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Russian Manicure Drill Bit

Syndent Russian Manicure Drill Bit

Syndent Russian manicure drill bits confer to tiny nail tools that remove excess skin surrounding your nail bed. The Russian nail drill bits are ideal for cuticle or skin exfoliation and therapy.

Stationed in the peoples’ Republic of China, Syndent specializes in making thousands of professional abrasives.

Our Russian manicure drill bits library includes more than a hundred alternatives to hand-pick. All the Russian nail drill bits Syndent designs are durable, high quality, and long-lasting.

You can explore sales to find what best fits your applications. Syndent assures you to make an accelerated secure delivery after placing your order.

Russian Manicure Drill Bit

Different carbide russian manicure drill bit for professionals.

Russian Manicure Drill Bit

Super durable carbide russian manicure drill bit, coated and uncoated.

Russian Manicure Drill Bit

High performance and extremely sharp carbide russian manicure drill bit

Russian Manicure Drill Bit

All kinds of ceramic russian manicure drill bit for your choices

Russian Manicure Drill Bit

Super long life ceramic russian manicure drill bit

Russian Manicure Drill Bit

Custom design ceramic russian manicure drill bit as you wish

Russian Manicure Drill Bit

Best-selling diamond russian manicure drill bit

Russian Manicure Drill Bit

Most popular diamond russian manicure drill bit for technicians

Russian Manicure Drill Bit

Custom design diamond russian manicure drill bit for professionals

Russian Manicure Drill Bit

All carbide drill bits for pedicure by podiatrist

Russian Manicure Drill Bit

All diamond drill bits for pedicure by podiatrist

Russian Manicure Drill Bit

High quality sanding caps used by podiatrist for removing dead skin.

Russian Manicure Drill Bit

Different kinds of nail sanding bands for the beginners and professionals

Russian Manicure Drill Bit

Matching with all of the regular sanding bands

Russian Manicure Drill Bit

Suitable for all of the sanding caps in different sizes

Why Syndent Russian Manicure Drill Bit

Syndent Russian manicure drill bits were designed primarily to eliminate the extra skin surrounding your nail bed. You can give each nail a massage and perfectly trim it using our Russian nail drill bits.

Our Russian manicure drill bits bring alive the technique of cuticle exfoliation to a higher degree. Also, we may use them differently based on the scope and nature of the tasks.

You can indisputably use them for sidewall filing, trim the ridges of gels or acrylics below the nails, etc. Give your nails a shiner look and improved growth with Syndent Russian manicure drill bits.

Designed to last longer, our Russian manicure drill bits cut sharply and powerfully. Syndent also arrives at a bargain price for Russian nail drill bits. Our bargain price on standard tools lends a hand in economic nail artwork.

Syndent has an assured helpline for handling Russian manicure drill bits issues. If anything goes wrong with our product, we immediately acknowledge and offer a solution. We promise a maximum of three working days’ response.

Syndent dispatches over 90% of the consignment to many regions worldwide, which has given us experience in shipping. Engaging many shipping companies provide us with the privilege of recommending suitable freight forwarders of your scale.

Russian Manicure Drill Bit

Syndent will check the raw material specifications of russian manicure drill bit before production.

Russian Manicure Drill Bit

Syndent automatically brazes russian manicure drill bit with silver in a low temperature

Russian Manicure Drill Bit

We must make the jumping test of russian manicure drill bit after brazing. The tolerance is less than 0.1mm

Russian Manicure Drill Bit

Syndent examines the shank hardness of russian manicure drill bit after brazing, and tests the bending strength

Russian Manicure Drill Bit

Solid russian manicure drill bits need a shaping process from the carbide rod materials

Russian Manicure Drill Bit

Syndent CNC grinds the teeth of russian manicure drill bit after the tests approved

Russian Manicure Drill Bit

Syndent polishes the shaft of russian manicure drill bit, and its brazing position

Russian Manicure Drill Bit

Syndent makes your logo on the russian manicure drill bit, and stick your own label on the case.

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Your Best Supplier of Russian Manicure Drill Bit

Syndent Russian manicure drill bits cover many models in the field. The Russian manicure drill bits cover rough to smooth grinding, and polishing till mirror finishing.

We have different sizes from 0.5 mm – 20 mm. Syndent can voluntarily lend a hand in your Syndent Russian manicure drill bits selection decision.

Syndent can yield Russian manicure drill bits with conforming standards to your petition. Our standard Russian manicure drill bits have endorsed sharpness with service longevity above our peers’.

We’ve displaced other international brands like MA Ford, Pferd. Also, we have replaced other brands like Lukas, ATA, etc. We may also do it for you.

Syndent trades 90% plus of its goods to Europe and the USA. We also feature in diverse showcases that keep us informed about copious models.

Syndent furthermore receives mails from different clients worldwide for customization. Therefore, we can gather relevant information and make modern Russian manicure drill bits every month.

We offer alternative means of paying for the Russian manicure drill bits. Prepaid payment and making the payment in full before shipment may work effectively. It mitigates potential cash flow mix-ups.

Syndent has engaged in abrasives for the longest time. We supply industries with sanding bands for nail drillcuticle drill bit, dental burs, etc.

Please interact with us now and receive more information regarding our Russian manicure drill bits.

Russian Manicure Drill Bits: The Absolute FAQ Guide

Do you want to buy products from professional and prequalified distributors at wholesale prices? Do you want 100% on-time shipment protection?

Then, we exist as your one-stop solution for all your nail drill bits supplies. Today, we look into Russian manicure drill bits.

What Are Russian Manicure Drill Bits?

Russian Manicure Drill Bits

Russian manicure drill bits

Russian manicure drill bits serve as proper tools technicians use to do the Russian manicure services. Consequently, Russian manicure drill bits provide a pleasant hand touch feeling.

The bits furthermore protect your skin from potential damage experienced by other tools. Therefore, Russian manicure drill bits offer a nail technician convenient application and exceptional Russian manicure drilling experience.

You can genuinely do a pedicure or manicure by and at home using ordinary files. But, it can apply to people with moderate nail polishes.

However, it would help to have Russian manicure drill bits for people with mild to severe calluses. Russian nail drill bits allow nail professionals to run efficient businesses while giving their clients exceptional results.

Helpful note: The approach of processing cuticles using Russian manicure drill bits remains optional. Furthermore, we highly don’t advise beginners to use the instruments.

Using Russian manicure drill bits can result in severe cuts on live skin. That eventually can lead to excessive bleeding with a possible infection.

Designed for Russian manicure services, Russian manicure drill bits predominantly help in the cuticle region. The instruments can do a magnificent manicure job with gentle and smooth application with a high degree of perfection.

Besides doing cuticles, Russian manicure tools can do the sidewall filing to remove hangnails gently. Furthermore, it smoothly and safely grinds to remove dead skin and dirt under your nail edge.

Russian manicure drill bits occur in collective sizes. Thus, we can use them differently depending on the nature of the job. For example, a needle bit fits in tight places and can cut hangnails and cuticles.

Also, Russian manicure drill bits occur in varied shapes. Good examples in our case include ball, flame, cylinder, oval, cone, etc. Therefore, a user can effortlessly drill, grind, polish, shape, file, engrave, cut, or shorten nails with such measures.

Russian manicure drill bits also occur in available grits. With different convenient grits, Russian nail drill bits bring many uses to the nails.

How do you Use Russian Manicure Drill Bits?

A Russian manicure sometimes called e file manicure or dry manicure, involves using electronic files. The Russian manicure process includes removing extra skin that surrounds the nail bed.

It would help if you had the right equipment and followed Russian manicure steps when doing a Russian manicure. Consequently, you don’t require the traditional technique of soaking the nails in water or using cuticle pushers or nippers.

The first step of a Russian manicure includes clearing away the gel polish using the correct equipment.

After that, a professional technician will choose a super-sharp bit to cut away extra skin that surrounds the nail bed.

Then the technician uses a needle-shaped Russian manicure drill bit to remove cuticles depending on the size. Otherwise, we don’t touch cuticles that have not overgrown.

After removing cuticles, a professional nail technician cleans the area. After that, the nail technician buffs the nail using a third bit until the nails are shiny and look healthy. Therefore, the Russian manicure kit comes in handy at such a point.

The final step of Russian manicure services includes shaping the nails perfectly. Then an expert paints the nail using gel polish and seals it off through UV light.

Which Ways Can You Use Russian Manicure Drill Bits?

Russian manicure drill bits have several applications in terms of nail care other than finishing cuticle work perfectly.

And as we already said, Russian manicure drill bits occur in valuable shapes besides sizes. That implies they help nail technicians provide solutions to most nail care needs.

With the assistance of Russian manicure drill bits, technicians can calmly do the following procedures:

  • Refine or reshape the edges of a client’s nails.
  • Remove cuticles or dead skin and calluses quickly instead of nippers or cuticle pushers.
  • Polish the whole surface and tips of the edges of your nails.
  • Use it for under-nail cleaning and filing.
  • Altogether remove nail overlays, including acrylics, hard gel nails, dip powder, etc.
  • Preparing a client’s nail plate for any nail polish or artificial nail application.
  • Polishing the skin for a healthy and smooth finish.
  • Drilling designer holes.
  • Backfill cutting.
  • Shortening, shaping and sharpening false nails.
  • Sidewall filing, surface work, and in-fill preparation.
  • Removing hangnails and creating a dead cuticle lip so that you can quickly grind the dead skin.
  • Cleaning the area surrounding the nail and other imperfection touch-ups.

Which Shapes do Russian Manicure Drill Bits Have?

Russian Manicure Drill Bits

Different shapes

Russian manicure drill bits occur in multifold shapes, and each of them does different things. Therefore, the breakdown below shows popular profiles of Russian manicure drill bits:

Large/small Barrel

Barrel Russian nail drill bits help when a manicurist wants an effective backfill cutting. Also, the barrel bit comes in handy when you want to shape or make your nails short.

However, remember that the specific equipment can’t process the cuticle area. The super-sharp edges can cut your alive tissue and cause pain and bleeding.

Needle Bit

Sometimes called the under nail cleaning Bit (UNC). Consequently, the needle Russian manicure drill bit has a pointed shape and is pretty tiny.

Thus, a manicurist finds the needle bit helpful when cleaning tight places like under a customer’s nails or the sidewalls. At the same time, the bit can drill holes for specific designs.

Cuticle Cleaner Safety Bit

Russian manicure cuticle cleaner bit includes superior craftsmanship with a well-tested design. And technicians use cuticle cleaner safety bits for cleaning or preparing clients’ cuticle areas perfectly.

Consequently, using a cuticle cleaner safety bit on the cuticles helps stop lifting at a client’s nail bed. Furthermore, it prepares a cuticle zone without causing harm to your false nails.

Cone Bit

A cone bit can help in very many unusual ways. For example, you can choose cone Russian manicure drill bits for sidewalls or cuticle areas as versatile equipment.

Also, the cone bit can clean underneath or shape the toenails. However, you might not use it sufficiently in shaping the fingernails.

Flame Bit

The flame Russian manicure drill bits occur in universal shank size. Thus, it fits most rechargeable or electric manicure handpieces.

Consequently, flame bits can do tremendous work in cutting hangnails. Additionally, it helps to make a lip of a dead cuticle so that you may quickly file the dead skin.

The flame bit helps to clean the area near the nail effectively. You can therefore use it to clear up any imperfection touch-ups.

Ball Shape Russian Manicure Drill Bits

Ball shape can clean and grind hard skin near your nail plate. Furthermore, the device occurs in a shape of a ball. Hence, it can safely and securely remove the cuticle near the nail plate.

Russian Manicure Drill Bits

Ball shape

Do Russian Manicure Drill Bits Come with Different Grits?


Manufacturers provide available grits for Russian manicure drill bits to adapt perfectly to their tasks. With different grits, Russian manicure drill bits can clean, grind, shape, carve, polish, cut, or shorten nails.

The most commonly found and used grits include;

  • Coarse grit.
  • Medium grit.
  • Fine grit.

Manufacturers may make Russian manicure drill bits with more advanced ones besides the three grits listed above. And such grits may include super-fine grit or super-coarse grit. As a result, the specific Russian manicure tools will provide more precision in the tasks incurred.

Coarse grit Russian manicure drill bits have widely spaced flutes or grits. And coarse grit fundamentally appears exceptionally sharp. Hence, such characteristics give the tool qualities of cutting hard material like hard gel nails. As a result, coarse grit Russian manicure drill bits will remove heavy material from the nail’s surface.

Coarse grit can fluently and accurately trim, sharpen, or shorten your long false nails. In addition, you can practically do it during complete sets or fill-ins.

A technician cleans up all the extras surrounding your cuticle zone with medium grit Russian manicure drill bits. Additionally, it fluently removes extra dirt or dust accumulated under the nails. Also, it may finely smooth out bumps that appear after affixing false nails.

Fine Russian manicure drill bits, on the contrary, have closely placed grits/flutes. When used on the natural nail, it makes the surface rough. Hence, you can create a bond between the natural nail plate and the false nails as a tech.

Fine bits also help out in polishing the outside of the nail surface. Moreover, techs use fine grit Russian manicure drill bits in neat cleaning. Or, you may polish out excess along the curves of your cuticle area.

Do We Have a Russian Manicure Kit?


Russian Manicure Drill Bits

Russian manicure kit

Russian manicure kit features a set of different devices in a single package. With a choice set, tech has the privilege of doing scores of nail artwork quickly.

In addition, a kit of Russian manicure drill bits brings the convenience and comfort of doing manicure services.

Buying Russian manicure drill bits in singles usually comes on a higher side. Therefore, techs prefer buying the bits as a complete kit to save on costs.

The kit may include four pieces, five pieces, eight pieces, nine pieces, ten pieces, etc. Additionally, a manufacturer can mix up different sizes and shapes to make it complete within the kit.

Alternatively, you can find other kits with Russian manicure drill bits of the exact dimensions or shapes. Hence, a tech finds the freedom to choose the kit that best serves their needs.

With a Russian manicure kit, you can instantaneously finish many tasks in one stop than with one bit.

Syndent is a one-stop-shop for all abrasives needed in different fields. And like other products we manufacture, we expose our Russian manicure drill bits through a compromising servo-mechanism. For this reason, a tech faces confident performance of each drill bit equipment bought.

Which Speed Should I Choose While Using Russian Manicure Drill Bits?

You need to automate Russian manicure drill bits so that you can complete any given nail artwork. Therefore, a rechargeable or electrically powered handpiece comes in handy.

The handpiece may accept Russian manicure drill bits that have the exact measurement of the collet.

Russian manicure drill bits may occur in either 1/8-inch size or 3/32-inch shaft size. However, Russian nail drill bits have diversified shapes and sizes besides different shaft sizes.

Handpieces, on the other hand, have varying speed adjustments. Thus, it helps quickly select the available sizes and shapes.

The speed setting on a particular machine essentially starts from zero to a maximum of 35 000 RPM and more.

Russian Manicure Drill Bits

Nail Drill

As per the table below, the speed may change depending on the shape or size of your chosen equipment.


NoBit sizeRPM
12.4 mm17 000 – 26 000
23.0 mm17 000 – 26 000
36.0 mm11 000 – 16 500
413.0 mm  8 000 – 12 000
516.0 mm  7 650 – 11 500


A tech can keep the speed higher with smaller Russian manicure drill bits. Smaller bits have natural stability, and the tech can control them even with high-speed rotation.

On the contrary, Russian manicure drill bits with significant sizes may be hard to control at high speeds. Therefore, it demands adjusting to a lower manageable rate so that you can manage your filing process.

Manufacturers recommend filing at low speeds, especially when using large-sized bits. However, a very extreme low-speed filing can bring about uneven results as the bit doesn’t grind smoothly. Hence, it helps when a technician adopts a reasonable low speed.

On the other side, small-sized Russian manicure drill bits may damage the nail if you apply an extremely high speed. Therefore, a reasonable high speed remains the best option if you aim at achieving safe and accurate results.

When filing products that feel somehow complex to cut, it would help when you adjust to a higher rate. For example, high speed helps when processing complex products like hard gel or acrylic nails. Therefore, the type of product will determine the rate of filing.

Besides Russian manicure drill bits, inverted cone nail drill bit or nail file bits can also help.

Kindly approach us for Russian manicure drill bits instant quotation.

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