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Russian Manicure Bits

Syndent Russian Manicure Bits

Syndent Russian manicure bits constitute tools we can use differently depending on the customs.

Our bits are for Russian manicure approach services and can be habituated on unalike positions of your nail.

We design safe and secure Russian nail bits for professionals and newbies. Positioned in China, we are specialists in abrasives used in various countries and regions globally.

Our collection includes several professional tools to choose from, including our Russian manicure drill bits. Syndent bits are of high-level performance, durability, and long-lasting.

Syndent ships its Russian nail bits cargo to more than a hundred international destinations. We deliver straight away to your doorstep.

Russian Manicure Bits

Different carbide Russian manicure bits for professionals.

Russian Manicure Bits

Super durable carbide Russian manicure bits, coated and uncoated.

Russian Manicure Bits

High performance and extremely sharp carbide Russian manicure bits

Russian Manicure Bits

All kinds of ceramic Russian manicure bits for your choices

Russian Manicure Bits

Super long life ceramic Russian manicure bits

Russian Manicure Bits

Custom design ceramic Russian manicure bits as you wish

Russian Manicure Bits

Best-selling diamond Russian manicure bits

Russian Manicure Bits

Most popular diamond Russian manicure bits for technicians

Russian Manicure Bits

Custom design diamond Russian manicure bits for professionals

Russian Manicure Bits

All carbide drill bits for pedicure by podiatrist

Russian Manicure Bits

All diamond drill bits for pedicure by podiatrist

Russian Manicure Bits

High quality sanding caps used by podiatrist for removing dead skin.

Russian Manicure Bits

Different kinds of nail sanding bands for the beginners and professionals

Russian Manicure Bits

Matching with all of the regular sanding bands

Russian Manicure Bits

Suitable for all of the sanding caps in different sizes

Why Syndent Russian Manicure Bits

Syndent Russian manicure bits have unassociated shapes, helping you realize their independent applications. You can recognize tasks like filing your cuticle part, polishing the sidewalls, etc.

The bit also lets you clean below your nails, removing ridges formed after fitting attachments. You can elegantly extract calluses from your palm and dead skin close to the nail plate and your feet.

Syndent Russian manicure bits also pull out dry cuticles stuck on your nails. Today, experience the innovative way of fixing nail issues with Syndent Russian manicure bits.

Our freightage speed of Russian manicure bits order is up to par. Syndent can swiftly blueprint different modern machines through unfettered analysis.

The addition of equipment can trigger an expansive production at any specific time. Therefore we can remit any number of Russian manicure bits quickly.

Despite an increasing number of clients, Syndent has retained a consistent supply of only exceptional Russian nail bits.

Likewise, our customers have attested to a stable collection of quality Russian manicure bits throughout the previous decade. We, therefore, remain candid in business transactions.

A quality assurance network assists us in tracking down every process to control. Syndent can continually manufacture high-quality Russian manicure bits with powerful, sharp grinding heads.

Russian Manicure Bits

Syndent will check the raw material specifications of Russian manicure bits before production.

Russian Manicure Bits

Syndent automatically brazes Russian manicure bits with silver in a low temperature

Russian Manicure Bits

We must make the Russian manicure bits jumping test after brazing. The tolerance is less than 0.1mm

Russian Manicure Bits

Syndent examines the hardness of Russian manicure bits shank after brazing, and tests the bending strength

Russian Manicure Bits

Solid Russian manicure bits need a shaping process from the carbide rod materials

Russian Manicure Bits

Syndent CNC grinds the Russian manicure bits teeth after the tests approved

Russian Manicure Bits

Syndent polishes the Russian manicure bits shaft, and its brazing position

Russian Manicure Bits

Syndent makes your logo on the Russian manicure bits, and stick your own label on the case.

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Your Best Supplier of Russian Manicure Bits

Syndent ensures effective management of the equipment. After a timed operation, we inspect and make required adjustments to the equipment.

We simultaneously replace outdated components while updating the technology. Syndent ensures consistency and steadiness of the exactness of your Russian manicure bits order.

Our raw material supply originates from substantial suppliers with approved quality and continuous delivery.

Syndent employs state-of-the-art equipment to transform the materials into useful Russian nail bits. Approved quality, continuous material delivery, and the newest equipment produce stable quality Russian manicure bits and quick delivery.

Each bunch of materials received undergoes a series of inspections before proceeding to our warehouse.

The assessment includes analyzing the grade for accuracies, regular appearance, and the correct size. Your Russian manicure bits order, therefore, evades potential standard drawbacks from the beginning.

Like other industries, the nail art field has mushroomed, and there is a need for several bits. Syndent, on its part, designs innovative bits like electric nail drill bits setnail remover drill bit, flame nail drill bit, etc.

We cater to all your nail art needs. Get hold of us today!

Russian Manicure Bits: A Veritable FAQ Guide

Every manicurist desires to find the most suitable and reliable nail drill bit for nail care. However, searching for a tool that befits your nail artwork can sometimes seem very tricky. We essentially have multitudes of nail artwork tools in the industry.

Today, we look at the Russian manicure bits.

What Are Russian Manicure Bits?

Russian Manicure Bits

Russian manicure bits

Russian manicure bits helps technicians mainly to do Russian manicure services. Essentially, the bits help make the cuticle area smooth and free from dead skin known as cuticles.

Besides working the cuticle area, Russian manicure bits may also operate in other regions on the artificial nail. The tools may also remove the dead skin around the nail area and remove dirt under acrylic or gel nails.

Doing the Russian manicure includes using an electrical filer. Additionally, you’ll need a Russian manicure bit to remove extra cuticles under and on the sides of your nail bed. Each nail receives a cuticle massage with the bits, and you can perfectly trim it into the desired shape.

While some believe removing cuticles can damage the nail bed, Russian manicure bits make the nails shiny. Additionally, it improves the growth of the nail, making them look clean for a long time.

Russian Manicure Bits

Fine application

You can think of Russian manicures as exfoliation and treatment of cuticles. And when you try the manicure service, you feel confident with your nails. Moreover, the skin around the cuticle area feels softer.

Syndent is a top-most supplier of Russian manicure bits and other abrasives internationally. Our bits will pass through the strict control system. In addition, the ultra-modern CNC machine helps us to give our bits a quality construction. Therefore, Syndent quality Russian manicure bits can act as a solution to all your nail care needs.

With Syndent Russian manicure bits, you may also refine and polish the edges of your nails. You can also do the sidewalls of your nails, cut hard gel nails, or acrylic nails. Hence, it neatens the exterior and beneath the nails. Russian manicure bits, therefore, slices your working time in half.

Russian manicure bits quality production comprises premium quality components. Furthermore, the materials have to face strict selection to ensure a standard product.

The Russian manicure bits comprise various tips, making them highly versatile tools. The multiple tips may compose of unalike shapes and sizes. And with unlike shapes and sizes, the Russian manicure bits clear any product applied on the nails.

How Can Russian Manicure Bits Help a Manicurist?

Russian manicure came about due to the clean and polished look of manicures practiced by Russian nail manicurists. Consequently, the term used for the process is e-file manicure.

With Russian manicure bits, you’ll handle the following tasks sufficiently:

  • Keeping the cuticle region free from dead cuticles.
  • Sidewall filing.
  • Backfill cutting.
  • Removing dirt or ridges created after applying artificial nails under the nails.
  • Filing hard skin.
  • Removing product from the nail exterior.
  • Polishing the nail surface.
  • Complete elimination of UV gel nails, acrylics, poly gel nails, dip powder, etc.
  • Reduce and shape damaged or infected thick toenails.
  • Removing callus, dead skin, and stops hangnails.

Russian Manicure Bits

Perfect application

How do you Use Russian Manicure Bits?

Unlike acrylic or gel manicure bits, the Russian manicure bits may require few processes. In addition, it doesn’t require soaking the nails in water before applying any approach.

In traditional nail beauty salons, manicurists could soak your hands in a container of warm water. The warm water would eventually make the dead skin soft; then, they would use a push-back tool and clip the cuticles.

Russian manicure bits, however, clean up the cuticles electronically. First, a technician cleans the nail bed with a specific drill bit. Then, the technician uses the second type of Russian manicure bit to clean cuticles safely. The third step involves polishing your nail bed and making your favorite shape.

Russian Manicure Bits

Cleaning cuticles

You can carefully apply a dry technique to clean and trim a client’s cuticle area. Consequently, a manicurist applies for actual cuticle work. And once you have cleaned the cuticles perfectly, the technician polishes the nails.

For a starter, you need the right Russian manicure bits for cuticles and other applications. Moreover, it is entirely a waterless process when you think of how to use Russian manicure bits. Essentially, technicians also call it e file manicure or machine manicure.

But, can a starter dive into Russian manicure without training? In whichever way, by watching videos, they can simplify the process.

With a cuticle pusher, a starter can make a step into doing a Russian manicure. The cuticle pusher helps push cuticles while exposing dead skin for quick removal.

In addition, a pusher helps create enough surface area to use Russian manicure bits freely. Nevertheless, Syndent flame shape Russian manicure bits can quickly replace a cuticle pusher.

And that leads us to the next question.

What Are The Safe Russian Manicure Bits for Beginners?

Various nail drill bits have found their way into the beauty field. However, not all of them perform correspondingly. Therefore, beginners might go a mile further looking for a tool that can correctly offer solutions to their nail needs.

A beginner can use barrel Russian manicure bits specifically for the cuticles. More so, ball-shaped Russian manicure bits ideally befits beginners.

Do Russian Manicure Bits Have Diverse Sizes?


Russian manicure bits come in acceptable industrial standards on the market. Essentially, a 3/32-inch size is a popular size for most bits. And with the 3/32-inch size, you can practically use modern portable or countertop handpieces.

The industry also rarely supplies Russian manicure bits in 1/8-inch shank sizes. However, it means you’ll need an old-fashioned nail drill to fit the specific Russian manicure bit.

Russian manicure bits can appear in sizes listed below in the table. Additionally, the industry has a speed range that befits the measures indicated.

12.4 mm17 000 – 26 000
23.0 mm17 000 – 26 000
36.0 mm11 000 – 16 500
413.0 mm  8 000 – 12 000
516.0 mm  7 650 – 11 500

Besides having Russian manicure bits in various industrial sizes, you may need to work within a specified speed. The stipulated speed range for each size means that a manicurist will work steadily. Hence, you can reach your desire to have exceptional filing results.

Russian Manicure Bits

Russian manicure bits

Which Conditions Allows You to Change Speed with Russian Manicure Bits?

When using Russian manicure bits, you’ll have to adjust the rate you file the nails.

Usually, Russian manicure bits work handily with agreeable handpieces readily found on the market. Moreover, all handpieces come along with adjustable features. Therefore, you can increase or decrease speed to suit your work preference.

A manicurist may change speed depending on a few critical factors. Consequently, that implies, not any grinding rate suits all functions. Therefore, you’ll have to find an appropriate rate that befits a specific nail task.

First, size plays a critical role in terms of working rate. Like other related tools, manufacturers design Russian manicure bits in choice sizes. Hence, a fair bit will fulfill a particular task fluently.

According to the table above, variation in sizes indicates that we have a rift in speed. The rate essentially changes from the smallest to the largest size. Thus, smaller Russian manicure bits require higher filing speeds than more significant bits.

Small-sized Russian manicure bits naturally have the highest stability even with high rotation. This is because the specific bits essentially have a small surface area which allows them to rotate at higher speeds.

More significant Russian manicure bits have a large surface area. Thus, the technician should file using a lower rate than tiny Russian manicure bits. Utilizing a moderate filing speed when using small Russian manicure bits helps easily control the tool. Moreover, the bit helps the nail technician carry out the tasks efficiently and achieve expected results.

Another factor that may influence the filing rate is the kind of product a technician desires to process. Consequently, products have different characteristics, especially in terms of rigidity. Hard gel nails or UV gel nails for example, have a more specific high level of rigidity than other products.

For products with high rigidity, you must choose a reasonably high speed. Most assuredly, it’ll help to wipe off the complex product moderately.

On the contrary, soft applications like gel polish and the rest can quickly come out with a reasonably moderate speed.

Additionally, using the average filing rate on smooth application enables the nail technician not to go beyond the polish. Consequently, if a technician files past the alive issue by accident, the client can feel pain. Furthermore, you can expose the area to possible infections.

What Does a Russian Manicure Bits Set Include?

Russian Manicure Bits

A Set

For convenient, effortless, and quick nail care, Syndent includes Russian manicure bits set. The set fundamentally helps in dealing with all available nail care requirements. Furthermore, using a set of Russian manicure bits is pretty economical than when purchased as a single tool.

Russian manicure bits set may encompass more than double-fold pieces. Thus, Syndent may supply according to what you feel can satisfy your nail care needs.

Syndent Russian manicure bits may include sets with different numbers of bits. Additionally, the collections always include standard and popular bits that can oversee most nail tasks available. Syndent ensures it supplies the nail industry with Russian manicure bits set suitable for any nail care need.

Syndent Russian manicure bits can come in sets of 10 pieces, nine pieces, eight pieces, five pieces, four pieces, etc. Besides, they may combine a mixture of sizes or shapes of Russian manicure bits. However, other sets cover parts of Russian manicure bits with indistinguishable shapes or sizes.

A technician can instantaneously complete multiple tasks in one stop with Russian manicure bits set. Also, Syndent adopts an uncompromising servo-system. As a result, a technician receives excellent execution with every Russian manicure bits set purchased.

Can You Customize Russian Manicure Bits?


Clients can as reasonably request customized Russian manicure bits. Customized Russian manicure bits particularly have unique features than ordinary tools. For example, it can have a personalized logo according to a customer’s request. It can therefore make your local sales more outstanding.

Customized bits may also cover bits with unique shank sizes or head diameters. Hence, a manicurist feels comfortable working with specific Russian manicure bits that offer particular nail care solutions.

Buying customized Russian manicure bits can incur additional costs because of some reasons. First, all customized Russian manicure bits include extra features than regular tools. Thus, it takes time and requires additional charges because the manufacturer has to reset machines accordingly.

Moreover, it might require extra time to manufacture the tools. For example, manufacturing customized Russian manicure requires the manufacturer to set the machines to accommodate additional required features. That, therefore, takes more time than the process used on regular bits.

Do Russian Manicure Bits Have Different Textures?


For the bits to suit all nail care needs, manufacturers develop Russian manicure bits in several valuable grits. For example, the most popular and readily available grits include fine, medium, and coarse textures. In addition, however, manufacturers can make advanced grits for advanced effectiveness.

In our Russian manicure bits explained, bits with coarse-grit fundamentally are pretty sharp than others. Hence, using coarse Russian manicure bits on natural nails or directly on our alive tissue can be harmful.

Coarse grit can effectively trim, sharpen, and shorten long fake nails during complete sets or fill-ins. Additionally, coarse grit can take out overlays from the nail surface.

Medium grits help in cleaning up of any excess around the cuticle region. Furthermore, it removes excess dust and dirt accumulation underneath while smoothing out bumps after a fake nail application.

Fine bits have the grits that look closely arranged than medium and coarse grits. Therefore, they assist in roughening up a natural nail surface, creating a perfect bond between Russian manicure and natural nails.

Fine bits can also assists in smoothing out the exterior of natural nails. In addition, fine grit can neatly clean up or smooth out extras along the nails’ cuticle curves.

Besides Russian manicure bits, Syndent fabricates multifold products such as aluma cutdrill bits for nail machines, etc.

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