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Rotary Cutter for Wood

Syndent Rotary Cutter for Wood

Syndent rotary cutter for wood is an ideal tool, perfect for cutting your piece of wood accurately.

Our rotary cutter for wood produces high work efficiency than any other manual tool. You can expect a much higher efficiency with this product than when you use a small wheel stalk.

Therefore, you can attest to high processing quality, great finish, and processing of high-precision mold cavity.

Syndent as the entire productions done in China. Besides China, we also export our cargo to different continents of the world. As long as you contact us, we can make arrangements for effective and faster deliveries.

Rotary Cutter for Wood

Cylinder rotary cutter for wood is ideal for contour finishing, flat surface removal.

Rotary Cutter for Wood

Cylinder with end cut rotary cutter for wood is suitable for removal contour and right-angled corners

Rotary Cutter for Wood

Cylinder with radius end rotary cutter for wood is suitable for processing contour and arc surface at a certain angle

Rotary Cutter for Wood

Ball shape rotary cutter for wood is good for machining round edge and end pre-processing before brazing

Rotary Cutter for Wood

Oval shape rotary cutter for wood is suitable for round edge removal

Rotary Cutter for Wood

Tree with radius end rotary cutter for wood is perfect for grinding round edge in long and narrow positions

Rotary Cutter for Wood

Tree with pointed end rotary cutter for wood is used for machining round arc contour in long and narrow places

Rotary Cutter for Wood

Flame shape rotary cutter for wood is good at round edge machining

Rotary Cutter for Wood

Cone shape rotary cutters for wood function like a countersink. Suitable for chamfering inner hole

Rotary Cutter for Wood

Taper with radius end rotary cutter for wood is widely used for round contour removal in narrow positions, and surface machining

Rotary Cutter for Wood

Taper with pointed end rotary cutter for wood is suitable for narrow position deburring and counter surface machining

Rotary Cutter for Wood

Inverted cone rotary cutter for wood is suitable for rear-side chamfering from the inner side.

Why Syndent Rotary Cutter for Wood

Syndent develops the rotary cutter for wood specifically for processing wood. However, most users can use them on other materials. This includes machining rubber, stone, marble, CRP, GRP, plastics, bone, jade, ceramics, acrylics, etc.

You may as well use the rotary cutter for wood to process soft metals including soft steel, etc. After cutting a specific material, the surface looks smooth.

Syndent provides a durable and easy-to-use grinding head for cutting, carving, shaping, deburring, chamfering, machining, etc. You can practically use Syndent rotary cutter for wood in woodworking, woodcarving, model engineering, casting, polishing, etc.

Suitable in industries like agriculture, woodwork, metalsmith, aerospace, automotive, etc. Our product can add value to your projects.

Syndent can help you solve the issues of shipping methods. We export 90% of our cargo all over the world. This includes our rotary cutter for wood. This has earned us a great experience with shipping.

In addition, Syndent has the best partnership with established freight forwarders locally and internationally.

Thus, we can refer you to the most suitable and dependable freight company and shipping method. You can receive good services from a genuine shipping company with your budget plan.

Rotary Cutter for Wood

Syndent will check the raw material specifications of rotary cutter for wood before production.

Rotary Cutter for Wood

Syndent automatically brazes rotary cutter for wood with silver in a low temperature.

Rotary Cutter for Wood

We must make the jumping test of rotary cutter for wood after brazing. The tolerance is less than 0.1mm

Rotary Cutter for Wood

Syndent examines the shank hardness of rotary cutter for wood after brazing, and tests the bending strength carefully

Rotary Cutter for Wood

Solid rotary cutters for wood need a shaping process from the carbide rod materials

Rotary Cutter for Wood

Syndent CNC grinds the rotary cutter for wood teeth after the tests approved

Rotary Cutter for Wood

Syndent polishes the shaft of rotary cutter for wood, and its brazing position

Rotary Cutter for Wood

Syndent makes your logo on the rotary cutter for wood, and stick your own label on the case.



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  • Syndent has all the popular carbide cutters and shapes. Succeed in helping many customers save costs in the past decades.

  • Range from the dental laboratory to clinic purpose. Either a dental technician or dental doctor could find what you demand here.

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Your Best Supplier of Rotary Cutter for Wood

At Syndent, our product promotion reflects the exact rotary cutter for wood you receive. Instead of engaging in fraud, we choose honesty as our stronghold in business.

Through business, we create a strong friendship and aspire to execute the word-of-mouth promotion. We have practiced soberness and do what we say with a high degree of truthfulness.

We have senior skilled engineers. They work tirelessly to ensure our rotary cutter for wood lies at an appropriate industry level.

Syndent holds fast to the people-oriented concept and we attach massive importance to the career planning of our employees. Our employees have accumulated a lot of experience and remain part of the company’s main assets.

Thus, we can tune out the wonderful structural criterion of the machines all the time to produce your order.

We act responsibly to serve you as our Company’s unwavering stable growth. For this reason, Syndent rotary cutter for wood comes along with a lifetime warranty.

In the process of using the product you incur quality problems, we can freely replace immediately. This gives you time to concentrate on local customer growth with increased market share. We thrive to sort all of your problems.

We cover the whole industry with products other than Syndent rotary cutter for wood. The list consists of dental carbide burs, die grinder stone bits, die grinder tungsten carbide bits, etc.

For guidelines or quotation of Syndent rotary cutter for wood, contact us.

Rotary Cutter for Wood – An Ultimate FAQ Guide

Wood is one of the most commonly used materials in countless applications. In the following write-up, you may find helpful information regarding the tools to make remarkable wood crafts.

Let’s dig into the article to find more about the rotary cutter for wood.

Can I Use a Rotary Tool to Cut Wood?

You can ideally use a Syndent tungsten carbide rotary cutter for wood for variable purposes. Cutting the wood is one of them.

Rotary tools are available in variable sizes and shapes. You can choose an appropriate shape and size. Some shapes are suitable for flat surfaces, while some are appropriate for curved surfaces.

Similarly, you can have small rotary cutters as well as significant-sized bits. The sharp flute cuts slice out the wood chunks quickly.

Syndent gives you the flexibility to choose from a wide range of flute cuts. Flutes are available in coarse and single cuts.

Wood Cutting Rotary Tool

Wood Cutting Rotary Tool

Syndent recommends flutes cuts like single or aluminum if you want to remove excess wood from the surface rapidly.

The shape and distanced cuts work at high speed and remove stock quickly. At the same time, if you want to give your workpiece a more refined and smoother finish, diamond or double-cut flutes are the best picks.

The coarser cuts remove smaller powder-like chunks. It acts like a sander on wood. Thus, you get a smooth finish, and it is ideal for pre-polish treatment.

Can Rotary Cutter Cut Plywood?

Syndent carbide cutting tools are sharp enough to cut the multiple-layered plywood. For instance, if you make your kitchen cabinets with plywood panels, Syndent high-speed rotary file bits are a must-have in your toolbox.

The cylinder-shaped cutters can help you out to grind flat surfaces. You can conveniently work on angled corners with Syndent cylinder-shaped carbide burrs having cuts on end.

Similarly, if your design contains a curved corner or you need to contour round edges, Syndent offers a wide range of ball-shaped and oval rotary files.

Plywood Cutting Tool

Plywood Cutting Tool

The multiple layers compressed in the plywood cut like butter when using Syndent carbide files in your die grinder.

Whether you are working with a 2-ply, 3-ply, or 5-ply wood, these bits are suitable for each type. Likewise, Syndent rotary cutter wood bits can work on various types of plywood. For example, Syndent rotary cutter for plywood can adequately work on:

  • Softwood plywood
  • Flexible plywood
  • Hardwood plywood
  • Decorative plywood
  • Aircraft plywood
  • Tropical plywood

Is Rotary Cutter Suitable to Cut Wood Veneer?

First of all, you need to know what wood veneer is?

Wood veneer is a thin sheet of hardwood. It is used as a coating on variable materials other than natural wood. Though, wood veneer gives an impact of solid wood furniture.

Wood veneer is a cost-effective solution as making furniture with solid wood costs very high. It also helps you to produce lightweight and easy-to-move furniture.

Wood veneer is a durable thin sheet as it is made up of hardwood. Significant cutting and grinding wheels are too heavy to sand the delicate wood veneer.

Wood Veneer

Wood Veneer

For this reason, Syndent small rotary cutter for wood veneer is ideal. You can conveniently sand the edges with a high-speed rotary cutter. Manual sanding takes more time, whereas a carbide rotary cutter can do it in seconds.

Syndent sharp rotary cutter for wood can cut, grind, deburr, and make a hole in the wood veneer. You can benefit from a carbide burr in various ways.

What Is the Best Rotary Cutter for Wood?

Syndent tungsten carbide rotary cutters are ideal for wood cutting and carving. Syndent manufactures high-grade woodcutters with tungsten carbide.

Advanced and up-to-date 6-axis CNC machines work round the clock under the supervision of trained and experienced staff.

Syndent provides you with innovation, quality, and cutting-edge technology. The quality control team examines every step.

State’s best raw material, highly qualified team, and advanced technology collectively create the best rotary cutter for wood at Syndent.

Let’s see what Syndent has for you in its significant factory shop.

Shapes of Syndent Best Rotary Cutter for Wood

  • Cylindrical woodcutters
  • Oval cutters
  • Ball-shaped rotary cutter
  • Tree-shaped cutter
  • Tapered woodcutter
  • Tear-shaped rotary cutter
  • Cone-shaped woodcutter

Flute Cuts Syndent Manufactures

Apart from flute shapes, Syndent also offers various flute cuts. These cuts give you the flexibility to remove unwanted material quickly or to smoothen the surface by removing smaller chunks.

Syndent manufactures:

  • Diamond cut
  • Double cut
  • Single cut
  • Aluminum cut
  • Foundry cut
  • Coarse cut
  • Fine single cut

Aluminum Cut Wood Cutting Burr

Aluminum Cut Wood Cutting Burr

How Rotary Cutters Are Helpful for Making Crafts?

Wooden crafts are liked and made in every culture of the world. Wood crafting includes:

  • Furniture making
  • Cabinet making
  • Carpentry
  • Marquetry
  • Sculpture making
  • Wood carving

With the sharpness and wide range of shapes, Syndent rotary cutters can benefit you in various ways. Let’s go through some of them:

  • You can grind, deburr, and sand with rotary woodcutters.
  • You can conveniently make and enlarge holes with high-quality rotary tools.
  • While making crafts, you need to work on different edges and corners. Syndent rotary cutters are available in various shapes. You can choose an appropriate form and attain the desired result.
  • If you are carving wood or making sculptures, Syndent rotary cutter bits can help you reach out to difficult areas quickly. For example, tapered and tree-shaped burrs are suitable for long and narrow spaces.

Wood Carving Tools

Wood Carving Tools

  • Furthermore, long shank carbide burrs are designed explicitly for hard-to-reach areas.
  • Similarly, a small or miniature rotary cutter for wood amazingly works on small-sized craft pieces.
  • You can carve letters, numbers, shapes, patterns, and images on a flat wooden panel or a wooden log.
  • These high-speed rotary cutters are suitable for sanding and preparing the surface for polishing. You don’t need to use manual sanders. In this way, you can save time and energy.

Can a Rotary Cutter for Wood Cut Metal?

Syndent rotary cutter for wood is made with high-grade tungsten carbide. These burrs are strong, durable, and tensile. The world’s most rigid material (tungsten carbide) makes them strong enough to work on soft and hard materials simultaneously.

You can grind soft & hard metals and various materials other than wood. These burrs are as effective in cutting metal as on plastic or wood.

You can grind, cut, deburr, shape, sand, and polish metals like:

  • Copper
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Aluminum
  • Bronze
  • Nickel
  • Wrought iron
  • Cast iron
  • Hard steel
  • Stainless steel

Wide Application of Rotary Cutter for Wood

Wide Application of Rotary Cutter for Wood

Besides metal, you can also work on numerous materials, like:

  • Glass
  • Stone
  • Bone
  • PVC
  • Plastic
  • Ceramics
  • Plaster

So, contact Syndent, and book your order right away to enjoy crafting with sharp rotary cutters.

How to Use an Electric Rotary Cutter for Wood?

Syndent rotary cutter bits for wood are compatible with many rotary machines. You can use them in electric-powered machines, air-powered machines, or battery-powered machines.

In the electric-powered machine, like a die-grinder, you can follow the below-mentioned points.

Preparing the Area

  • Your space must be free from oily and watery substances.
  • Ensure no flammable object is near the working space.
  • The area must be dust and debris-free.
  • Your workpiece must be tightly clamped on the workbench.

Ensure PPE

  • Safety first! Therefore ensure that you have worn safety equipment before starting your work.
  • Goggles, ear defenders, face masks, gloves, and safety shoes are a must to put on.
  • If you have a history of allergy, use a respirator.

Using a Rotary Machine

  • Before fixing the burr into the machine, ensure your machine is powered off.
  • Fix the burr tightly in the machine collet. For your convenience and assurance, you may use a wrench.
  • Once tightly clamped, plug in the power supply.
  • Start the grinder, put the rotating burr on the target, and keep it moving to grind the area.
  • Keep grinding at the same point for longer may result in unwanted and uneven lines.
  • The operating speed may differ in different sizes. Make sure you work at the right pace, as mentioned in the user manual guide of your cutting tool.
  • Too high or low speed may result in vibration, kickback actions, or clogging.
  • Clean the burr after every use to increase the tool life.

Electric Rotary Cutter for Wood

Electric Rotary Cutter for Wood

Can I Get Small Rotary Cutter for Wood?

At Syndent, you can get a miniature-sized small rotary cutter for wood. These burrs are available in different flute sizes and shapes. The length of the small burr ranges between 38 – 75mm.

Similarly, the flute size varies between 2 – 6mm. Syndent small rotary cutters are suitable when you need to carve details on a sculpture or wood panels.

For example, if you are making floral or geometrical patterns on furniture, making decorative mirror frames, or engraving letter on a wooden nameplate, Syndent rotary cutter for wood are the best for all these purposes.

Small Rotary Cutter for Wood

Small Rotary Cutter for Wood

How Are Rotary Cutter Wood Bits Different than Cutting Discs?

Cutting discs are ideal for cutting large woodblocks. Cutting wheels are also available in different sizes. But, when it comes to cutting small wooden pieces, rotary cutters are your ideal choice.

Cutting discs are only used for cutting purposes. At the same time, a rotary cutter can be used for cutting, grinding, shaping, and sanding.

You can cut the wooden log or panel with a cutting disc and then attain the desired shape by grinding with rotary cutters.

Wood Cutting Discs

Figure 10 Wood Cutting Discs

What Is a Dremel Wood Cutting Kit?

A wood cutting kit is a set of rotary burrs of different sizes and shapes. These sets are available in various numbers.

For example, you may get 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, or more burrs in a set. Like Dremel, Syndent compiles different burrs in kits to facilitate you with multiple burrs in one place.

These kits have double-cut burrs, miniature rotary cutters, and burrs with variable diameters. You may also get customized burrs in a set. Syndent also gives you the flexibility to add as many burrs in a group as you want.

You can choose the shank length, flute size and shape, shank diameter, and the flute cut of the burrs. Syndent team is available 24/7 to fulfill your demands and prepare what you need.

Wood Cutting Kit

Wood Cutting Kit

Can I Sand with a Rotary Cutter for Wood?

Rotary cutter for wood is a versatile tool that can be used for multiple purposes. One of the primary purposes of Syndent rotary cutter is sanding.

Coarse cuts like double or diamond cut burrs are ideal for sanding. These burrs remove powder-like wood pieces leaving the surface smooth and plain.

Manual sanding tools take more time and energy. High-speed rotary cutters give you the desired result in just few seconds.

In the wood industry, Syndent sanding rotary tools are very helpful in making furniture, decorative craft pieces, and artistic wooden sculptures.

No doubt, Syndent rotary cutter for wood is an excellent replacement for manual sanding tools.

Sanding with Carbide Rotary Cutter Bit

Sanding with Carbide Rotary Cutter Bit

Can a Rotary Tool Be Used as a Router?

Yes, why not?

If you have control over your die grinder, you can create symmetrical patterns on your wooden log.

Designing with Cutting Bit

Designing with Cutting Bit

A router automatically creates the design on the wood according to its shape. Making designed corners is very simple with router bits.

However, with rotary cutters, you can create designs on your own. If you have good control and skills, you can use multiple shapes of the burrs to create various designs.

How about using a cone-shaped and a tree-shaped burr to create a designed table corner?

What Is the Application of Rotary Cutter for Wood?

You can use Syndent rotary cutter for wood in many ways and in various applications. Let’s have a look at it.

Application of Syndent Rotary Cutter Wood Bits

Each shape can adequately work on variable surfaces. For example:

  • Flat surfaces
  • Round corners
  • Right angles
  • Curved edges
  • Holes

Industrial Use

Besides woodwork, Syndent carbide rotary cutter can work on countless materials. For this reason, numerous industries benefit from Syndent rotary burrs.

  • Construction sector
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Mechanical and electrical sectors
  • Woodcraft
  • Sculpture making
  • Jewelry industry


Carving, engraving, sculpting, and creating masterpieces have never been so quick and easy. Creating fine details with small rotary cutters is very captivating.

Syndent rotary tool is a gift for craftsmen. You don’t need to have so many tools in your toolbox. Syndent rotary tool is an all-in-one solution for various purposes.

Sculpture Making with Rotary Cutting Bit

Sculpture Making with Rotary Cutting Bit

Household Maintenance

Besides commercial uses, these burrs can ideally be used in homes. For little household maintenance jobs, these tools are a blessing.

You can conveniently fox your wooden drawer, lock, window, or cabinet. Whichever rotary machine you have, buy an appropriate burr size and be a master of your home maintenance.

What Are the Advantages of Rotary Cutter Wood Bits?

Listed below are some of the many advantages of rotary cutter wood bits.

  • These bits are versatile. You can use them on many other surfaces besides wood.
  • You can use rotary burrs for various purposes. Some are grinding, sanding, cutting, and shaping.
  • Numerous industries benefit from Syndent rotary tools. So, no matter to which industry you belong, you can use these burrs.
  • Above all, these burrs are durable and long-lasting.
  • Their accurate balance makes the use convenient. You can work smoothly without facing the vibrations and kickback actions.
  • The flexibility and tensile strength these burrs possess make them appropriate for hard materials.
  • Syndent manufactures countless shapes and sizes of rotary files. However, you may get customized burrs (on demand) if your desired burr is not available in the market.
  • Woodcutting rotary bits save your time by completing the task in few minutes.
  • Syndent rotary cutter bits are anti-corrosive. It means you can conveniently clean them by using caustic soda and acid.
  • The sharp flute is made with K25 material. Consequently, you can work for a longer period without the fear of blunt flutes.
  • You can work for longer with Syndent rotary cutter bits as they are heat-resistant. They can help you cut harder steel and stone too. Unlike HSS burrs, the tungsten carbide burr does not lose its shape on getting hot.

Versatile Rotary Cutter for Wood

Versatile Rotary Cutter for Wood

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