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SA 5 Carbide Burr

Syndent SA 5 Carbide Burr

Syndent SA 5 carbide burr offers you the wide ways to cut through your workpiece in different fields.

For a period exceeding 11 years now, Syndent has successfully produced all high quality SA 5 carbide burr. Whether it is a sharp, durable or customized SA-5, you can be completely satisfied.

Located in China, Syndent can make the fastest dispatch for your industrial needs. We have a total of 41 sets 6 axis computerized CNCs.

Also, Syndent has between 40 and 50 highly qualified employees. This can help us meet all your orders in time.

We also have the best after-sales services which ensures you have a risk-free business.

SA 5 Carbide Burr

S/C cut SA 5 carbide burr is ideal for general purpose fluting. Produces long chips..

SA 5 Carbide Burr

D/C SA 5 carbide burr is suitable for very efficient stock removal. Creates a small chip. Good finish. Excellent operator control.

SA 5 Carbide Burr

Alu cut SA 5 carbide burr is suitable for nonferrous materials. Aggressive stock removal.

Why Syndent SA 5 Carbide Burr

Premium Syndent SA 5 carbide burr can help you cut different types of materials faster and easily. You can promisingly cut hard metals such as hardened steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, cast steel and more.

Using our SA 5 carbide burr, you can grind and cut soft metals and materials. This includes metals like cast iron, copper, steel, brass, soft steel, aluminum and all other non-ferrous metals.

You can process materials like wood, stone, bone, CRP, GRP, ceramic, zirconia, etc. You work easily on all types of materials.

Syndent SA 5 carbide burr can provide you with various uses in the industry. You can simply remove stock, deburr, remove sharp edges, clean, machine, chamfer, drill, smooth finish, etc. Our SA 5 carbide burr helps you finish many jobs in different ways.

Our Syndent SA 5 carbide burr offers you a balanced point that combines long longevity and competitive costs.

We supply you with a sharp and durable SA 5 carbide burr at a reasonable price. You no longer have to worry about the cost performance.

SA 5 Carbide Burr

Syndent will check the raw material specifications of SA 5 carbide burr before production.

SA 5 Carbide Burr

Syndent automatically brazes SA 5 carbide burr with silver in a low temperature.

SA 5 Carbide Burr

We must make the SA 5 carbide burr jumping test after brazing. The tolerance is less than 0.1mm

SA 5 Carbide Burr

Syndent examines the shank hardness of SA 5 carbide burr after brazing, and tests the bending strength carefully

SA 5 Carbide Burr

Solid SA 5 carbide burr needs a shaping process from the carbide rod materials

SA 5 Carbide Burr

Syndent CNC grinds the SA 5 carbide burr teeth after the tests approved

SA 5 Carbide Burr

Syndent polishes the SA 5 carbide burr shaft, and its brazing position

SA 5 Carbide Burr

Syndent makes your logo on the SA 5 carbide burr, and stick your own label on the case.



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Your Best Supplier of SA 5 Carbide Burr

Syndent can carry out independent research on developing CNC equipment. We can increase our machine to boost the production capacity when needed. This helps us meet your delivery speed requirements at any time. Syndent can effectively manage the delivery speed.

Syndent features amongst pioneer companies in China to apply CNC machine in processing SA 5 carbide burrs. We actively participated in the successive formulation of Chinese Standards for the rotary file industry. The Syndent SA 5 carbide burr you buy always appears on a leading level in the industry.

Syndent has the EU certification and the CE certificate. You can confidently access import customs clearance as well as free and legally sell locally using a unique identity. Syndent SA 5 carbide burr features the professional report from Stork Herron Testing Laboratory, USA. We guarantee that the SA 5 carbide burr you buy has gone through strict standards and conditions. Syndent SA 5 carbide burr has guaranteed quality.

SA 5 Carbide Burr

For more than 11 years of quality development, Syndent has successfully worked alongside major companies. This includes Snap-on, MSC (Fortune 500), Grainger and more. This has helped us avoid common cases based on confidentiality between you and us. We have rich key customer experience, therefore, we can give you the most efficient and professional service.

Apart from Syndent SA 5 carbide burr, we develop and dispatch several other cutting tools. You can try SF 5 carbide burr, flame burr, cone carbide burr, carbide ball burr, and more.

For any inquiry or instant quotation about Syndent SA 5 carbide burr, contact us now!

SA 5 Carbide Burr: A Complete FAQ Guide

We, at Syndent understand your search for a high-quality SA 5 carbide burr. Or, your intention aims at acquiring some knowledge about SA 5 carbide burr.

Whatever your concern, we have provided you with the relevant information you need about the ideal tool.

Keep up with us as we enlighten and educate you more.

What is SA 5 Carbide Burr?

SA 5 carbide burr refers to a cylindrical shape rotary bit. It also called ZYA-5. The cutter diameter is 1/2 inch or 12mm. It is a high speed and durable cutting tool that can perform several functions.

SA 5 Carbide Burr

SA 5 carbide burr features a design from high-grade tungsten carbide steel raw materials. Since the raw materials produce great hardness, the carbide burr can cut several materials.

You can confidently use it to cut materials like steel, hardened steel, stainless steel, cast iron, bronze and more. They have very high resistance to wear and you can work with very much reduced friction.

Above all, SA 5 carbide burr can withstand working at high temperatures. You can continue using them even when they grow hot.

The SA 5 carbide burr means a high-performing carbide burr that can perform well at higher temperatures. When applied to materials like wood or plastics, it produces less or no dust. This makes your working environment safer.

This ideal cutting tool has a cylindrical shape ideal for contour finishing and removing flat surfaces.

High-quality industrial SA 5 carbide burr suits all your cutting and grinding requirements on all materials.

When applied on soft metals like platinum, brass, silver or gold, the SA 5 carbide burr works perfectly. They also tend to last for a longer duration without the tendency of chipping or breaking.

Using it in all your industrial applications increases productivity several times compared to using hand tools. You experience a difference of about 3 to 5 times better than when you use small emery wheels.

What Functions Can SA 5 Carbide Burr Produce?

We have different scenarios in which you can use SA 5 carbide burr. Designed from heat-treated tungsten carbide steel, you can machine different kinds of metals including hardened steel.

You may confidently apply it in welding, deburring, jewelry making, casting, grinding, etc.

Material shaping

This involves the removal of additional material from your piece of work to attain a particular shape.

You can use SA 5 carbide burr to mold your workpiece and come up with the proposed dimensions and look.


With grinding, you remove unnecessary or extra material from your piece of work.

Made from premium tungsten carbide steel, Syndent SA 5 carbide burr is quite hard. It also can rotate rapidly when fixed on a rotary tool.

With such quality features, the quality SA 5 carbide burr can powerfully and accurately grind different material surfaces. It leaves a fine and smooth material surface.

SA 5 Carbide Burr


SA 5 carbide burr can act as your effective cutting tool for various materials. Designed from quality cemented carbide steel, it provides maximum strength and sharpness to slice all material surfaces.

Built with extremely sharp cutting edges, they cut material surfaces like sharp blades producing accurate results. This means you can achieve desired shapes, sizes as well as dimensions you desire.


Syndent SA 5 carbide burr can perfectly modify your workpiece. The modification involves the removal of small sharp debris called burs.

Using our SA 5 carbide burr, you can accurately clean the burrs and sharp edges. This leaves your material surface fine and smooth, good to handle, and do other functions.

Enlarging Holes

It can make perfect holes on any type of material. You can also use it to perfectly enlarge them. Syndent SA 5 carbide burr leaves an accurate and smooth finish on the enlarged hole.

Overall, SA 5M carbide burr performs differently according to your material needs. It provides guaranteed precision and accuracy on every function you apply. It represents a highly versatile tool used for numerous applications and different types of materials.

Remember that, a given function depends a lot on the type of SA 5 carbide burr. We have different cut styles you can apply with it. They all work differently to bring out different results.

SA 5 Carbide Burr

What Type of SA 5 Carbide Burr Cut Suits Your Material Demand?

You can find SA 5 Carbide burr in three popular cuts: single cut, aluminum cut, and double-cut. The difference in cuts suits different functions on different material surfaces.

Single Cut SA 5 Carbide Burr

A single cut SA 5 carbide burr has a right-handed single flute that runs upward. The single flute run in a spiral manner and this ideal tool suit different functions on a different material surface.

You can fluently cut stainless steel, hardened steel, cast iron, copper and all non-ferrous metals.

Single cut SA 5 carbide burr applied on the mentioned metals removes material faster, leaving a smooth finish.

You can ideally use in:

  • Heavy material removal
  • Cleaning
  • Deburring
  • Creating long chips
  • Milling

Aluminum Cut SA 5 Carbide Burr

Also called the SA 5 Aluma cut carbide burr. Made of premium tungsten carbide burr, it has single but deeper sharp flutes. This helps greatly to prevent the clogging of debris while cutting materials.

SA 5 Aluma Cut carbide burr is ideal for use on aluminum. Also, it applies well to other non-ferrous metals. This includes soft steel and non-metallic materials like wood, bone, and more.

SA 5 Carbide Burr

Double Cut SA 5 Carbide Burr

A double cut SA 5 carbide burr has additional cutting edges compared to the single cut. The additional flutes form a cross-cut as the two flutes cross each other.

When you use it on materials, it leaves a better smoother finish. The fine smooth finish looks better than a single cut as it produces smaller chips while cutting material surfaces.

Popularly applied in:

  • Deburring
  • Medium-light material removal
  • Fine finishing
  • Creating smaller chips
  • Smooth finishing
  • Cleaning

Which Type of Materials Does SA 5 Carbide Burr Cut?

A quality SA 5 carbide burr can provide multiple uses on different materials. You can process both hard and soft materials depending on the type of your workpiece.

Some of the materials you can confidently cut include:

  • Steel
  • Cast iron
  • Stainless steel
  • Carbon steel
  • Aluminum
  • Titanium
  • Copper
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Bronze
  • Zinc
  • Brass
  • Fiberglass
  • Ceramic/porcelain
  • Bone
  • Jade
  • Stone
  • Wood
  • CRP
  • GRP
  • SA 5 Carbide Burr

Where Can You Apply SA 5 Carbide Burr?

Syndent SA 5 carbide burr comprises of universal uses in different sectors of the industry.

You can conventionally use them in:

  • Metalworking
  • Jewelry making
  • Tool making
  • Engineering
  • Model engineering
  • Welding
  • Wood carving
  • Metal engraving
  • Chamfering/ burring pipes
  • Cylinder head porting
  • Sculpting
  • Machining

Industries that use SA 5 carbide burr include the following:

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Dentistry
  • Metalsmith
  • Stone industry
  • Shipbuilding
  • Machinery
  • Chemistry

Which Material Do You Manufacture SA 5 Carbide Burr From?

Most industries use cemented carbide steel in the development of a durable SA 5 carbide burr. Cemented carbide is a hard material substance which manufacturers transform into powerful cutting tools.

Cemented carbide consists of very fine carbide particles cemented into a composite using a binder metal. Cemented carbide may use tungsten carbide and other materials.

Syndent use cemented carbide steel because of high mechanical strength as well as wear resistance. This comes evident when used at high temperatures and when exposed to a corrosive environment, it doesn’t corrode easily.

Syndent designs SA 5 carbide burr sharper flutes using K25 ISO grade classification tungsten carbide material. This ensures a durable tool life with a higher performance than high-speed steel burrs.

Based on this, SA 5 carbide burr can efficiently machine several types of die cavities. Furthermore, it performs best in removing casting burrs, forgings, as well as welding, spatter on the weld assemblies.

How Can One Determine SA 5 Carbide Burr Quality?

You can merely describe the quality of an SA 5 carbide burr when you look at it with your eyes. You need to have some knowledge about how to differentiate between good and poor quality.

We have certain elements that we need to keep in mind when choosing the right SA 5 carbide burr.

The important elements may include:

Material composition – A very important element that you can use to select a quality carbide. The material used in the development of this tool should have required chemical compounds.

You can easily tell this from the product description.

SA 5 Carbide Burr

Design structure – This refers to the entire style as well as the manufacturing process. All this should lie within the required standards.

It plays an important part in determining the quality performance of the tool and its reliability.

Tolerance to mechanical elements – The SA 5 carbide burr designed from quality grade material always endures harsh mechanical conditions. And it is manufactured by the best CNC.

In simple terms, it won’t break easily under high demanding tasks.

Balanced tolerance – Make sure you scrutinize the precision levels of the SA 5 carbide burr in determining the quality.

A SA 5 carbide burr with a high-quality design promotes balanced tolerance in all tooling tasks. This should lie within the international standards.

Environmental Elements Tolerance – You can easily determine a quality SA 5 carbide burr based on its environmental tolerance.

When exposed to harsh environmental conditions, it should have high resistance. This implies, resistance to corrosion, easy wear, overheating amongst other conditions.

Which Factors Does SA 5 Carbide Burr Durability Depend On?

The durability of the SA 5 carbide burr depends on many variables.

First, the operating speed that the SA 5 carbide burr runs on has a great impact in determining its longevity.

When you expose it to high speeds you synonymously expose it to faster wear.

High speeds lead to crud formation. This eventually makes the file edges to dull hence a reduced tool life.

SA 5 Carbide Burr

How you handle the SA 5 carbide burr also a lot to prove its longevity. When you use extra force when cutting materials with this component reduces its life.

Extra pressure makes the cutting edges of the SA 5 carbide burr wear faster. The best approach is to allow the component to work on its own while you guide the cutting.

The timely and correct way of maintaining the component is another common and important factor.

After any tooling process, you realize that the SA 5 carbide burr picks debris. When the debris pile up, the carbide burr loses its cutting effect. Working with a clogged SA 5 carbide burr causes quick to wear.

You can avoid this through correct and timely cleaning of the flutes for the next task. Use the right material and tool to clean the carbide burr to boost its durability.

The overall quality also determines how long you can use it.

The quality depends on the grade material used to manufacture the component. Manufacturers use different grades of raw materials in making SA 5 carbide burrs. A high-quality raw material grade produces a highly durable carbide burr to suit all industrial applications.

Again, the manufacturing process involved carries a lot of weight as it varies from one manufacture to the other. The overall SA 5 carbide burr structural design plays a significant role in its durability.

Most importantly, the workpiece nature that the ideal carbide burr works on influences longevity.

Materials come from different sate. Some are quite hard to cut than others. Hard materials tend to wear the flutes faster than softer materials.

As seen, the SA 5 carbide burr durability depends on multiple factors. Nevertheless, it is a durable tool.

SA 5 Carbide Burr

Which Tools Can Use with SA 5 Carbide Burr?

The SA 5 carbide burr may operate well on several automated tools. Whatever tool you choose to use with the SA 5 carbide burr, ensure it runs true without causing a wobble.

You may pair SA 5 carbide burr with the following tools:

  • Die grinder machine
  • Pneumatic rotary tools
  • High-speed engravers
  • Micro motors
  • Flexible shafts
  • Pendant drills
  • Hobby rotary tools like a Dremel

Why Should I Invest in SA 5 Carbide Burr?

Investing in SA 5 carbide burr gives you a lot of industrial benefits.

Some of the big reasons why you should make it worth an investment include:

  • Syndent SA 5 carbide burr can help you attain a great material removal rate.

This can make you obtain remarkable results from any given tooling process you undertake at the time.

  • You benefit from an outstanding tool life which you can’t find with most other tooling devices like the HSS burr.

If you use to apply the right procedure of application and provide good and timely maintenance, it can last longer. It can offer the best performance of between 5 and 100 times longer than the HSS burr.

  • With SA 5 carbide burr you produce relatively strong and sharp cuts.SA 5 Carbide Burr

This is accompanied by much aggressive feed rates and a much-desired material surface smooth finish.

  • Made from quality grade tungsten carbide, it is quite hard. This makes it ideal for use in all kinds of tooling applications.

This ideally benefits specialized industries like automotive, aerospace, engineering and casting.

  • SA 5 carbide burr helps you in cutting an array of different materials. Therefore, you don’t have to make another budget for extra tools for cutting other materials.
  • SA 5 carbide burrs come in various cutter types. Thus, you can always find a suitable one that perfectly suits your application needs.

Does an SA 5 Carbide Burr Have A Specific Length?

Not really.

The SA 5 carbide burr length may vary. This may base on specific needs like the application as well as the material applied.

Manufacturers produce both standard and customized SA 5 carbide burr lengths.

Nevertheless, you can come across an SA 5 carbide burr that features a length of 300mm or even 12 inches.

Such a length can provide the required convenience in accessing and maneuvering on a given workpiece.

You can use it in grinding positions on your workpiece which other length burrs cannot reach.

SA 5 Carbide Burr

Do We Have Elongated SA 5 Carbide Burr?


Sometimes called the long shank, manufacturers can design elongated SA 5 carbide burr for specific reasons. The main purpose of a long shank SA 5 carbide ideally helps you to process hard-to-reach places on your workpiece.

Ordinary-sized SA 5 carbide burr may not work perfectly in certain positions on a given project. You need a tool that has a longer sank which easily machines such places quickly and accurately.

Can We Have Customized SA 5 Carbide Burr?


Based on your requests and material applications, manufacturers can make customized SA 5 carbide burr. Syndent can make customized SA 5 carbide burr to suit your specific material needs.

They remain special tools with a unique head diameter and length. However, they retain the same stability, strength, hardness, sharpness, and overall performance as the standard ones.

Which Precautions Should Put in Place When Using SA 5 Carbide Burr?

When using SA 5 carbide burr to perform tasks on specific workpieces, we highly advise observing safety measures.

Taking precautionary measures helps you in staying safe and achieving the best results. Besides, you prevent possible damage to your workpiece.

This implies you have to secure the carbide burr in the tool’s chuck and then clamp it down correctly.

The second important precaution is to use very minimal pressure while the burr rotates. While doing this, concentrate on the highest material first.

Don’t jam or snag the SA 5 carbide burr when working on a workpiece.

And most importantly, use the right protective gear while cutting materials with it. This can greatly save you from possible stab wounds.

How do You Maintain SA 5 Carbide Burr?

SA 5 carbide burr users apply it on cast iron. It can help in clearing out the debris stuck between the flutes.

Taking good care of the SA 5 carbide burr improves its performance and boosts the overall lifespan.

When you use it to cut different materials, the flutes may pick up some dirt and dust.

When the small particles pile up between the cutting edges, they remain stuck. This comes as a result of excessive heat generation in the cause of tooling exercise.

Thus, you have to ensure that you minimize the amount of heat during any tooling process.

A failure to stop the accumulation of debris, prompts you to clean the SA 5 carbide burr tip.

You may brush the dirt-infested rotary burr head with a quality soft brush like brass wire. Brass wire is a bit soft than SA 5 carbide burr. Therefore, it guarantees effective removal of dirt build-up without affecting the cutting edges.

When not in use, always remember to detach the SA 5 carbide burr from an automated tool. Store them separately to avoid the flutes knocking each other. When the SA 5 carbide burr rub against each other, it causes the flutes to chip away.

Good storage protects it against possible mechanical and environmental effects.

SA 5 Carbide Burr


Why Do We Consider SA 5 Carbide Burr a Quality Tool That Can Cut Hard Metal?

SA 5 carbide burr is quite a hard cutting tool. Made from high-grade tungsten carbide steel, it has 91.8 or more HRA hardness.

Based on extreme hardness, it can cut through several metal surfaces easily and nicely.

Tungsten carbide raw material has a lot of quality features. Naturally, it has a sharp cutting ability, shear strength and highly durable.

SA 5 carbide burr can resist wear, corrosion and works well on all tasks subjected to. Therefore, you can cut, grind, deburr, machine, chamfer, clean, polish, shape, engrave or carve hard and soft materials.

Which Factors Come First Before You Buy SA 5 Carbide Burr?

The manufacturer of the ideal SA 5 carbide burr comes ahead of all other factors. You need to choose the most reliable and reputable manufacturer and distributor of your SA 5 carbide burr.

This is very important because it intensifies convenience in most different angles.

Secondly, consider the specific purpose you wish to use them for. Manufacturers can design and develop SA 5 carbide burr to suit specific functions. Therefore, choose a design that can suit all your material needs.

SA 5 Carbide Burr

The price tag of the SA 5 carbide burr also matters in deciding which tool to buy. Normally, we have variance in the cost. This is as a result of different manufacturers and the quality of the ideal SA 5 carbide burr. Thus, you have to plan according to your budget.

The quality of the ideal carbide burr also remains a critical factor that should guide you before making a purchase.

Manufacturers use different grades of material to develop SA 5 carbide burrs. This implies they have different qualities. SA 5 carbide burr designed from premium grade material can cost higher than low grade.

How Can You Select Quality SA 5 Carbide Burr?

You should consider some elements when you want to shop for a quality SA 5 carbide burr. The elements can help you in finding an ultimate SA 5 carbide burr with great performance, reliability and good results.

This include:

High tensile strength: It simply means maximum strength that can help you do various tasks on multiple material surfaces. It shouldn’t break when exposed to tough tooling conditions and shouldn’t dull easily.

Versatility: An ideal Sa 5 carbide burr should give the user a flexible way to do various tooling applications. This stretches to applications on various material surfaces with consistency in performance.

Hard-wearing: The design should feature quality and tough raw materials that can fully manage all tooling conditions.

SA 5 Carbide Burr

Quality standard: The best SA 5 should meet the laid down quality standards. It simply implies it meets all the requirements needed concerning quality.

Ability to tolerate different conditions: An ideal SA 5 should have maximum resilience. This allows good management of all conditions like operational and mechanical.

First-rate dimensional stability: This refers to the ability to maintain the dimensions. A good SA 5 carbide burr should maintain its original dimensions without the effects of mechanical conditions exposed to.

Does SA 5 Carbide Burr Harm the Environment?

Not necessarily.

Tungsten carbide steel manufacturers’ use in manufacturing carbide burrs doesn’t affect the environment negatively. Syndent uses only premium grade material in designing and producing quality SA 5 carbide burr and similar tools.

That means you can easily recycle them and make other quality items you can apply differently in the industry.

Therefore, once Syndent SA 5 carbide loses its cutting strength, you can plan with us for pick up. The concerned recycling department can then crush them and design other useful items.

SA 5 Carbide Burr

Do we Have Surface Coated SA 5 Carbide Burr?


We have different surface coatings applied on it. Note that, a particular surface coating applied on an SA 5 carbide burr largely depends on a particular application.

Different manufacturers can apply different treatments on SA 5 carbide burr to suit particular applications.

The most common surface coating you can find on them include:

  • TiALN surface treatment
  • Blue Titanium surface coating
  • Titanium surface treatment
  • Diamond-like surface coating

Syndent designs quality SA 5 carbide burrs that meet all international regulations. You can use our tools to enjoy outstanding, long-lasting, and sharp cutting action.

We also make several other quality tools other than SA 5 carbide burr. Try out other tools like extended length carbide burrssteel carbide rotary burr setdouble cut carbide rotary burr, etc.

Ask for an instant quotation for your next SA 5 carbide burrs.

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