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Safety Nail Bit

Syndent Safety Nail Bit

Syndent safety nail bit presents a top-quality device that will help you shave off excess layers on your nails.

Our carbide safety nail bit is a versatile and safe device that you can apply around the cuticle region. You’ll treat cuticles, do sidewall filling, clean under the nails, or backfill cutting without damaging the skin.

Syndent offers a vast selection of quality, durable, and versatile electric nail file safety bit devices. In addition, we guarantee 100% on-time freightage protection on the safety nail bit and other similar devices.

Syndent is the most popular and global brand trusted by many. We ship our products to over a hundred international destinations.

Safety Nail Bit

Cylinder with top edge radius safety nail bit

Safety Nail Bit

Cylinder with radius end safety nail bit

Safety Nail Bit

Cylinder with radius end safety nail bit

Why Syndent Safety Nail Bit

Syndent safety nail bit will provide safe artwork on your cuticles. Our devices come in diverse shapes to offer the versatility you need. A nail tech can conveniently reach the sidewalls and cuticles with our safety nail bit.

Our nail bit-carbide safety smooth top files safely without bruising your skin or the nail. You can also do in-fill cuticle tasks with the aid of Syndent safety nail bit.

Moreover, our small safety nail drill bits will help you clean the base of your nails. Work safely with Syndent safety nail bit.

Syndent safety nail bit has razor-sharp edges with the best service life. Our product also includes an economical price tag. You, therefore, use a quality device economically.

Syndent will always fulfill your delivery rate. We can work independently to build other CNC machines. Therefore, we can add more devices to the existing ones to soar the production size. Syndent will work to beat any delivery deadline.

Syndent has worked for the last decade to provide stable quality products continually. Our ceramic safety nail bit quality will always replicate the samples you receive. We will continue to supply the same or improved devices.

Safety Nail Bit

Syndent will check the raw material specifications of safety nail bit before production.

Safety Nail Bit

Syndent automatically brazes safety nail bit with silver in a low temperature

Safety Nail Bit

We must make the safety nail bit jumping test after brazing. The tolerance is less than 0.1mm

Safety Nail Bit

Syndent examines the hardness of safety nail bit shank after brazing, and tests the bending strength

Safety Nail Bit

Solid safety nail bit needs a shaping process from the carbide rod materials

Safety Nail Bit

Syndent CNC grinds the safety nail bit teeth after the tests approved

Safety Nail Bit

Syndent polishes the safety nail bit shaft, and its brazing position

Safety Nail Bit

Syndent makes your logo on the safety nail bit, and stick your own label on the case.

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Your Best Supplier of Safety Nail Bit

Syndent is a trusted and largest safety nail bit manufacturer in China. Our operation space includes 2 000 m2.

We also own forty-one automatic six-axis equipment and employ roughly fifty skilled staff. Therefore, Syndent will ensure your order arrives at your doorstep on time.

Syndent acquires the welding machine from the USA. Additionally, we will deploy a welding technology from the USA to build our carbide safety nail bit tools.

Furthermore, Syndent can fabricate the latest equipment through R&D capabilities. We can therefore adjust internally and implement mass production.

Syndent staff works like teamwork, and we pay attention to their loaded experience. And as core assets to our company, our highly-skilled engineers will guarantee tools that compete in the industry. Our product will help you perform at your peak.

You can enquire about Syndent safety nail bit samples, and we will deliver them to any location. You will pay nothing for sample deliveries.

Besides the Syndent safety nail drill bit device, you may also inquire about other abrasives. Similar devices include a volcano nail drill bitsmooth drill bit nailtapered nail drill bit, etc. Consequently, our abrasives occur infamous industrial sizes and shapes.

Kindly request for a quotation now. Syndent active customer service will answer you immediately.

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