results. Syndent rotary burr cutters perform various functions like:


Syndent rotary burr cutters produce with cemented carbide raw materials and very hard to bear resistance.

Many industries use rotary burr in shaping their materials like steel, cast iron, hardwood, plastics, platinum etc.

We produced burrs in different shapes and sizes and have specific cutting flutes. These flutes engraved and shape materials and give excellent results.


Industries perform grinding on materials in their daily routine tasks. Grinding means a fine finishing to a workpiece. While working on material small, debris is produced.

Grinding helps to remove the extra debris and other excess materials from your workpiece. Syndent rotary burr cutters efficiently grind materials and provide smooth finishing. The cutters can grind rough surfaces and give excellent results.

Rotary Burr Cutter


Generally, Syndent rotary burr cutters produce with tungsten carbide materials. So, the burrs contain high strength and easily cut any hard or soft materials.

Our rotary files have sharp blades and work on high rotation speed to cut easily any material.

Industries that deal with hard materials need high-strength tools and Syndent rotary burr cutters are the best option for cutting.


While working with different materials, small debris remains on the surface of materials and you have to remove this debris.

It creates roughness on the materials and also causes injuries. Deburring is the process of removing extra material from a given surface. You can use rotary burr cutters to remove excess materials from your workpiece.


Sydnent rotary burr cutters are also used for drilling and holes-enlargement. You can use our burrs to enlarge holes on drywall, concrete, hardened steel, cast steel, hardwood etc.

The single-cut burrs can to remove large chips from the materials. A ball shape burr can enlarge holes on your workpiece.

The rotary burr cutters give excellent results and perform on different materials like concrete cast iron, hard steel, plastic etc.

Rotary Burr Cutter

Which Tools Freely Attach with Rotary Burr Cutters?

Usually, Syndent manufactures rotary burr cutters with standards sizes that can attach with different rotary tools. The burrs, when paired with die grinder machines. It resolves at a very high speed and works efficiently.

We use our burr cutters with die grinders. But the shaft standard diameters can fit other rotary tools like Pneumatic tools, micro motors, and others. Whichever tool you choose to work with, make sure to fit the rotary burr cutters correctly.

What Are the Materials Rotary Burr Cutters Can Cut?

Syndent manufactures rotary burr cutters with tungsten carbide materials.

It makes tools hard that can easily cut stone, glass, steel, wood etc. The burr cutters cut, shape and engrave any kind of materials.

Are Rotary Burr Cutters used for cutting Stone?

Industries that deal with stone cutting, shaping, engraving, and carving may use rotary file set for daily tasks. Syndent develops rotary burr cutters with different features like strength, hardness, and high density.

Therefore, the cutters gave excellent results when drilling on drywall, concrete, and stone. Naturally, the stone is a tough material and needs a sharp, solid, and complicated tool for the task. Syndent rotary burr cutters are highly sharp and use for carving and shaping stone.

Are Rotary Burr Cutters used to Engrave Wood?

Syndent produced rotary burr cutters in various shapes and sizes. The cutters have non–identical cutting styles which are used on either hard or soft materials. Syndent designed and manufactured rotary burr for wood which is especially used to cut, shape, carve and engrave wood.

The cutters have sharpness and strength of edges that can shape your wood in any form. It has low dust formation so that you can work in any environment and easily shape your wood.

Can Rotary Burr Cutters Cut Glass?

Yes, rotary burr cutters quickly cut glass or shape glass. Syndent manufactures cutters with tungsten carbide, and the tool can cut glass efficiently.

Syndent designed a particular fiberglass router bit that may uses tools for daily routine tasks on glass. The cutters have durable performance and can meet technical demands on the glass.

Can Rotary Burr Cutters Cut Steel?

Rotary burr cutters are produced with high-quality raw material, which is more complex than steel therefore, these can cut steel easily. Syndent rotary burr cutters meet all your demanding tasks without any friction, low performance, or heat.

The cutters cut steel and other materials and give excellent results to your workpiece. Industries that deal with only steel can use our carbide burr for steel for the advanced and smooth performance of steel.

Syndent rotary burr cutters perform multiple functions in different industries. The cutters can use for cutting many other materials like:

  • Cast iron
  • Zinc
  • Ceramic
  • Aluminum
  • CRP
  • GRP
  • Fiberglas
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Bronze
  • Platinum
  • Silver
  • Nickle
  • Titanium
  • Stainless steel
  • Bones
  • Rotary Burr Cutter

In which Industries Rotary Burr Cutters are used?

Different sectors have many demanding projects that need good and solid tools for their daily tasks.

Syndent provides rotary burr cutters to many industries that reduce workforce and also save the cost.

The other industries that use our rotary burr cutters are:

  • Casters
  • Jewelry makers
  • Fabricators
  • Engineers
  • Carvers
  • Grinders
  • Tool makers
  • Model engineers
  • Engravers
  • Sculptors

These industries use Syndent rotary burr cutters to get benefits. The most important uses are:

  • Chamfering
  • Pipe cleaning
  • Engraving
  • Rounding
  • Removing welds
  • Smooth finishing of holes

Are Rotary Burr Cutters Perfect for Drilling?

Syndent supplies rotary burr cutters with mixed sizes and shapes. The cutters have both single and double-cut styles. If you want to drill any material, single-cut has the best features for the job. It perfectly removes the extra materials from your workpiece.

Syndent special ball-shape rotary burr cutters that are used to enlarge holes. You can drill aluminum, cast iron, hardwood, steel, drywall copper, etc. Syndent rotary burrs are manufactured with different head diameters that can drill in depth or width of the material.

We recommend you choose rotary file bits for long-lasting and perfect drilling. As standard rotary files give you better results than others.

Rotary Burr Cutter

How Many Sets are available for Rotary Burr Cutters?

Syndent provides the most popular rotary burr cutters set for your jobs. Our burr cutters are produced with high-grade tungsten carbide raw material and are used in cutting, shaping, carving, deburring and engraving any kind of materials.

Syndent manufactures different types of sets. You can choose any set as per your requirements.

10 Pcs Rotary Burr Cutter Set

The rotary burr cutter set has ten pieces of double cut carbide burrs used to remove excess of materials and finish any material.

8 Pcs Rotary Burr Cutter Set

The set is suitable for removing metals from a given surface. The burrs of this set have 1/4 and 6mm shank size.

9 Pcs Rotary Burr Cutter Set

The set includes burrs with 1/8 or 3mm shank size.

4 Pcs Rotary Burr Cutter Set

The set has four pieces of the extended shank. The size is 1/4 and 6mm.

Rotary Burr Cutter Set for Metal

It is designed especially designed for metal cutting, shaping, carving, engraving etc.

Rotary Burr Cutter Set for Wood

Syndent designed this set for the industries dealing with wood. The set is suitable mainly for wood removal.

Rotary Burr Cutter Set for Aluminum

The set is best suitable for aluminum removal and gives a smooth finishing.

Rotary Burr Cutter

What Pressure Is Recommended to Work with Rotary Burr Cutters?

The rotary burr cutters usually work on low pressure as just very little pressure helps you to dig even on hard materials.

Syndent manufactures cutters with advanced technology using the latest machines. They can rotate at a very fast speed and have excellent cutting results.

Therefore, you don’t need too much effort to cut any materials. Just a little pressure on the toll easily cuts the materials.

If you apply too much pressure on the tool, the efficiency level of the tool decreases. The rotary burr cutters become blunt and lose the strength for cutting.

Therefore, to make rotary burr cutters durable and long-lasting life, apply slight pressure on the cutters.

How Many Cuts Are Available in Rotary Burr Cutters?

Syndent offers three well-known cuts of rotary burr cutters. The single-cut, double cut, and aluminum cut.

Single Cut

The single cut has a special spiral form and single flutes that run in the upward and right direction. Single cut is used to dig materials and produce long chips.

These cutters are used to cut or shape any particular form of your material. You can use cast iron, copper, stainless steel and other ferrous metals.

Rotary Burr Cutter

Also used for:

  • Mills
  • Removes debris
  • Removes heavy material
  • Create long chips

Double Cut

The double cut has extra cutting edges to remove materials quickly. It is used on wood, aluminum, plastics, ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

The double-cut burrs have a capacity of high-speed rotation, so that those burrs can cut materials fast and easily.

Also used for:

  • Cleaning
  • Creating small chips
  • Removing medium materials
  • Apply for a smooth finish
  • Deburring

Aluminum Cut

It is also called alu cut. Syndent manufactures aluminum cut specially used for soft metals and materials like aluminum.

The tool has supreme strength and reduces the load on soft materials. You can use it on copper, brass, soft steel, magnesium etc.

Also used for:

  • Deburring
  • Smooth casting
  • Finishing
  • Shaping
  • Removal of welds on metals
  • Increasing hole indent

In How Many Shapes Syndent Manufactures Rotary Burr Cutters?

Syndent produced rotary burr cutters in various shapes and sizes to meet all demands. Our cutters reduce the extra workload. You can use these shapes on any materials. Some shapes are designed for narrow ends of the material.

The popular shapes are as follows:


They are designed for removing extra materials from flat surfaces and gives smooth finishing.

Cylinder End Cut

It removes extra materials perfectly with right angles. It also has a flat end.

Cylinder Radius End

It is designed for removing excess materials from arc surfaces at an angle.

Ball Shape

It is designed in a ball shape. It is used for finishing round edges on your workpiece. It is also used for preparing material before brazing.

Oval Shape

Designed and used for removal of round edges.

Tree-Pointed End

It looks like a tree and is specially designed for grinding round edges of the materials. It may be also used for long and narrow positions of your material.

Tree-Radius End

It is used for round arc removal and also used for removing excess materials from narrow positions.

Rotary Burr Cutter

Flame Shape

It is designed for the materials featured round edges.

Cone Shape

It is specially designed for inner holes of the materials where standard rotary file bits cannot be reached.

Taper Radius

The taper radius burr cutters perfectly used for narrow positions to make surfaces smooth and clear.

Taper Pointed End

It is used for removing debris in very narrow areas and counter surfaces.

Inverted Cone

It is designed and used for chamfering the rear positions inside of the materials.

Rotary Burr Cutters are Beneficial for Whom?

Syndent rotary burr cutters used in the regular maintenance of different sectors. The other sectors are:

  • Hospitals
  • Aerospace
  • Metal and wood sculpting
  • Automotive
  • Shipyard
  • Laboratories
  • Railway
  • Rotary Burr Cutter

What Are the Pros of using Rotary Burr Cutters?

Syndent manufactures and supplies rotary burr cutters in different industries. The industries get benefits and their efficiency level increases and workload decreases.

Some pros of rotary burr cutters are as follows:

  • Syndent rotary carbide cutters are manufactured with high-graded solid carbide. The tools have long-lasting life and are durable.
  • We produce rotary cutters in numerous shapes and sizes. You can choose any set that suits your demands.
  • Our tungsten burrs are used in cutting, shaping, or grinding any materials.
  • Rotary burr cutters are versatile and perform various jobs.
  • Can easily remove any stock
  • Can work for long time productions
  • Provide amazing results on ferrous and non-ferrous materials
  • It saves your cost, resources, and time to manage many projects.
  • Our tools have a precise tolerance level within 0.1mm. it works efficiently on any material.

What Precautionary Measures shall be taken while working with Rotary Burr Cutters?

Syndent rotary burr cutters are produced with high-quality raw materials. The tools have specific features to improve your cutting abilities.

Safety is the priority to work with our burr cutters to avoid injury. In working with hard metals, different small debris are produced which are harmful to the eyes and hands.

You have to follow some precautionary measures before working with these tools:

  • Use a specific workbench to secure your workpiece before working with rotary burr cutters
  • Follow proper guidelines while fitting the rotary burr cutters with any tool
  • Ensure that all parts fit accurately in the automated tool to start work
  • Be sure your face and hands covered with protective safety gears
  • Pay much more attention while cutting glass or hard materials to avoid any injury
  • Avoid the bigger pressure level when grinding the materials
  • The rotary burr cutters have sharp blades, pay proper attention while working with sharp tools
  • Rotary Burr Cutter

Are Rotary Burr Cutters Available in Variable Sizes with RPM?

Syndent provides rotary burr cutters in five standard sizes. Each size has a different capacity of working. Every size has a different range of lowest to highest RPM speed.

No Burr SizeRPM
12.4 mm17000 – 26000
23.0 mm17000 – 26000
36.0 mm11000 – 16500
413.0 mm8000 – 12000
516.0 mm7650 – -11500


The table shows the rotary speed range required to work with these rotary burr cutters.

The burr cutters must use at the recommended speed. If you use it on extra high or low speed, the efficiency level decreases.

The highest speed of the rotary burrs does not exceed 35000 RPM.

Which Features Should be Consider to Buy Rotary Burr Cutters?

Syndent rotary burr cutters are manufactured with top-quality raw material. The cutters have a unique ability to work efficiently and also give a fine finishing to any workpiece.

Before buying you should consider some features:


Syndent uses strong tungsten carbide raw material for the production of rotary burr cutters. The cutters are strong enough to bear any resistance and durable for a lifetime. Meanwhile, we design durable geometry flutes for each rotary burr.

Rotary Burr Cutter

Meticulous Design

Syndnet follows each step from raw material selection to the packaging of rotary burr cutters with International standards. We prepare our burrs in simple designs that adjust in any die grinder machine.

High-temperature Resistance

Rotary burrs bear high temperature, rust, heat, or fiction. You may work longer without any decrease in the efficiency level of rotary burr cutters.

The cutters can bear any temperature as these are produced with high-quality raw material.


It means that the rotary burr cutters cut or stably shape your material. Syndent designs rotary cutters with excellent stability to use on different materials.


Syndent rotary cutters are versatile. They can perform flexible functions, light in weight, and remains stable.

In which way you can Clean Your Rotary Burr Cutters?

Like other tools, maintenance of rotary burr cutters is essential to make the tool durable and give long-lasting life.

While working with rotary burrs, sometimes small chips called debris produced on the cutters that decrease the efficiency level. You have to clean the cutters within a specific period.

Rotary Burr Cutter

We use two simple ways of cleaning burr cutters:

The first way is to use muriatic acid. Clean the rotary burr cutters with a brush and soak the cutters into a container with muriatic acid for 10 minutes. After ten minutes, the acid dissolves the particles, and burrs are cleaned.

The second method is to apply ultrasonic cleaning. In this method, hold the rotary burr cutter tightly and then apply enzymatic cleaning for two or more minutes. Then wash the cutters with cold water.

The rotary carbide cutters need maintenance and cleaning after a specific period. If you don’t clean your burr, set their efficiency level decreases and durability also affects.

Does Syndent provide Custom Rotary Burr Cutters?

Syndent can produce custom sets of the rotary file as per the customer’s request. We make some extra adjustments to our CNC machines to make customized designs.

Syndent special team ensures the quality of raw materials before the production starts. The team makes adjustments in CNC machines to customize orders for clients.

It is a lengthy process, and it takes time for deliveries of the customized orders. We also engrave your logos on the rotary burr cutters. You have to give us complete information of logos you want to print at the time of order.

Rotary Burr Cutter

What are Rotary Burr Cutters for Steel?

Syndent rotary file has unique designed flutes and durable life. We produce rotary burr cutters for steel in the market like cylinder rotary file for steel, ball rotary file for steel, tree shape, taper shape etc.

All our rotary burrs for steel are manufactured using advanced CNC machines. It can cut, shape, carve and engrave your steel.

What are Rotary Burr Cutters for Stainless Steel?

Syndent manufactures rotary burr cutters for stainless steel with tungsten carbide raw materials. Our rotary files for stainless steel are used on materials like steel.

It can cut, shape, grind and deburr your stainless steel. It can give your material a smooth finishing. Besides stainless steel, we also produce aluminum carbide burr, die grinder bits for steel, metal grinding drill bit, etc. You can select any rotary carbide cutters towards the demands of your projects.

How Much Time does Syndent Require to Deliver Orders?

Syndent supplies rotary burr cutters to the whole world. We deliver small quantity orders in 7 days. The customized orders get their deliveries late than standards.

We follow a systemic delivery process so, it may take time until the order reaches you. However, you can use our premium option for fast delivery. Besides our industrial burrs, we also supply dental carbide burs, carbide rotary burrs, carbide nail drill bits, etc.

Rotary Burr Cutter

Why Trust Syndent for Rotary Burr Cutters?

  • Syndent manufactures rotary burr cutters with top-quality tungsten raw materials.
  • Syndent manufactures a variety of rotary burrs in different shapes and sizes. Your carbide burrs are produced in three cuts like single-cut, cross-cut, and alu-cut.
  • The rotary cutters ideally use for cutting, shaping, deburring, carving, engraving, polishing, grinding, etc.
  • Industries use Syndent cutters in jewelry making, toolmaking, sculpting, molding, shaping, engineering, etc.
  • We produce rotary burrs in various shapes like cylindrical shape, taper radius shape, oval shape, cone shape, inverted shape, tree-pointed shape, ball shape, etc.
  • Our rotary burr cutters are used in aerospace, hospitals, railway, engineering, automotive, shipyard, laboratories, etc.
  • The cutters are complex in nature and have durable and long-lasting life.
  • Syndent also produces customized rotary burr cutters on client’s demands.
  • We also make dental carbide bits and nail drill bits.
  • Our products are durable in nature and also cost-effective.
  • Syndent manufactures a product with International standards.
  • Our products have no adverse effect on the environment.
  • Syndent also features your required artwork on these cutters. You have to offer us the work you want to engrave on it.
  • Our rotary burrs are eco-friendly and easy to use on any material. It reduces workload and increases efficiency level.
  • We remain available for our customers 24 hours. You could contact us via email and calls. Syndent responds to you in a very short time.
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