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Router Burr

Syndent Router Burr

Syndent router burr presents quality power and strength that you can strongly cut multiple materials.

Established in China and more than 11 years now, Syndent has continuously manufactured high-performance router burrs.

Our router burr can help effectively complete the most demanding tasks on your projects. With our router burr, we guarantee you dustless performance.

Syndent has a set of more than 40 6 axis computerized CNC machines and more than 40 skilled employees.

Using the highest technology and modern machine, we can manufacture and deliver orders as per your requests. Syndent can supply you with an excellent quality router burr for your business.

Router Burr

No end cut router burr is ideal for contour finishing, flat surface removal.

Router Burr

Bur end router burr is suitable for removal contour and right-angled corners.

Router Burr

End mill end router burr is suitable for processing grooves, terraces, etc.

Router Burr

Drill end router burr is good for drilling and making a random cutting, grinding.

Router Burr

Cylinder router burr is ideal for contour finishing, flat surface removal.

Router Burr

Cylinder with end cut router burr is suitable for removal contour and right-angled corners

Router Burr

Cylinder with radius end router burr is suitable for processing contour and arc surface at a certain angle

Router Burr

Ball shape router burr is good for machining round edge and end pre-processing before brazing

Router Burr

Oval shape router burr is suitable for round edge removal

Router Burr

Tree with radius end router burr is perfect for grinding round edge in long and narrow positions

Router Burr

Tree with pointed end router burr is used for machining round arc contour in long and narrow places

Router Burr

Flame shape router burr is good at round edge machining

Router Burr

Cone shape router burr functions like a countersink. Suitable for chamfering inner hole

Router Burr

Taper with radius end router burr is widely used for round contour removal in narrow positions, and surface machining

Router Burr

Taper with pointed end router burr is suitable for narrow position deburring and counter surface machining

Router Burr

Inverted cone router burr is suitable for rear-side chamfering from the inner side.

Why Syndent Router Burr

Syndent router burr can provide you the best performance on multiple materials in various industries. You can powerfully cut through fiberglass, fiber cement, carbon fiber, resin, drywall, GRP, FRP, and all composite materials.

Our sharp and durable router burr provides you with the cleanest cut, removes contours, drills, and processes materials. You acquire a good finish on the material surface for quality and desirable smoother project outcome.

We consistently produce quality router burrs based on our 11 years plus manufacturing experience. Both the actual quality of the router burr you officially order and the samples always rhyme.

Syndent has a quality control system in place that ensures that we responsibly trace every process. Thus, we can at all times supply stable and high-quality router burrs.

Syndent can assist you to choose the best option for shipping your router burrs.  We can as well help you find a shipping Company that lies within your rate category.

Syndent has built a wealth of experience over the years. We also have a good relationship with most freight companies all over the world. Therefore, you can ship your router burr faster and at a reasonable cost.

Router Burr

Syndent will check the raw material specifications of router burr before production.

Router Burr

Syndent automatically brazes router burr with silver in a low temperature.

Router Burr

We must make the router burr jumping test after brazing. The tolerance is less than 0.1mm

Router Burr

Syndent examines the hardness of router burr shank after brazing, and tests the bending strength

Router Burr

Solid router burr needs a shaping process from the carbide rod materials

Router Burr

Syndent CNC grinds the router burr teeth after the tests approved

Router Burr

Syndent polishes the router burr shaft, and its brazing position

Router Burr

Syndent makes your logo on the router burr, and stick your own label on the case.



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Your Best Supplier of Router Burr

Syndent is amongst pioneer Companies in China to introduce CNC machines for processing quality router burrs. We also took part in formulating the Chinese standards for the rotary file industry.

Our company has a stable enterprise structure that offers you with a steady stable supply chain. We have a technical research and development engineer, an equipment maintenance engineer, and a business sales supervisor. Thus, the Syndent router burr you buy always lies in the best position in the industry.

Syndent router burr has a professional inspection report from Stork Heron Testing Laboratory, USA. The router burr you buy has therefore passed the strictest standards and conditions. Thus, you have a guaranteed better quality router burr for your demanding tasks.

We have senior-skilled engineers who ensures that the Syndent router burr seats within a top industrial position. Syndent highly regards the wealth of experience gained by our team members. We consider them as part of our essential core assets who spearhead in developing quality router burrs.

Besides Syndent router burr, we produce and supply you with other various cutting tools. These include fiberglass router bit, long shank carbide burr, die grinder bits for hard steel, and more.

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Router Burr: The Complete FAQ Guide

Are you in need of high-performance carbide burrs that can help you fulfill all material demands?

Do you search for a manufacturer that can supply you with quality built material cutting tools such as router burrs?

Syndent furnishes you with sturdy cutting tools like router burrs to help you meet all the needs of your workpieces.

Syndent router burr has several functions on many materials in various industries. They help in making tasks very easy and faster.

In this review, we give you a step-by-step guide on how our tool works. Follow us.

What is a Router Burr?

A router burr means a tool that can perfectly remove fancy edges on a material surface. You can precisely hollow out or route out an area on specified material surfaces. This may include all hard and soft materials.

Syndent router burr operates with a router. When you look down from the top of your router, you can see the burr rotate in a clockwise direction.

Meaning, when operating, you should guide the router burr to the right from the left-hand side.

The router burr has myriad uses, quite handy for several industrial projects, both decorative and functional. This is common especially for industries that deal with wood.

When used on a router machine, the router burr can provide a range of uses. This includes material trimming, cutting, shaping, grinding, deburring, etc. Can provide efficient uses on metal, wood, plastic, laminates, and so on.

Syndent designs router burrs using quality tungsten carbide steel raw materials. The quality raw materials ensure the development of a quality cutting router bit.

This makes our tool fit well in the industry, providing quality performance on all material surfaces. Tungsten carbide components give our router burr hardness and strength to cut both hard and soft materials.

Our router burr appears in various shapes and sizes to fit different material needs. The shapes include tree, taper, cone, ball, cylindrical and more.

The different sizes of our router burrs can range from 1/16-inch to 1-inch diameter with round shanks.

The router burr has a special design on the cutting edges. The flutes have sharp cutting abilities, thanks to the tungsten carbide materials.

The solid carbide also enables the router burr to have a strong impact on materials when cutting because of the hard nature. They have a low load since they provide an open cut on materials.

For 11 years and above, Syndent has manufactured and furnished the industry with quality router burrs. We supply the market with quality cutting routing burrs for all industrial uses.

What Raw Materials Make Router Burr?

Syndent router burr features quality grade YG7 raw materials which looks similar to K25 in quality and performance.

The raw materials have the highest density that surpasses 90 HRA. Its hardness almost reassembles a diamond that gives good resistance to extreme heat, corrosion, and wears.

In addition to hardness and high density, Syndent designs special cutting edges from the material. You can work effortlessly on hard materials without clogging the flutes.

This reduces the possibilities of the tool heating up easily. Therefore, Syndent router burr has lasting cutting performance on all material surfaces.

Router burrs designed from tungsten carbide steel allow you to cut materials like steel, stainless steel, cast iron, wood, etc.

They can cut metals even when the metal or the tool grows hot. Router burrs made from YG7 or K25 raw materials can metals that lie below HRC70 such as hardened steel and hard non-metallic materials.

What is Tungsten Carbide?

Tungsten carbide refers to a chemical compound that includes tungsten and carbon. This renowned compound in the industry has superior hardness and durability with a high melting point of 2,870 degrees Celsius.

Manufacturers broadly use it in several applications that need superior impact and wear resistance. This includes cutters, abrasives, punches and dies.

By nature, the denser tungsten looks light grey with a melting point of 3,422 degrees Celsius. It has high resistance to corrosion and highly ductile.

When you combine tungsten with carbon, it increases its hardness to about 9.0 on the Mohs scale. This lies just below a diamond.

Router burrs made from tungsten carbide have the highest scratch resistance. The durability makes them ideal choice cutting tools to oversee tasks under harsh conditions. Tungsten carbide appears in different grades, depending on the binders used.

Which Tool Should I Use A Router Burr?

Just by the name, a router burr should perfectly operate well with a router machine. Using a router burr on a router tool, you can complete different jobs faster.

We have varieties of router tools you can choose from. This depends on your material needs and knows exactly what you want the tool to do for you.

How do You Use a Router Tool?

Routers are extremely versatile tools and come in different options. Routers have one thing in common. They have high rotation abilities and when used with cutting tools, they can cut and shape different materials.

We have two categories of routers: fixed-based router and plunge router. The fixed router means you can only make adjustments before you start cutting and not during the process.

A plunge router is quite big in design and features a plunge. This means you can make adjustments during a cut on materials.

The router features two different collet sizes. The collet holds the router burr itself and into a router. Standard router burrs come in a range of between 1/4-inch and 1/2-inch sizes.

Therefore, the collet sizes also come in the same two sizes to fit the shanks of the different router burr sizes.

The router spins the router burr in a clockwise direction. Therefore, when cutting materials using a router burr, you push the machine against the burr rotation. We call this a push cut.

What Uses Does a Router Burr Provide?

Syndent router burr provides a list of several important uses on different materials. When used on a router machine, a router burr provides the user with versatile options on most material surfaces.

Designed with very special geometry and sharp cutting edges, you can cut, shape, chamfer, deburr, create holes, drill, etc.

Router burrs can provide sufficient performance in industries that have projects with demanding needs. This greatly increases productivity and reducing manpower costs.


The unique and sharp cutting edges of the router burr can precisely cut a wide collection of metals and materials.

The hard and high-density features of the tool allow you to make a strong and accurate cut.

Made in different shapes and sizes, a free selection of an appropriate cut style can slice materials into pieces like butter.


Router burrs can also shape materials accordingly when applied correctly. When used on a router machine, Syndent router burrs rotate at very high speeds.

Tungsten carbide has sharp cutting characteristics. Our router burr head features tungsten carbide material which we machine using our advanced CNC machine.

Our advanced machines provide the head with very sharp cutting blades called flutes. These sharp blades of our router burr have high efficiency to shape materials like steel, hardened steel, cast iron, etc.

Material shaping also involves molding. Syndent router burr can help you mold material until you reach the desired shape.


A router tool has greater power which leads a router burr to grind a list of various materials. As one of the steps of making finishes on your material, industries heavily use router burrs in grinding materials.

Through active grinding, you can clear the sharp edges, rough contours and make the material surface smooth.

You can grind materials to make the surface ready for brazing or to remove welds. We have special shapes that appropriately can grind materials, even in tight or hard-to-reach places.

Enlargement of Holes

With Syndent router burr, you can make precise holes on a given material and make them wider as required.

From the various shapes and sizes of our router burr, you can choose an ideal tool to drill or enlarge a hole.

A single cut router burr with single flutes makes an upward cut when used a given material surface. A single cut cuts by creating long chips to form a perfect and accurate drill on your workpiece. Using a ball-shaped router burr accurately increases the size and depth of the hole.


Another way to use a router burr features a process called deburring. This involves removing small pieces of materials on material surfaces. We call the small materials burrs.

They form as a result of different machining processes like cutting, shaping, chamfering, carving, drilling, and more.

Burrs can make a material surface have an awkward design or roughness. Besides making the material very rough to handle, it can lead to inaccurate results on your project.

Syndent router burr can remove burrs and contours for an exact projected final project.

In this case, use a double-cut router burr for a finer and smoother final finish. You can simply make modifications to your piece of material with our quality tool.

Therefore, using Syndent router burr can provide bountiful functions to make your work easier, accurate and faster.

Syndent cutting tools have high precision that guarantees quality results on your projects.

Do Router Burrs Come in Sets?


Syndent makes different sets of router burrs to fit specific demands on different materials. A set of router burrs increases the versatility of the tool so that you can easily complete tasks on several projects.

Each set can have mismatched shapes and sizes of router burrs. This can comprise of ball-shaped router burr, spherical, tree, cone, taper, and so on. Also, they can appear in different sizes from 16.0mm to 2.4mm.

Syndent can make customized router burrs and supply you sets according to your demand. This can help you meet all the needs of your workpieces.

Syndent router burrs come in sets of 4 pcs, 5 pcs, 8 pcs and the extended 4 pcs router burr sets.

Whether you want a set of long shank router burrs, different shapes or sizes, single-cut or double-cut, Syndent can meet your requests.

Why Buy Router Burr For Industrial Use?

Syndent router burrs have a very special geometry which greatly determines the way you cut materials.

Syndent uniquely designs the ideal router burr with special sharp cutting blades. They offer high precision when cutting or shaping materials.

The flutes don’t clog easily and have high resistance to wear or corrosion. Besides, they cut materials without causing a lot of friction.

High-density sharp flutes cut materials easily and faster than any ordinary cutting tool. This helps you save time and manpower costs.

Since Syndent makes router burrs in sets, you have lots of conveniences in managing multiple tasks.

This greatly saves your time and the need of buying very many different tools to meet multiple jobs on a given project.

You also benefit from increased work output and save on hiring several workers.

Tungsten carbide steel raw materials produce sturdy router burrs that have great durability. Syndent selects grade YG7 solid carbide for the manufacture of quality router burrs.

Since the high-grade materials have high density, the ideal router burr can provide a powerful and long-lasting cut.

The shank, made of hardened steel, provides the highest stability to the tool and can handle all tooling pressures including rapid rotation.

Therefore, Syndent router burr lasts longer, cuts materials sharply and accurately, and withstands high temperatures, scratches, wear, and friction.

Is Tungsten Router Burr Stronger Than Diamond Router Burr?

Not really.

Diamond and tungsten carbide elements have almost the same hardness and strength as other materials. Diamond has better hardness and strength than tungsten carbide.

It performs better in terms of impact strength as opposed to tungsten carbide and other substances.

When we measure the strength and hardness of tungsten carbide, it also has remarkable performance.

It lies behind diamond but with a better finer finish when cutting or grinding materials.

Diamond leaves a rough finish on surface materials which some industries prefer to tungsten carbide.

Is Tungsten Router Burr Better Than High-Speed Steel Burr?


Most manufacturers make cutting tools from diamond, tungsten carbide, and high-speed steel.

Diamond is better in strength and hardness than the rest of other metals followed by tungsten carbide. High-speed steel comes in last of the metals mentioned here.

As mentioned earlier, tungsten appears as a fine grey powder in its natural form.

Tungsten carbide comprises of same amounts of tungsten and carbon combined. This combination forms a very strong cutting after pressing and shaping it.

The tungsten carbide router burr, therefore, has high density than high-speed steel.

Therefore, router burr made from tungsten carbide can cut materials precisely, easily, and faster than high-speed burr.

Tungsten carbide has tarnish resistance and features hypoallergenic characteristics. It also has high scratch resistance and doesn’t wear easily.

Whether you cut hard or soft materials, router burrs made with tungsten carbide offer a durable cut.

It doesn’t lose its polish easily because of its high hardness and increased durability.

Furthermore, it has good resistance to extreme conditions like much heat. Therefore, it performs better than high-speed steel.

Which Cutting Styles Does Router Burr Provide?

Syndent router burr features the three most popular cuts: the aluminum or single cut and the double cut. Each of them has different ways of performing tasks on given materials.

Single Cut

Single cut router burr has single flutes that run right and in the upward direction. They have a spiral design and are ideal for removing heavy stock, deburring, cleaning, milling, and more.

Aluminum cut creates long chips when digging through materials therefore you can make precise drills with them. Used with materials such as steel, copper, glass, hardwood, and ferrous metals.

Double cut router burr

The double-cut router burr has the extra left flute. This is ideal for industries doing tasks on materials that require fine polish fixation.

Commonly applied on ferrous and non-ferrous metals. This includes soft steel, aluminum, and any non-metal materials like wood, plastics, and more.

This popular cut can help you do several applications on given projects. They always cut or grind, leaving an extremely smooth finish, unlike the single or aluminum cut.

It suits medium-light material removal and ideal in deburring, cleaning, creation of small chips, and fine finishing.

Aluminum cut

Similar to single cut and a perfect suit for soft materials like aluminum, wood, plastic, and so on. Has a very special flute that cuts, shapes, grinds, and mills soft materials, removing heavy stock. The aluminum cut creates long chips and cleans materials perfectly.

Which Materials Can Router Burr Cut?

Syndent router burr can cut several materials precisely and produce quality results. Metals include:

  • Steel
  • Cast iron
  • Aluminum
  • Carbon steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Titanium
  • Nickel
  • Cobalt
  • Platinum
  • Silver
  • Copper
  • Bronze
  • Brass
  • zinc

Other materials include:

  • Hard and softwood
  • Acrylics
  • Fiberglass
  • ceramics
  • CRP
  • GRP

Since Syndent makes router burrs in different cutting styles and sharp blades, you can cut various materials.

Who Uses Router Burr?

Router burr provides a multitude of uses which makes work easier and faster in industries. Some of the uses include:

  • Metalwork
  • Toolmaking
  • Wood carving
  • Engineering
  • Jewelry making
  • Model engineering
  • Chamfering
  • Grinding
  • Milling
  • Lathe High-speed applications
  • Deburring
  • Casting
  • Sculpting

Can Router Burr Carve and Engrave Wood?


Some of the critical uses of router burrs include doing several jobs on wood. With a router burr, you can trim the edges of a material like wood, cut, engrave, shape, or grind.

Syndent router burrs cut both soft and hard materials like wood, aluminum, steel, cast iron, copper, and more.

With a router burr, you can comfortably replace a tiny grinding wheel in multiple cases.

The ideal tool has high accuracy and effectiveness to carve and engrave wood and even process different shapes on wood.

Using Syndent router burr, you can produce attractive machining quality, leaving the material surface with an extremely finer finish.

Built from safe and durable materials, router burr provides the highest reliability and great user control.

The sharp and powerful cutting blades make engraving, shaping, cutting, and carving of wood an easy task. This eventually reduces down the time of operation and with low labor costs.

Syndent router burrs produce very little or no dust when machining wood hence creates a good working environment.

Since they don’t produce dust, they also don’t clog easily. This reduces the chances of the flutes heating up easily.

However, Syndent has alternative and efficient tools that you can perfectly apply on wood. This includes die grinder bits for wood and carbide burr for wood carving.

These ideal tools can perfectly complete all wood tasks without clogging, scratching, heating up and with low friction.

Can Router Burr Cut Steel?


Another metal Syndent router burr can cut include steel. Compared to tungsten carbide, steel has little strength and hardness.

This means Syndent router burr has sufficient power and the ability to cut steel into pieces and do other functions.

Without a doubt, Syndent router burr can drill, chamfer, shape, machine, engrave, carve, trim and deburr steel.

We also design special cutting tools that industries can opt for especially when dealing with lots of steel procedures.

This includes die grinder bits for steel and carbide burr for steel. Whichever function you desire to do on steel, the two tools can help you fulfill them accordingly.

Can Router Burr Cut Stainless Steel Perfectly?


Router burr’s flutes have sharp cutting abilities that can slice stainless steel. When we compare stainless steel with tungsten, it falls several steps behind tungsten.

Therefore, a router burr designed from tungsten carbide can simply cut stainless steel into desired pieces.

Besides providing accurate cuts, Syndent router burr can grind, drill, shape, trim the edges, deburr or chamfer stainless steel.

The sharp flutes don’t clog, rust or heat up easily. Syndent selects quality materials to develop a durable router burr that lasts longer.

We also have good replacement cutting tools which we prefer as a perfect solution to all stainless steel functions.

Depending on the tasks you need to fulfill on your ideal workpiece, you may select from two options. This may include a carbide burr for stainless steel or die grinder bits for stainless steel.

Can A Router Burr Cut Straight Lines?


As a beginner, you may struggle to cut straight lines until you gain much confidence and relevant skills.

A router burr can offer the fastest, more efficient, and accurate way to cut straight lines with a set of hands.

Syndent router burr provides a more versatile way of cutting materials with a lot of accuracies.

Besides offering enough power and cutting strength, the router burr can display several artsy applications. This includes cutting straight lines on materials like wood, aluminum, plastics, etc.

Cutting a straight line on a given material requires a correct choice of router tool and router burr.

The router burr should have quality and sharp cutting blades so that you don’t struggle to cut through your workpiece.

A router burr with blunt cutting edges might need you to use a lot of force to hollow out materials. This can affect the accuracies of the tool hence poor or inaccurate results.

To get better results of achieving a precise straight line, you can include accessories. One of the accessories you can introduce includes the straightedge.

This instrument acts as a hedge that can help you make a straight cut using a router burr. It functions by minimizing the chances of bobbling or chipping the workpiece.

Can Router Burr Cut Fiberglass?


A router burr works perfectly well on fiberglass. You can easily cut grooves, patterns as well as designs on multiple wood and material pieces.

However, Syndent fiberglass router bit can perfectly make precise cuts on fiberglass, shape, engrave, or even make desired patterns.

The ideal tool has a special design with sharp flutes. The sharp cutting edges can cut through fiberglass with a lot of effectiveness and sharpness than any other tool.

Can You Drill Materials With a Router Burr?

Absolutely yes.

A router burr can make accurate drills on different materials only if you apply the right technique.

Using D-type router burr can guide you in making accurate drills, make random cuts and also grind particular materials.

The D-type router burr has a pointed end which allows the making of easy plunge cuts.

If you take a close look at the D-type router burr, it reassembles a drilling tool. Therefore it plunges straight and deeper in a provided composite material until you make the desired depth.

Drilling materials with a router burr other than rotary file bits can consume a lot of your time for a perfect hole.

A larger router drill bit can also create higher possibilities of chipping and needs patience and time.

Useful note: When making drills on a given material with a router burr, ensure perfect clamping of your workpiece.

Maintain a particular direction so that you make the right hole size. Since the router burr has high rotation, it might easily damage your piece of work.

Do We Have Different Types of Router Burrs?


Syndent manufactures different router burrs widely used in various industries to cut several materials. You can simply cut steel, cast iron, copper, aluminum, wood, plastic, and so on.

The selection can include no end cut, end mill end, burr end, or drill end which can complete most of your material tasks.

No End Cut Router Burr

Sometimes called A-type router burr. This router burr can help you make precise contour finishes on various wood, plastics and other materials. You can also use it to remove materials from a flat surface.

Bur End Router Burr

Commonly called as B type router burr and helps you in removing contours. Also, a suitable option for machining through right-angled corners.

End Mill End Router Burr

The C-type router burr allows you easily process terraces, grooves, and several other uses on various materials.

Drill End Router Burr

Also called the D-type router and allows you to make accurate drills on specific materials like wood, plastics, etc.

You can as well use the drill end router burr to randomly grind, cut, shape, and machine materials.

Can A Router Burr Fit in Any Router?

Not true.

A router features a nonadjustable collet where the router burr correctly seats. A standard router burr has a shank size range between 1/4-inch and 1/2-inch.

This implies a smaller router collet can only accommodate the 1/4-inch router burr. A larger router chuck can accept both small and large sizes of router burr shanks.

Which Speed Limits Suits a Router Burr (RPM)?

Advanced routers feature speed adjustment so that you can set speed as required.

You can adjust from a minimum of 8,000 to a higher 24,000 RPM. Not all routers function safely or optimally at the same speeds.

Larger router burrs have the largest mass with the capabilities of vibrating at very extreme speeds.

For example, a router burr that has a cutting surface area of about 3-1/2-inch diameter can travel very fast. It can operate at 24,000 RPM than 1/2 inch router burr cutting surface.

The following table can provide a quick guideline for the maximum speed you can apply with router burr.

Burr DiameterMaximum Speed (RPM)
Up to 1”24,000
1-1/4” to 2”18,000
2-1/4” to 2-1/2”16,000
3” to 3-1/2”12,000

Note that, the router burr maximum speed means a maximum speed at which the ideal tool can operate.

Operating a router burr at a higher speed provides the best performance of the tool compared to lower speeds.

At faster speeds, you can make very precise and faster cuts per inch which yields desired smoother finishes.

Syndent makes more similar quality cutting tools besides router burr. They include the fiberglass router bitrotary file bitsolid carbide burr and more.

To receive router burr instant quotation, contact us at any time.

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