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Syndent Rotary Burrs For Metal

Syndent Rotary Burr for Metal

Syndent offers a full line of rotary burr for metal.

Our rotary burr, also called carbide rotary burr, is manufactured with many sharp flutes on its head. The different kinds of designed flutes are suitable for different metals.

Different hardness metals need a different flute design. Syndent has the ability and plenty of experience to develop any kind of cutter as you wish.  You can use Syndent carbide burr to remove the metals with high efficiency and durability.

Syndent manufactures rotary burr for metal in the past 11 years.


Cylinder rotary burr for metal is ideal for contour finishing, flat surface removal.


Cylinder with end cut rotary burr for metal is suitable for removal contour and right-angled corners


Cylinder with radius end rotary burr for metal is suitable for processing contour and arc surface at a certain angle


Ball shaperotary burr for metal is good for machining round edge and end pre-processing before brazing


Oval shape rotary burr for metal is suitable for round edge removal


Tree with radius end rotary burr for metal is perfect for grinding round edge in long and narrow positions


Tree with pointed end rotary burr for metal is used for machining round arc contour in long and narrow places


Flame shape rotary burr for metal is good at round edge machining


Cone shape rotary burr for metal functions like a countersink. Suitable for chamfering inner hole


Taper with radius endrotary burr for metal is widely used for round contour removal in narrow positions, and surface machining


Taper with pointed end rotary burr for metal is suitable for narrow position deburring and counter surface machining


Inverted cone rotary burr for metal is suitable for rear-side chamfering from the inner side.

Why Syndent Rotary Burr for Metal

Syndent uses high-quality tungsten carbide to produce rotary burr for metal. It is also perfect for cast steel, hard plastic, and non-ferrous metals. The hardness of Syndent tungsten carbide is more than HRA 90. That ensures your rotary burr has a high stock removal on metals. And it will deliver a very long tool life while you using Syndent rotary burr for metal.

We mainly concentrate on designing and producing rotary burr for metal. Obviously, most people use rotary burr to process metals. But you can also apply Syndent rotary burr to process softer materials, such as hard wood, hard plastic, copper, aluminum, zinc, etc.

We can meet all your requirements about rotary burr for metal and non-metal. And, our 11 years of experience can help you design a variety of perfectly matched tooth shapes. This can help you easily cope with various job requirements or business development needs.

1-Rotary Burrs For Metal material

Syndent will check the raw material specifications of the rotary burr for metal before production.

2-Rotary Burrs For Metal brazing

Syndent automatically brazes rotary burr for metal with silver at low temperature.

3-Rotary Burrs For Metal balance

We must make the rotary burr for metal jumping test after brazing. The tolerance is less than 0.1mm

4-Rotary Burrs For Metal bending

Syndent examines the hardness of rotary burr for metal shank after brazing, and tests the bending strength

5-Rotary Burrs For Metal shaping

Solid rotary burr for metal needs a shaping process from the carbide rod materials

6-Rotary Burrs For Metal toothing

Syndent CNC grinds the rotary burr for metal teeth after the tests approved

7-Rotary Burrs For Metal polishing

Syndent polishes the rotary burr for the metal shaft, and its brazing position

8-Rotary Burrs For Metal package

Syndent makes your logo on the rotary burr for metal, and stick your own label on the case.



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Your Best Supplier of Rotary Burr for Metal

Syndent rotary burr for metal can be presented in a wide range of types, including single cut rotary burr for metal, double cut rotary burr for metal, coarse cut rotary burr for metal, etc

Syndent puts big efforts on the balance between sharpness and life of rotary burr for metal. You will have the biggest target market upon Syndent rotary burr for metal. Most customers like to have both long life and good sharpness. Syndent helps your business realize them directly.

Syndent can custom your parameters of rotary burr for metal. You just send the sample to Syndent. Our professional laboratory supports you with all kinds of necessary drawings and measurements.

Syndent provides not only rotary burr for metal, but also rotary burr for wood, rotary file for stainless steel, die grinder bits for metal, and other materials. Furthermore, we offer rotary burr for medical and nail fields.

Send us your inquiry of rotary burr for metal now!

Rotary Burr For Metal

Rotary Burr for Metal: Complete FAQ Guide

For 11 plus years, Syndent has rapidly grown to a household name known to build approved rotary burrs. We receive a multitude offers we receive from 500 Fortune Companies and other small and large scale wholesalers. Thus, Syndent tirelessly works to supply quality tools like rotary burr for metal, etc. We prepare this FAQ guide to give relevant answers about rotary burr for metal.

What is Rotary Burr for Metal?

Also termed as carbide rotary burr, rotary burr for metal refers to a type of rotary burr used to remove normal metals. Syndent designs rotary burr for metal that spins at rapid speeds so that it manipulates materials it works on. When you work specifically on metal, rotary burr for metal greatly shapes, deburrs, or enlarges holes.

Syndent builds rotary burr for metal with several sharp flutes appearing on the head. The incompatible kinds of specially designed sharp flutes can suit contrasting types of metals and materials.

Syndent rotary burr for metal comes from premium cemented carbide steel. Cemented carbide has denser characteristics that make our tool quite strong, almost similar as diamond. Tungsten carbide rotary burr for metal has a high resistance to corrosion and heat. It works with very low friction and has amazing durability, features that busy companies need. The option of choosing Syndent rotary burr for metal helps in solving those high demanding projects.

A busy production Company that deals with metal need a tool that lasts longer and does several jobs. The efficient, effective, brittle, lightweight and highly versatile Syndent rotary burr for metal assures increased productivity. Besides, it guarantees very explicit results for any type of project.

Rotary Burr For Metal

How Do We Manufacture Rotary Burr for Metal?

Syndent follows several important stages to build a quality rotary burr for metal. A complete fully-functional quality rotary burr for metal features two useful parts. It has the head a shaft/shank. The material used includes tungsten carbide for the head and hardened steel for the shank.

Syndent takes keen observation for each stage of processing, from material evaluation to packaging. We ensure we produce meticulous rotary burr for metal, highly accepted in metalwork and other industries.

Material Evaluation

Before production starts, Syndent checks raw materials for rotary burr for metal. Cemented carbide steel comes from well-established mining factories. Although they guarantee premium materials, the concerned team rechecks them for quality assurance.


After thorough checks, our warehouse manager gives go-ahead for the R&D team to braze tungsten carbide and steel. Syndent uniformly brazes tungsten carbide and steel together using silver at moderate temperatures.


After applying braze material, Syndent then jump tests rotary burr for metal. The purpose of jump tests is for a balanced tolerance levels. Our advanced computerized CNC machine serves the purpose of giving the tool a definite tolerance level of below 0.1mm.


With a balanced tolerance level achieved, Syndent bends rotary burr for metal. We bend to test rotary burr for metal hardness. Using prescribed force, we bend the shank for strength.


Our strong and durable rotary burr for metal now needs a specific shape. Once more we use CNC machine to uniformly and smoothly grind the tool until we achieve desired shape.


Once we have test approval for the tool, Syndent proceeds to provide special sharp cutting edges (flutes). CNC equipment plays critical role in the entire production process. Here, it grinds rotary burr for metal head for finer and sharper flutes.

Rotary Burr For Metal


Besides other important features, our rotary burr for metal must have an appealing look to the buyer. A smooth tool allows comfortable handing for efficiency thus, Syndent finely polishes the shank together with the brazing area.


Final production of Syndent rotary burr for metal needs attractive packaging. Syndent can only package tools that have attained international industrial standards, suitable for high performance. Our packaging procedure involves the preparation of logos, placing labels, and prepare for shipment.

How Can an Industry Use Rotary Burr for Metal?

Syndent can develop rotary burr for metal in multiple shapes and sizes. Diverse shapes and sizes of the tool then work differently for successful projects in industries. You can make and enlarge holes, deburr, cut, shape, grind, etc.


Ideal rotary burr for metal comes with different cuts that have extreme sharper flutes. Since they possess great strength, the sharper flutes can shape metals, even harder ones like hardened steel, etc. Besides, Syndent rotary burr for metal can shape materials like stone, glass, bone, hardwood, ceramic, etc.


Other than shaping, industries use rotary burr for metal to grind different metals and materials. To easily and perfectly grind metals especially hard ones, you need a dedicated tool. With Syndent rotary burr for metal, you easily can grind hard and soft metals conveniently.

Naturally, premium cemented carbide has outstanding strength nearer to diamond. The high-density status implies Syndent rotary burr for metal has greater power once applied on tough materials. The flutes of our rotary burr for metal have stunning grinding strength to grind all types of metals.

Rotary Burr For Metal


In daily routine of busy metal industries, they make rotary burr for metal their preferred cutting tools. In several cases, you have to slice big sizes of metals into smaller chunks before you begin any project. Syndent rotary burr for metal can greatly assist you to make those exceptional and accurate cuts.

Whatever size of material you want to slice through into pieces, we make rotary burr for metal very strong. Exceptional sharp flutes can provide classical cuts and make you feel like cutting butter. Therefore, you can quickly cut metal easily using a rotary burr for metal.


Another function on the long list includes metal and material deburring. You can essentially modify most metals and materials with the aid of a rotary burr for metal. Here, you remove burrs, small debris left on metals and materials maybe after cutting, shaping, drilling, turning, etc.

In order to efficiently clear burrs from metals, industries frequently use rotary burr for metal. Syndent rotary burr for metal can modify materials to perfection through fine grinding.

Enlarging holes

In industrial projects, you can drill or enlarge holes with the help of a rotary burr for metal. Best applies to ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Single cut rotary burr for metal can easily adapt to the task. Single cut rotary burr for metal creates longer chips so that it drills and increases hole indent on specific materials.

With ball-shaped or spherical Syndent single cut rotary burr for metal, you create concave cuts. Regardless of the material or metal you have, it hollows out and shapes materials. Stone and wood carvers can find this very helpful. Also, very common with metal engravers.

Rotary Burr For Metal

So far, from the brief guide shown above you already can see what rotary burr for metal helps industries. Basically, the tool has a lot to offer in the shortest time possible. This is in regard to sturdiness, compactness, sharpness, effectiveness, and high-speed rotation ability. Without doubt, Syndent rotary burr for metal simplifies jobs to give you accurate results within the shortest time.

Which Rotary Tools Can You Apply on Rotary Burr for Metal?

Ideally, Syndent automates rotary burr for metal. We, therefore, incorporate air tools such as die grinder machines. However, different industries have introduced other tools like High-Speed Engravers, Pneumatic Rotary tools, and micro motors. Others that you can use include Pendant drills and hobby rotary tools.

Useful note: With air tool you choose on your rotary burr for metal, make sure that it runs correctly.

How Can You Properly Fit Rotary Burr for Metal on Air Tool?

Rotary burr for metal burr can only function properly if it doesn’t wobble in the rotary tool fitted on. We strongly suggest that you find a proper rotary tool that rhymes with your rotary burr for metal. If the tool wobbles, by all means, you can’t work right on projects.

You apply few simple steps in assembling Syndent rotary burr for metal on die grinders. With the correct rotary tool, insert the end part of the rotary burr for metal shank inside the tool’s collet. Make the fitting tighter with the aid of a wrench so that it won’t move when in operation.

If it wobbles in your rotary tool, the teeth of rotary burr for metal definitely lose their cutting edges faster.

Useful note: If you need some basics of assembling rotary burr for metal, user manual can guide you.

Rotary Burr For Metal

Why Should You Choose Rotary Burr for Metal?

Syndent rotary burr for metal is popular in industries in contrasting applications. You can polish metals, deburr, shape, cut, drill, etc. Syndent uses USA-based brazing technology whereby we automatically braze our certified solid carbide to steel shank.

We only use highly-skilled engineers that develop rotary burr for metal flutes in Syndent’s licensed test laboratory. The experts complete the process of teeth making in highly advanced 6 axis CNC equipment. It promises incredible cutting action on all types of metals and similar materials like hardwood, ceramic, stone, etc.

Cemented carbide steel produces an excellent rotary burr that you can always rely on. The premium tungsten carbide used is above HRA 90. This provides the rotary burr with great stock removal ability on metals, suitable on cast steel and non-ferrous metals. Also, the ideal rotary burr for metal is perfect for hard plastic.

Syndent rotary burr for metal delivers exceedingly long-lasting performance. Our concentration focuses on developing a rotary burr for metal. However, most industries apply our tool to softer materials including copper, zinc, aluminum, etc.

How Does Cemented Carbide Compare to Diamond?

In terms of hardness, diamond has high hardness than any other substance. Tungsten has no extreme hardness compared to diamond but comes closely next. In other circumstances, tungsten carbide features great tensile strength compared to other natural metals.

Diamond on the other part has very strong impact strength and amazing high brittleness that shutters on impact. But, tungsten comes with a greater melting point than most other metals therefore very sharp.

Rotary Burr For Metal

Can Rotary Burr for Metal Cut Stone?


Although Syndent focuses on developing rotary burr for metal, it has power and enough strength to cut other materials. By this, we imply Syndent rotary burr for metal can astonishingly cut, engrave, carve and shape stone. We have developed a clashing rotary burr for metal cuts applied inconsistently on different materials.

Take note of compactness of stone and take precautions when working them. It demands extra time than when dealing with most other materials. Furthermore, you should correctly choose a rotary burr that strongly and sharply cuts the material. Since Syndent use premium and denser materials to make rotary burr for metal, we promise phenomenal performance.

Does Rotary Burr for Metal Cut Glass?


Even though Syndent rotary burr for metal suits metal, sometimes its other uses include cutting glass. We build rotary burr for metal in unique style and from a harder and denser premium raw material cemented carbide. Thus, rotary burr for metal sharpens, shapes, cuts and grinds glass. Such enormous features provide industries with limitless functions like cutting stones, glass, hardwood, hard plastic, etc.

If your projects mainly focus on glass alone, we strongly encourage using Syndent fiberglass router bit. Our certified tool provides explicit cuts on the glass.

Rotary Burr For Metal

Can Rotary Burr for Metal Cut Steel?


Industries may use rotary burr for metal for more than one purpose. Metal fabricators, stone and wood engravers, and carvers find rotary burr for metal very useful. Syndent design the ideal rotary burr to spin at high rates so that you easily manipulate various materials. The ideal rotary burr for metal aggressively removes heavy materials on steel, shapes, and deburrs. Otherwise, carbide burr for steel has outstanding performance when working on steel.

How Does Rotary Burr for Metal compare to HSS?

Popular metal burrs come from solid carbide. However, the industry features other brands made from HHS, ceramic, diamond, etc. If your project deals mainly with metal, tungsten carbide can serve the purpose well. On extremely hard metals or materials, you may choose diamond burr.

In comparison to HSS, tungsten carbide has a greater density. It has lesser wearing characteristics and high resistance to heat, rust, and friction. Rotary burr for metal can extend its performance even in hotter circumstances.

Can You Carve Wood with Rotary Burr for Metal?


Built from high-density solid carbide, rotary burr for metal undoubtedly can cut, carve, shape, or shape wood. Earlier on we indicated that Syndent rotary burr for metal gives limitless functions not just on metal, but materials. This includes hard plastic, stone, aluminum, wood, etc.

When managing various tasks on wood, you easily encounter stickiness, especially in high temperatures. Naturally, wood features the lowest fire point and is highly oily. It demands frequent breaks to remove dust out of the flutes before you continue. Otherwise, the operation can easily slow down, scorching your material.

You can only gear up your performance on wood with the dedicated tool for wood. Syndent develops carbide burr for wood carving that features bigger and sharper flutes to mend different tasks on wood. We dealt with the cutter’s angle to fit wood working so the tool can’t stick or clog in hot temperatures.

Can Rotary Burr for Metal Cut Stainless Steel?

Yes it does.

Syndent rotary burr for metal assertively cuts metals in various industries. This includes stainless steel, steel, cast steel, etc. Different sectors in industries like brake shops handle stainless steel-related projects with the help of a rotary burr for metal. Other than rotary burr for metal, we suggest you use carbide burr for stainless steel.

Can Rotary Burr for Metal Cut Bones?


Syndent high-quality rotary burr for metal precisely can cut through the bone structure. We design them to carry distinctive geometry that allows slicing of hard tissues and bone, aggressively removing extra debris. Dentists use a special rotary burr for metal in preparing teeth for fillings in the cavities.

What Else Can Rotary Burr for Metal Cut?

Rotary Burr For Metal

Besides stone, glass, stainless steel, steel, hardwood, and stone, Syndent rotary burr for metal can cut:

  • Nickel
  • Hard plastics
  • Concrete
  • Cast iron
  • Aluminum
  • Zinc
  • Zirconia
  • Drywall
  • Titanium
  • Gold

Which People Can Use Rotary Burr for Metal?

Syndent rotary burr for metal has an enhanced list of people that frequently use the tool. Syndent has the best rotary burr for metal that we supply various industries with.

They include people like:

  • Casters
  • Fabricators
  • Grinders
  • Jewelry makers
  • Engravers
  • Carvers
  • Model engineers
  • Welders
  • Sculptors
  • Tool makers
  • Engineers

Popular industries that use rotary burr for metal include:

  • Metal smith
  • Railways
  • Shipyard
  • Aerospace
  • Dental
  • Automotive

Can You Make Drills Using Rotary Burr for Metal?


Rotary Burr For Metal

Since rotary burr for metal suits specifically metals and materials like hardwood and hard plastics, it possibly can drill. Syndent rotary burr for metal has extra useful features including drilling abilities. It comes in unique different cut styles and the perfect selection can chip into materials.

For instance, you can transform single cut rotary burr for metal to drill. Featuring single right-handed sharp flutes, it can remarkably dig deep in specific materials by the creation of longer chips. With sensational drilling capabilities, you may as well increase the indent of the holes.

Instead of drilling with rotary burr for metal, we propose you use Syndent rotary file bit.

Why Should You Keep Rotary Burr for Metal in Motion and Not Long Stillness?

Try always to keep rotary burr for metal in constant motion rather than still for long. Because making it still for long can greatly hinder the tool from jabbing/digging. This negatively affects the cutting edges as they won’t cut, shape, grind or deburr normally.

When you use the tool that way, you expect unsightly marks on your piece of work and unusual smoothness.

Helpful note: You may use cast iron to de-clog rotary burr for metal. When you aim for an easy smoothness finish, go for upstroke.

Why Shouldn’t You Use Much Pressure While Using Rotary Burr for Metal?

Excess pressure applied while using Syndent carbide burr for metal can cause the cutting edges to grow blunt. The tool has a special design with a unique cutting ability. They cut materials easily and very fast without using force. If you apply extra pressure you certainly reduce the performance of the rotary burr for metal. This can prompt you to budget for another tool.

Rotary Burr For Metal

Which Cuts Applies with Rotary Burr for Metal?

The most notable cuts with Syndent rotary burr for metal include single, double rotary burr for metal and aluminum.

Single Cut Rotary Burr for Metal

As briefly mentioned earlier on, Syndent single cut rotary burr for metal has single flutes. They run right in an upward manner and popularly cuts cast iron, steel, aluminum, etc. Syndent single cut rotary burr has high stock removal capability and reduced clog. They however don’t smoothen materials quite well.

Great in:

  • Producing long material chips
  • Milling
  • Cleaning
  • Burr removal
  • Fluent removal of stubborn debris

Double Cut Rotary Burr for Metal

Double cut rotary burr for metal have interwoven dual flutes. Industries consider them useful to finish projects smoothly and extremely fast. They have a pre-eminent performance with cast steel, hardened steel, and other materials.

They can:

  • Create smaller chips
  • Grind
  • Polish
  • Finish smoothly
  • Clean
  • Remove lighter stock
  • Efficiently remove burrsRotary Burr For Metal

Can You Easily Recycle Rotary Burr for Metal?


At Syndent, we make lots of useful items we supply to many industries from recycled rotary burr for metal. Solid carbide present in rotary burr for metal doesn’t cause harm to the environment whatsoever. Therefore, with a well-established CNC machines and a group of highly qualified personnel, Syndent recycles the worn-out tools. We have an active customer care base that can handle deliveries of worn-out items besides other issues.

Which Shapes of Rotary Burr for Metal Can You Find?

Managing contrasting tasks on materials you need a rotary burr for metal in unlike shapes. Thus, Syndent ensures you don’t fall short of options on jobs that require more than one task. Syndent provides shapes like tree, cone, taper, ball, cylinder, etc.

Cylinder Shape

Rotary burr for metal that can finish contours and removal of flat surfaces.

Cylinder End Cut Shape

Has a cut at the end to perfectly remove contours and for right-angled corners.

Cylinder Radius End Shape

Suitable rotary burr for metal that can process contours as well as arc surfaces at a particular angle.

Ball Shape

Good rotary burr for metal that can perfectly machine round edges and for end pre-processing in preparation for brazing.

Oval Shape

The oval shape can confidently remove round edges on a given material.

Rotary Burr For Metal

Tree Pointed End

The tree pointed end can perfectly grind materials with round edges. Can conveniently access the long, narrow places.

Tree Radius End

Used in industries to machine contours with round arc in narrow and long positions.

Flame Shape

The flame shape is a good tool that can perfectly machine round edges.

Cone Shape

Offers same functions like the countersink. Industries use it to chamfer inner holes.

Taper Radius Shape

The taper radius can remove round contours in narrow positions and suitable for surface machining.

Taper Pointed Shape

Widely applied by industries in deburring narrow positions as well as in machining counter surfaces.

Inverted Cone

Popular in industries for chamfering rear side of material from inside.

With varying shapes of Syndent burr for metal described above, without any doubt they have endless functions. Besides the mixed functions they offer, Syndent quality rotary burr for metal makes it easy in managing jobs faster. Apart from developing variant shapes of rotary burr, Syndent focuses on building brittle and quality tools.

Rotary Burr For Metal

Do Rotary Burr for Metal have Varying Sizes and RPM?


The most common sizes Syndent manufactures its rotary burr for metal include the following with RPM:

12.4mm17,000 – 26,000
23.0mm17,000 – 26,000
36.0mm11,000 – 16,5000
413.0mm8,000 – 12,000
516.0mm7,650 – 11,500


Regarding the table above, we have up to 5 possible sizes of rotary burr for metal. The RPM along each of the sizes literally shows the most suggested speed limit you can operate in. In most instances, the kind of metal or material you work on can dictate which speed you may apply. The highest speed set falls at 35,000 RPM.

Useful note: For smooth operation, you may start slowly then continue according to the demands of the material.

Does Buying Rotary Burr for Metal Benefit You?

Yes, a big deal.

  • Syndent intensely manufactures rotary burr for metal from premium and dense solid carbide. You continuously use our tool for long periods as you enjoy accurate results and top-level performance.
  • We manufacture rotary burr for metal in varied shapes and sizes. This helps you to wonderfully and easily handle discrete jobs quickly.
  • With each Syndent rotary burr for metal you buy we guarantee explicit dimensions. Our tool has the most balanced tolerance level below 0.1mm. Every job comes out exactly as projected.
  • Rotary burr for metal provides the most convenient way of doing jobs cost-effectively. The competitive price that Syndent places on bulk purchases ensures you save greatly while increasing productivity.Rotary Burr For Metal

What Precautions Comes with the Use of Rotary Burr for Metal?

  • Use an effective workbench to hold firmly the workpiece in place before you begin working
  • Correctly fit the shank into die grinder’s collet and clamp it securely
  • Avoid snagging or rather jamming the rotary burr for metal when working to avoid damaging the teeth
  • Keep rotary burr for metal on move, focusing the material
  • Protect face, eyes, and hands with the right gear
  • Take caution on large materials because of rotary burr’s high gravities
  • A hotter rotary burr for metal can produce harmful substances when inhaled or swallowed. Take necessary precautions

What Makes You Buy Rotary Burr for Metal?

Meticulous Design: Means a rotary burr for metal with detailed quality features. Syndent rotary burr for metal has detailed features that correspond with international standards.

Durability: A quality rotary burr for metal features solid carbide steel, a very durable material. The tool therefore can last long.

High-temperature Tolerance: Tungsten carbide is a denser and hard material. It has reduced friction, heat, and corrosion.

Accuracy/Stability: With quality rotary burr for metal you can reach the highest performance because of precise dimensions and stability.

Weight/Versatility: All of Syndents’ products including rotary burr for metal have light weight and multifunctional.

How Do You Clean Rotary Burr for Metal?

Routine maintenance of rotary burr for metal involves proper cleaning to maintain top performance. If you wish to store for longer, clean and apply anti-corrosion.

Muriatic acid can clear aluminum deposits but first, remove large debris by chipping. Soak the rotary burr for metal in muriatic acid and remove it after 10 minutes. Muriatic acid fully dissolves aluminum debris to give the tool a sparkling shine.

For the case of other materials, you can go for ultrasonic method, popularly used. Hold the rotary burr for metals firmly in place using a holder. Then keenly apply the enzymatic cleaner for a period of two minutes. Then clean with cool water for two minutes to rinse the residues off.

Which Lead-Time Determines How You Develop Rotary Burr for Metal?

Standard Designs: Standard design for Syndent rotary burr for metal have few basic features. We take minimal time to produce and make your order ready.

Customized Designs: Customizable rotary burr for metal have some complex features. Therefore, we additionally adjust machines to allow the addition of extra features on the tool. This may prompt us to take extra time in developing and delivering the order.

Order Quantity: Our customer base features both small-scale and large-scale from all over the world. Those that order in small can have quicker deliveries whereas orders in bulk can wait a bit longer.

Pending Orders: Syndent makes huge supplies to FORTUNE 500 Companies. We target a customer base of small and large wholesalers. Sometimes when we have many orders in line, you might take more time to receive yours. A rush order best applies to those customers in need of urgent supplies and willing to pay few expenses.

Besides rotary burr for metal, Syndent manufactures carbide burr for aluminum, carbide burr set, rotary file set, etc.

For any questions regarding rotary burr for metal and similar tools, contact us.

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