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safety nail drill bits

Syndent Safety Nail Drill Bits

Syndent has 11+ years, produced and distributed nail drill bits to numerous countries and areas in the world.

We design safety nail drill bit with none teeth on the top-radius or top- edges. It assures you to remove around the cuticle position and side walls safely while you refine Gel or acrylic nails. You feel free to make creative nails with Syndent safety nail drill bits.

Syndent successively develop safety nail drill bits through 6 axis CNC equipment. You can reshape, smoothen, polish, grind, sharpen, carve or neaten gel nails or acrylic nails easily and quickly.

Syndent always thrives in making quality safety nail bit thanks to professional and highly experienced technicians. We distribute safety nail drill bits to most corners of the world.

Because Syndent distributes huge quantities, we could receive best prices on raw materials. Thus, you must receive competitive finished prices.

safety nail drill bits

Cylinder with top edge radius safety nail drill bits

safety nail drill bits

Cylinder with radius end safety nail drill bits

safety nail drill bits

Cylinder with radius end Safety nail drill bits

Why Syndent Safety Nail Drill Bits

Syndent utilizes carbide or ceramic as main material in fabricating safety nail drill bit. Carbide and ceramic are heavy material with hardness close to diamond. Your safety nail bit will have long lasting life and best sharpness.

We design exceptional corrosion resistant safety nail drill bits. When doing the nails, it doesn’t clog easily. When dust accumulates, you can effortlessly clean with nail brush bit. This grants you healthy way of keeping you and your customer’s nails healthy.

Syndent multifunctional carbide safety bit can accomplish diversified professional tasks. You can cleanly carve, sharpen, grind, sand, polish, etc.

Syndent safety nail drill bits suits all kinds of gel nails. You have limitless use on poly extension gel, gel nail polish, dip powder, etc. We create a versatile tool, value for your money.

Syndent confidently guarantees straightforward after-sales service. When you encounter problems against our safety nail drill bits, Syndent quickly responds and gives solution appropriately in 3 working days.

safety nail drill bits

Syndent will check the raw material specifications of safety nail drill bits before production.

safety nail drill bits

Syndent automatically brazes safety nail drill bits with silver in a low temperature

safety nail drill bits

We must make the safety nail drill bits jumping test after brazing. The tolerance is less than 0.1mm

safety nail drill bits

Syndent examines the hardness of safety nail drill bit shank after brazing, and tests the bending strength

safety nail drill bits

Solid safety nail drill bits need a shaping process from the carbide rod materials

safety nail drill bits

Syndent CNC grinds the safety nail drill bits teeth after the tests approved

safety nail drill bits

Syndent polishes the safety nail drill bits shaft, and its brazing position

safety nail drill bits

Syndent makes your logo on the safety nail drill bits, and stick your own label on the case.

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Your Best Supplier of Safety Nail Drill Bits

Syndent sends 90% of its safety nail drill bits to the rest of the world. As such, we certainly accumulate rich experience and great cooperation amongst freight companies.

Syndent can doubtlessly assist you find most reliable and suitable shipping option and best shipping company. We consider rate category of your needs and give you quality services.

Syndent buys tungsten carbide and ceramic raw materials from largest mining companies. They assure us with quality grade raw materials and stable delivery.

The big state-owned enterprises mine the raw materials by themselves with advanced equipment and deliver them to us on time. This increases safety nail bit order stability and quality and promising stable delivery.

Upon receiving each batch of raw materials, Syndent inspects before they enter our warehouse. We do chemical analysis to assess grade accuracy of the raw materials.

Syndent also ensures the appearance is regular and the size complies with requirements. Warehouse manager sign them into our warehouse only if they pass inspection stage.

By all means, your safety nail drill bits avoid potential quality errors right away from the source.

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Safety Nail Drill Bits: Complete FAQ Guide

With the right carbide nail drill bits for a certain job reduces work overload on all nail art tasks. For 11+ years running Syndent, through latest welding technology has tirelessly developed and supplied safety nail drill bits worldwide.

We competently build special safety nail drill bits highly acceptable in the nail art industry.

This guide provides a complete explanation on some of relevant Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to remain informed. Read through and learn with us!

What is Safety Nail Drill Bits?

Safety nail drill bit means one that has a barrel/tapered barrel with rounded top. They lack carbide teeth on their top edges or top radius.

This allows safe removal around cuticle areas as well as the side walls as you skillfully refine artificial nails.

With Syndent safety nail drill bits, you can freely design creative nails without injuring your client.

For the longest successful period, Syndent has professionally built quality safety nail drill bits via 6 axis CNC machine.

With our tool, you confidently grind, sharpen, reshape, carve, neaten, smoothen and polish gel or acrylic nails faster. This type of bit remarkably removes even puffy cuticles.

Through our highly qualified and experienced technicians, we have thrived to make high-quality safety drill bits to nail art world. Each corner of the world experience the uniqueness of Syndent carbide safety bit.

Syndent safety bit comes from a keen selection of grade solid carbide steel materials. It goes through thorough error-free development process.

You receive a finished product that guarantees durability and sturdiness to work through your most demanding nail art jobs.

Syndent design safety carbide safety bit resistant to corrosion and doesn’t clog on nails. Furthermore, you work longer without causing heat build-up.

You can easily clean off dust from Syndent safety nail bit with nail bit brush. Remember, keeping the bits safe after use protects your customer’s nails safe and healthy.

Our carbide safety bit have multi-functional abilities. You can accomplish diversified professional nail art jobs.

Syndent manufacture ideal safety nail bit for gel nails like poly extension, gel nail polish and dip powder.

A great tool value for your money that both beginners and professional manicurists can use. It suits both right and left-handed users.

Which Steps Involves the Manufacture of Safety Nail Drill Bits?

Syndent deploys latest American based welding technology in developing quality safety nail drill bits.

The high-quality safety nail bit thus insures sturdy, durable and faster cutting ability on gel and acrylic nails. You save on cost and time while you greatly boost your output.

We select tungsten carbide to design powerful cutting head while hardened steel to make a strong shank.

The basic materials Syndent use comes from well-known state-owned mining Companies. We own advanced CNC equipment and experienced staff that help you produce versatile carbide safety bit.

The tool takes the following development process:

Material Evaluation

Once supplied with the grade materials, Syndent makes a thorough scrutiny of the materials before entering our warehouse.

We evaluate to minimize all possible errors that might occur during the process. Our main focus is to insure you receive a quality nail art tool that passes the international industrial standards. Once we eliminate possible errors, we head straight away to the immediate step.


We apply USA-based latest brazing technology to carefully and smoothly braze the solid carbide and hardened steel together. Syndent use depressed temperatures while brazing.


After applying a uniform braze between hardened steel and tungsten carbide, we carry out jump tests. Here, Syndent focuses on ascertaining required tolerance level.

To achieve necessary balanced tolerance level, we pass the ideal carbide safety bit in advanced CNC machine. This produces less than 0.05mm tolerance level.


After our carbide safety bit receives essential basic features, we now bend it. The analogy basically tests the maximum strength our tool has gained. Syndent applies a standard bend that measures its strength.


Our strong safety nail bit now requires a shape. Syndent pass the tool in our advanced CNC machine that uniformly grinds, providing definite shape.


After tests approval, Syndent proceeds to give the safety nail bit special blades or flutes. Our ultra-modern CNC equipment precisely grinds the head uniformly, producing fine and special sharp flutes.


With the process almost done, we make sure that the Syndent safety bit provides the safest way of working.

Syndent therefore provides the desired texture by polishing the brazing area and shank of the safety nail bit.


This part includes making attractive cases for our carbide safety bit. We also make customer’s logo on the tool, put your ideal logo and ship accordingly.

Which Ways Can You Use Safety Nail Drill Bits?

Syndent effortlessly makes versatile safety nail drill bits in compatible shapes and sizes. With specific safety nail bit, you have multiple ways you can use on customers’ gel or acrylic nails.

The multiple function can include cutting, gel or acrylic removal, shaping, smoothening, cleaning, etc.


We skillfully design safety nail bits with very tiny but sharp cutting flutes. In a spinning mode, you can safely feel with a finger its effectiveness without injuring your skin.

Their greater power doesn’t allow you to have a grip on them when rotating. This feature enables powerful cutting and making artificial nail edges short.


Designed with special smaller but sharper effective cutting blades, Syndent carbide safety bit efficiently shapes clients’ artificial nails. You can skillfully shape the nails, leaving a smile line.

Material Removal

With optimized strength and high density, the powerful Syndent safety nail bit generously can remove unwanted materials.

Built with extreme sharp flutes, our tool sharply removes nail polish or acrylic gel nails and topcoats.

Combination of quality material and Syndent rigorous test of the tool guarantees remarkable performance. You actually remove material with low dust creation, no heat built-up, little friction and without easy clog up.


Besides cutting, shaping or material removal, manicurists also apply safety nail bit in cleaning. Syndent carbide safety bit can smartly clean the cuticles and side walls. Syndent safety nail drill bit with fine grit can clean both the toe and finger nails of the client.

When applied with a lot of caution, carbide safety bit can clean your clients’ skin. In this case, you set the electronic drill machine to a lower speed and select the finest grit. It smoothly clears the dead skin to clients’ satisfaction.


Syndent carbide safety bit can provide a fine polish to the nails by way of smoothening. Using the right shape and grit, safety nail bit helps in retaining that natural luster of acrylic nails within minutes.


Means removing particular spots/marks, discolorations or ridges common with artificial nails. Syndent carbide safety bit easily smoothens nail surfaces faster. With finer grit Syndent safety nail drill bit, you can buff the nails, improving the beauty.

Which Tools Do Manicurists Use to Fit Safety Nail Drill Bits?

Occasionally, Syndent carbide safety bit suits electric nail machine, generally called nail drill. A nail drill brings out the effectiveness of safety nail bit.

Using carbide safety bit on electric nail equipment promotes quick backfilling, cleaning and shaping of artificial nails.

Our standard safety nail drill bit like, any other, has small but elongated shank and somehow bigger head.

Standard shank size usually measures 1/8 inches and 3/32 inches. 1/8 inch goes hand in hand with older nail tool with similar size. 3/32 inch perfectly fits portable/table-top nail drills with similar size as well.

Can Safety Nail Drill Bits Fit on Craft or Hobby Tools?

Ideally, Syndent safety nail bit fit well on popular electric tools sometimes called e file bits. However, some manicurists might pair carbide safety bit with craft or hobby tools in certain situations.

How Do You Perfectly Assemble of Safety Nail Drill Bits With Electric Nail Machine?

Correct assembly with the electric nail machine provides outstanding performance of the safety nail bit. Always use the following useful procedure:

  • Directly insert the safety nail drill bit’s shank into your electrical drill machine
  • Ensure it correctly seats in the collet and with your hand, tighten firmly in a clockwise direction
  • To remove the carbide safety bit for replacement, in counterclockwise direction, unscrew while listening to a click sound. Release it from its position and replace with a new one

Why Go for Safety Nail Drill Bits?

Before we start the production, Syndent selects only premium grade tungsten carbide steel materials.

This allows production of strong, denser and sturdy safety nail drill bits that promises sharp and durable cutting performance.

We observantly select finest grade raw materials that we subsequently apply in precise designing of quality carbide safety bit. Manicurist thus can the following benefits:

  • Quality carbide safety bit provides amazing performance with less dust
  • Guarantees operation with reduced friction
  • It doesn’t heat up easily or cause heat build-up on clients’ nails even with longer use
  • Made with durable and sturdy design to significantly boost your performance of nail artwork
  • Safety nail drill bits suits both beginner and professional manicurists
  • Both left and right-handed professionals or beginners can use Syndent carbide safety bit
  • Syndent safety nail bit features various shank sizes that fits any portable/table-top electric machine

Lightweight characteristics of Syndent safety drill bits allows easy carriage anywhere, anytime. Syndent makes sturdy carbide safety bits in commonly found sizes and shapes both for personal and industrial use.

Regardless of the tasks at hand on artificial nails, quality carbide safety bit independently fulfils them all. Suitable nail drill bits that applies on either manicure or pedicure tasks.

With the significance the safety nail drill bits have brought to nail art industry, you expect lots of brands. Each brand comes independently with different features and price tag.

You can find some that lies in your budget while others highly priced. To solve such issues, Syndent provides balanced level that joins long life safety nail drill bits with unbeatable price tag.

Which Materials Does Safety Nail Drill Bits Come From?

In our earlier indication, we reiterated that we combine tungsten and carbide with hardened steel. This produces premium quality carbide safety bit for long uses in nail art industries specifically busy salons.

Tungsten carbide practically includes equal portions of carbon and tungsten compounds. With hardness just after diamond, as a manicurist, you can strongly remove whatever nature of acrylic or gel nails.

Amongst other characteristics of Syndent safety nail drill bits include sharp cutting edges and sturdiness. It allows easy cutting, shaping, cleaning, grinding, and removal of even hard acrylic and gel nails.

The process leaves dustless results at reduced friction and low heat built-up performances. You can invariably work around the cuticles or professionally remove dead skin without your client feeling overheating issues.

The blade-like cutting edges on Syndent safety nail bit offer a consistent longer service life. With such useful characteristics, the carbide safety bit enables you to efficiently shave off all types of material enhancements.

Unlike diamond that leaves marks, carbide safety bit smoothly removes extra material to leave a smooth surface.

In case the flutes develop clogs, a soft nail drill bit brush effectively clears them off. Our product offers provision for easy cleaning and disinfecting for the next use.

Overall, safety nail drill bits have a tremendous performance in acrylic and gel nails. Syndent safety nail drill bits in particular effortlessly removes the extra coating on artificial nails.

It cleans the cuticle area, reshapes and smoothens acrylic and gel nails. You can add bits of creativity to artificial nails using our product. And based on your views, Syndent can improve the design and performance.

How Hard Can You Compare Tungsten Carbide to Diamond?

Syndent develops quality safety nail drill bits out of grade carbide metal. Carbide metal is quite hard but not as hard as diamond.

The hardness lies next to diamond and that vividly describes how strong it goes in dealing with tough acrylic nails.

With tungsten carbide, you can achieve various cutting styles compared to diamond. Through the specially designed and sharp cutting blades, you make exceptional shaving of enhancements present on all artificial nails.

In hardness, diamond provides extreme hardness on tools derived from it. This implies diamond nail drill bits can give you a hard and tough cutting than carbide nail drills.

However, with strong and fluent removal of material enhancement, diamond nail drill bits leave the surface rough.

Thus, you need another fine smoothing product like carbide safety bit to smoothen the surface.

Furthermore, diamond has a tendency of promoting heat build-up which can make your client uncomfortable with the unprofessional application.

Both diamond and carbide produce rust-free, dustless, and durable nail drill bits. Manufacturers design quality cuticle drill bit from premium diamond.

How Does HSS Compare to Tungsten Carbide?

When we compare the two materials, tungsten carbide has more strength greater than steel. It offers a lifespan of 20 times more therefore you can extensively use it greatly than with HSS.

In its natural state, tungsten carbide produces sturdiness and adorable sharpness with extreme density. We make safety nail drill bits from tungsten carbide, we guarantee you the most durable, strong, and reliable material removal.

With the error-free selection of raw materials, Syndent safety nail drill bits face detailed accurate tests. We particularly take into consideration industrial quality standards that ensure you realize long-lasting cut.

What Safety Nail Drill Bits Can Fluently Remove Gel or Acrylic Nails?

Large and small carbide safety bits sharply cuts without grinding off coats from artificial nails. This immensely minimizes the degree of friction and heat build-up around the working surface.

We make safety nail drill bits with low heat emission and low friction levels for reliable removal of products. Syndent safety nail drill bit that has medium grit or one with coarse-grit removes gel or acrylic nails.

Using quality carbide safety bit with correct grit systematically increases the service speed of working the gel or acrylic nails.

Beginners who use safety nail drill bits should uphold safety at all times. Less experience can cause the carbide safety bit to slip away from the working area or make extreme dig out.

Extreme digging beyond the artificial nails can result to excruciating pain to the client. Make sure you firmly grip your customer’s finger while filling and avoid applying excessive force.

With a vertical positioning of Syndent nail drill bit, you efficiently and quickly remove length. Also, it allows rough shaping of free edges of any enhancement.

With old acrylics, we suggest you soak in a container of acetone. But before you soak, try as much to thin them down.

Can You Effectively Apply 2000 RPM to Drill Nails with Safety Nail Drill Bits?


Basically, we recommend 2,000 RPM on artificial nails as this provides smooth and good results.

However, with gel or acrylic nails, this speed can only best apply with natural and not artificial nails. Professional manicurists usually prefer 30,000 RPM as the highest speed.

Usually, higher speeds on acrylics or gel nails help you carry out the competent performance.

Beginners who practice using safety nail drill bits on acrylic nails should use not more than 20,000 RPM. In a nutshell, artificial nails require less power and speed unlike artificial ones.

Do You Necessarily Sharpen Safety Nail Drill Bits?

Not at all.

When safety nail drill bits go blunt, plan for new ones. We design carbide safety bits to last longer. Once they lose the cutting efficiency, you can forward them to us for recycling.

What Indicates a Worn-Out Safety Nail Drill Bit?

An ineffective safety nail drill bit has a misaligned head and shank. A tool whose shank and the head don’t correctly align indicates bad performance and poor results.

If it transfers vibrations to the client’s nails, it means the safety nail drill bit doesn’t have the best balance.

If you need a lot bit or more force so that you can cut through the artificial nails. This clearly indicates the ideal carbide safety bit has lost its cutting ability and needs replacement.

Syndent can 100% recycle safety nail drill bits that have lost their cutting ability and strength.

Can Safety Nail Drill Bits Clear Soft Gel/Normal Nail Polish?


If skillfully applied, Syndent medium or coarse grit carbide safety bit smoothly clear soft gel or normal nail polish. First, use a clean cloth or towel and try wiping out the product before gently applying a drill.

Flame shape safety nail drill bits with either coarse or fine grit can remarkably remove the regular and soft gel.

Although specifically build with features that suits artificial nails, manicurists sometimes use them on such applications.

You can run them smoothly on nails, removing the gel and polish without creating heat. Best applied to treat cuticles as well as mycotic nails.

Which Type of Safety Nail Drill Bits Can Use to Clean Under Nails?

Taper or needle-shaped radius safety nail drill bits gives the best cleaning technique under the nails of your customer.

Since we make them with sharp-pointed features, you have many conveniences penetrating difficult positions.

Syndent ensures manicurists have an easy and quick time cleaning beneath the clients’ nails, sidewalls or making holes for certain designs.

Do Safety Nail Drill Bits Come in Varied Shapes?


In a nail art industry that has seen rapid growth, manicurists need nail drill bits in several shapes.

With assorted shapes, you can improve on ways of doing either pedicure or manicure with a list of several clients. A wide selection allows precise hard layer removal, cleaning, polishing, shaping, etc.

Therefore, you meet customers’ demands satisfactorily in the shortest time while you increase market share.

We use the very best-grade material to develop safety nail drill bits in diverse shapes and sizes. The conscientious design further allows each to give discrete function in fulfilling those nail art requirements.

A03 Type

These safety nail drill bits come in cylinder form and have a top edge radius. Convenient for fast reshaping and removing acrylic nails.

Manicurists use them in wiping UV gel from nails. It has a cuspidal design with a smaller flute for effective removal of dead skin around the client’s nails.

A04 Type

In form of cylinder and features radius end. We make different color shades and grit to suit your nail art needs.

Reshapes and fluently removes acrylic and gel nails and dead skin around toenails. Best for wiping off the UV gel and quick removal of nail art rhinestone.

B05 Type

This type of safety nail drill bits has a cylinder head that has radius end. Also comes in different shades of attractive colors and grit.

With B05 safety nail drill bits cross-cut, a manicurist can generate powered chips, removing them out rapidly. B05 safety nail drill bits remove dead skin and acrylic nails.

How Quickly Can Safety Nail Drill Bits Remove Artificial Nails and Gel?

You need safety nail drill bits characterized by coarse grit. Superior hardness of cemented carbide is quite sturdy and strong to strongly and safely remove artificial nails and hard gel.

Its performance on enhancement includes low dust formation, less heat buildup, and minimal friction.

When applying safety nail drill bit, firmly hold the finger of your client to protect her from possible vibrations.

Then gently grind away the nail line, making them short as needed. Proceed to the surface as you continue clearing acrylic.

Apply the spread grinding technique so that you cause overheating at a central place. In such circumstances, uphold a minimum speed of 15,000 and a maximum 0f 25,000 RPM.

Do Safety Nail Drill Bits Work Perfectly with Wet Nails?


Old acrylics usually appear hard to clear. The most convenient way you easily remove old and hard acrylics is to soak them using acetone.

Before soaking, thin the wet nails nicely using Syndent nail drill bit. Besides dry nails, carbide safety bit accurately shapes wet nails.

Can You Recycle Safety Nail Drill Bits?

100% sure.

Syndent adopts the use of special raw materials of cemented carbide steel, 100% recyclable. Although our product can serve the purpose for longer period, it certainly wears out with time. When it loses the cutting efficiency, you can no longer sharpen them but dispose of away.

We work around the clock to ensure we make the right tool and deliveries at the right time. Besides making new brands, our experienced team fully recycles safety nail drill bits with blunt flutes. We can plan with you via our effective customer care service on ways of collecting blunt tools for recycling.

Why Buy Safety Nail Drill Bits?

  • State-owned Companies supply us with premium material of cemented carbide steel. It means Syndent safety nail drill bits actually offer long performance without producing dust.
  • With meticulous design, you can suitably have Syndent safety nail drill bits in commonly found sizes and shapes. This helps manicurists in conveniently handling demanding tasks of nail art.
  • A quality safety nail drill bit promises definite dimensions. Syndent deploys keen craftsmanship to make high efficient safety nail drill bits which help in executing precise dimensions.
  • Using Syndent safety nail drill bits can promise you of adequate management of tasks quickly. If you make bulk orders from Syndent, you save cost while you boost the output.

Which Precautions Do You Use With Safety Nail Drill Bits?

  • Always use recommended low speed when removing cuticles. The cuticle area has a lot of sensitivity. Any slight tear/rip of a cuticle might make your client feel much pain
  • For backfills, adjust to medium speed which you can slightly add as you go on
  • With nail surfaces, we recommend 15,000 RPM
  • Try and achieve perfect Goldilocks formula that doesn’t appear extremely gentle or extremely harsh
  • Confidently hold your customer’s hand with a steady grip when working acrylic and gel nails
  • Always ensure your safety nail drill bits runs well with an electric machine

How do You Care for Safety Nail Bits?

After you have safely used Syndent safety drill bits, clean up the clogged flutes and apply a disinfectant.

Regular cleaning positively retains the performance level. Disinfecting them reduces the high chances of transferring infection from one customer to another.

Brush out the clogs from the cutting edges. Then rinse well using clean soapy water for effective clearance of smeller debris.

Alternatively, deep safety nail drill bits in a solution of acetone. Allow it to sufficiently soak for 10+ minutes. The debris dissolves in acetone solution but won’t serve as a disinfectant.

A good amount of 60%-90% isopropyl and ethyl can perfectly disinfect the safety nail bit. To eliminate 99.9% germs, apply 5 times more contact time.

Which Factors Hugely Determines The Lead-Dime Production of Safety Nail Drill Bits?

Standard designs: Our standard designs basically involves little time to build them. Practically, we use the simplest design with little features. Your order can reach your location much faster.

Customized Designs: Apart from customized safety nail drill bits, we make customized that have extra and complex features. Customers with such orders can wait longer.

Order Quantity: We receive orders from a number of customers. Some make small orders whereas others require safety nail drill bits in bulk. Small orders need the least of our time to deliver while customers of bulk orders can wait a bit longer.

Pending Orders: Syndent can supply safety nail drill bits to every corner of the world. Our supply-demand has grown for the past decade. We deploy a systematic delivery program so that we accurately deal with existing orders before embarking on new ones.

In the same manner, we ensure our customers have options of receiving timely deliveries but at a cost. Our rush order for urgent needs ensures urgent delivery depending on your location.

As a guarantee on our safety nail drill bits, Syndent offers a lifetime warranty. We can always make replacements of a similar product that has some faults.

Besides Syndent safety nail drill bits, you may look for more of our other quality products. We make cuticle drill bit, ceramic nail drill bits, etc.

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