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Sanding Caps

Syndent Sanding Caps

With the rich experience acquired from the previous decade, Syndent develops professional pedicure sanding caps.

We build long-lasting and premium quality pedicure sanders which greatly helps you minimize on usage cost.

Syndent unique technical sanding caps best apply in either dry or wet systems. We supply you with disposable abrasive pedicure sanding caps in multiple sizes.

We always ensure you retain professionalism in heel callus removal.

Syndent sanding caps ensure the safety and good health of your client’s feet. Podiatrists use pedicure sander specifically for heel callus and sometimes for nail surface filing.

We develop top-class pedicure sanders resistant to wear, heat, alkali and acid. You can improve your customers’ feel with Syndent special pedicure sanding caps.

Sanding Caps

Size 5×11, Brown sanding caps, different colors

Sanding Caps

Size 7×13, Brown sanding caps, different colors

Sanding Caps

Size 10×15, Brown sanding caps, different colors

Sanding Caps

Size 13×19, Brown sanding caps, different colors

Sanding Caps

Size 16×25, Brown sanding caps, different colors

Sanding Caps

All sizes, Blue sanding caps, different grain sizes

Sanding Caps

All sizes, Red sanding caps, different grain sizes

Sanding Caps

All sizes, Mandrels for the sanding caps

Why Syndent Sanding Caps

Our sanding caps come in extra-ordinary, attractive appearance so that you can easily identify them from others. We supply different types of pedicure sanders in multiple colors with varied prices.

Podiatrist prefer Syndent sanding caps for professional treatment of customers’ heel callus. Besides callus removal, you can best use on hard skin, corns and on toes. You work comfortably with great durability and outstanding grinding performance.

Syndent assures you of guaranteed after-sales service. If you face challenges using our sanding caps, Syndent rapidly responds to such requests. We quickly solve the issues in 3 possible working days.

After placing Syndent sanding caps order with us, you can conveniently contact our salesperson for follow up. Syndent’s official website has 24-hour hotline with an online contact as well as chat.

Syndent additionally supports WhatsApp, Skype and Messenger. This enables you to conveniently reach us anytime. We provide quick response to all your questions at all times.

With Syndent, the actual pedicure sanding caps delivered to you always rhyme with our description.

We resort to friendship through our business with you and target in achieving our word-to-mouth marketing strategy.

Our down-to-earth nature helps us handle all business transactions with sincerity. You can consistently rely on us.

sanding caps
Quality Approval

Syndent will double-check the quality of sanding caps before packaging.

sanding caps
48 Hours Action

Syndent make a fast action within 48 hours for your demand of sanding caps.

sanding caps
Air Shipping

We always transport your sanding caps by air so that you can receive them quickly.

sanding caps

Generally speaking, Syndent can ensure the sanding caps reach your hands in 10-15 days.

sanding caps

You will be able to receive the sanding caps in your office based on door-to-door.

sanding caps

Syndent can support you with the import custom clearance.

sanding caps

Syndent try to meet all your requirements of the payment methods.

sanding caps

Syndent is responsible for the sanding caps we shipped, leave a feedback at any time.

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Your Best Supplier of Sanding Caps

For 11 years of development, Syndent has fortunately gathered a wealth of important customer experience. We have cooperated with many huge distributors and wholesalers in the USA and Europe.

Syndent cannot offer more customer-related cases as a result of confidentiality. Our big customer experience can deliver you most efficient and professional service.

At Syndent, we produce wear, heat and corrosion resistant pedicure sanding caps. They have long life and don’t have turn around. Syndent Sanding caps can have corresponding characteristics in response to your requests.

We manufacture pedicure sanders that guarantee precision with service life that surpass that of peers. Syndent can assist you replace various international brands. If you allow us, we can definitely transform your world.

The experience gathered over the past decade helps Syndent find most suitable logistics options for you. You can enjoy the most suitable and economical logistics cost.

Thus, you only concentrate on your local promotion and local marketing. We assist you in monitoring the entire process of transportation issues.

Besides top-class sanding caps, Syndent has a line of similar premium products. Syndent manufactures diamond foot file, diamond nail drill bits, carbide nail drill bits, etc.

Get an instant quote for your next order of sanding caps, contact us NOW!

Sanding Caps: A Paramount FAQ Guide

The beauty industry has experienced a significant transformation with new products coming on board. And besides nail drill bits or carbide nail drill bits, the sector has products like sanding caps, etc. And our focus here is on sanding caps.

What Are Sanding Caps?

Sanding caps are grinding products designed predominantly for pedicure application. In practice, the pedicure sander takes away dead skin from the feet and calluses from your palm. However, a technician may use them for manicures in specific incidents like filing the nail surface.

The materials used to make sanding caps include cloth and emery. In principle, manufacturers glue the emery on a fabric with a specific grit formation. In addition, the inner part of the pedicure sander may include a rubber or anticorrosive and durable stainless steel.

Consequently, the pedicure sanding caps appear in distinct grits. For example, the beauty industry produces rough grinding to smooth grinding represented by different numbers. Therefore, depending on the job you intend to do, we have alternatives to handle them.

Syndent sanding caps have high wear-proof and greater grinding efficiency. Moreover, the caps facilitate significant loading and unloading and offer smoother polishing.

Sanding Caps

Sanding Caps

Sanding caps need a mandrel for an effective grinding or filing process. Consequently, the sanding caps mean sandpaper folded in the form of tiny caps. Therefore, you snap them in and out of the Mandrel that takes the product’s shape.

Pedicure sanding caps also appear in particular valuable sizes. The sizes, for example, include medium, large, or extra-large. Therefore, you’ll require a similar size rubber mandrel that you can fit your sanding cap.

Like sanding bands, sanding caps are disposable items. Hence, you cannot reuse them, but they are readily available and affordable and ensure your good health and well-being.

The product comes as pieces packed in different numbers. Therefore, you can only buy what you can afford. For example, we have a pack that includes four pieces and can extend to hundreds of them.

Syndent has become your abrasive brand name from China for the last decade. In essence, we manufacture pedicure sanding caps characterized by supreme durability and optimum strength.

Hence, our sanding caps offer professional applications like removing corns, corneas, or nails. Furthermore, our sanding caps provide high finishing efficiency and work well on wet and dry surfaces.

Made with durable material that has gone through thorough testing, our product won’t fall apart while in use. In addition, Syndent sanding bands appear in distinct and attractive colors from other brands. Also, our sanding caps wholesale price remains reasonable.

What Are The Uses of Sanding Caps?

Sanding Caps

Uses sanding caps

Sanding caps are valuable products a technician and beginner can safely use for pedicure processes. With a pedicure sander, for example, you may do the following:

  • Clean your heels.
  • Eliminate hard calluses.
  • Thin down and shape your thick, mycotic, and malformed toenails.
  • File away your nail enhancements.
  • Grind away corns and corneas.
  • Takes away hard skin.
  • Clears any flaws after applying acrylic or gel nails.
  • Removes gel nails.
  • Shapes acrylic nails.
  • Backfilling.
  • Polishing nails.
  • Removing dip powder or poly nail gel.

Thus, the pedicure sander can offer multiple pedicure and manicure services. In principle, Syndent sanding caps feature top-quality sanding components. Therefore, they provide the expected results, and you can service several clients with less energy and time.

What Are The Diverse Sizes of Sanding Caps?

Like electric nail drill bits, sanding caps also have diverse sizes. Hence, a technician finds alternatives of handling specific pedicures or manicure services faster and conveniently.

The sizes include:

  • Size 5×11 (J01 Type).
  • Size 7×13 (J02 Type).
  • Size 10×15 (J03 Type).
  • Size 13X19 (J04 Type).
  • Size 16×25 (J05 Type).

The J06 type blue sanding caps include all sizes but different grain sizes. Furthermore, our J07 type red has all sizes and diverse grain sizes. Additionally, Syndent designs all sizes of Mandrels that have the best compatibility with the sanding caps.

The caps come in different shades of colors. Besides brown, Syndent sanding bands come in blue and red. Therefore, they look more attractive than other brands for easy identification.

Sanding Caps

Sanding bands in diverse sizes

Do Sanding Bands Have Unrelated Grits?


When you buy a pedicure sander, you may realize that it has a specific number. In addition, the numbers vary from one sanding cap to the other. In truth, the different numbering shows the differences in coarseness.

A pedicure sander with a higher number means it offers a softer grinding (fine grit).

A lower number represents a rough grinding (coarse grit) on the flip side. Nevertheless, a medium grit comes in between.

Sanding caps with coarser grit means it has sparsely positioned grit. Therefore, it has high efficiency in removing more material rapidly.

The grit may range from 60 and more, and usually, they wear out with time. Nonetheless, when using a pedicure sander, and it doesn’t wear out, you dispose and use fresh ones on another client.

60 grit represents extensive coarseness and is very sharp. Therefore, you need to remove dead skin from your heel before polishing.

On the other hand, a 180 can represent a medium grit. Consequently, a technician needs it for general pedicure or manicure services. Moreover, a fine grit pedicure sander has a 240# sandpaper and provides a smooth polish.

Sanding Caps

Different grit numbers

Can We Have Sanding Caps in Different Colors?


Most sanding caps appear in shades of brown. But, we have other attractive colors besides brown, which makes Syndent pedicure sanding caps unique and easily recognized.

The most common colors include:

  • Blue.
  • Red.
  • Pink.
  • Purple.
  • White.

Sanding Caps

Different colors

Note that the colors make our sanding caps look more attractive. However, it doesn’t alter the durability or performance. Therefore, the product will execute the usual routine of pedicure and podiatry services.

Nonetheless, pink sanding caps have better heat dissipation than brown caps. More so, they give longer service life. Hence, it minimizes the cost of application and can work in either wet or dry systems.

What Are Thermal Protection Sanding Caps?

The unique thermal protection sanding caps feature exclusive ‘Thermo Effect technology. Moreover, the caps have other abrasive protected surfaces for a tremendous job without experiencing burns.

The unique material in the sanding caps with an exclusive thermal technology warns the user. For instance, it can alert the technician when overheating occurs.

In principle, the thermal protection sanding caps change color based on the temperature outstretch. Therefore, the operator avoids possible burns or injuries to a client.

Like ordinary items, thermal sanding caps help treat calluses and remove corns or corneas. However, our unique product with thermal protection is ideal when executing pedicure and podiatry services on delicate skin.

Additionally, it helps when dealing with clients that have diabetic conditions. The product also helps save the integrity of clients’ skin that have little consciousness of pain and temperature.

Sanding Caps

Thermal protection sanding caps

The non-stick effect, on the other hand, helps to minimize the clogging of the grit with residue. Additionally, it necessitates quick eradication of extensive calluses without further work steps.

The advanced abrasive volume of sanding caps gives you the courage to use a single cap for long without fatigue. Moreover, you can grind the heel to remove the callus conveniently without applying pressure.

Therefore, you avoid overheating and discomfort risks. As a result, it makes podiatry and pedicure processes more comfortable and reduces stress on a client’s skin.

The new and very effective grit remains more effective even at low speeds. For example, a technician can apply a rate of between 7 000 and 10 000 RPM and produce remarkable results.

The thermal disposable sanding caps come in a range of essential grits too. And the caps help in the treatment of corns, calluses, corneas, etc., cold feet, delicate skin, or diabetic clients.

Like ordinary caps, they come in packs that have different pieces. Also, you’ll find caps in various sizes to handle all your pedicure or podiatry services effectively.

Can We Have Sanding Caps in Individual Shapes?


Like e file nail drill bits, sanding caps appear in basic individual shapes. As a result, the operator can conveniently fulfill all the podiatry or pedicure detailing needs. In addition, the forms come in coarse, medium, and fine grits, which makes the caps highly versatile.

The most popular and versatile shapes of the sanding caps include:

  • Cone.
  • Ball.
  • Taper.
  • Ball nose sanding caps.

Syndent manufactures high-tech abrasive caps and mandrels with fine details that make the difference from other brands. Additionally, our fashionable coherent abrasive caps in diverse shapes allow the operator to perform fine detail work and shaping.

Our cloth-backed caps outlast most of the sanding sleeves on the market. Moreover, we design our Mandrels using fine industrial rubber.

Consequently, the rubber heads have clever ribs that tighten the grip on the cap when it spins. Nevertheless, it feels faster to replace the caps on the Mandrels without using other tools.

Ball nose sanding caps and Mandrels are pretty standard and provide most pedicure and podiatry work.

Which Handpieces Should Technicians Choose for Sanding Caps?

Sanding caps will fit an electric nail machine. In principle, the industry has standard nail machines with corresponding collet sizes of sanding bands on the market. Therefore, you can always find one that befits your Mandrel and ball nose sanding caps.

Dremel sanding caps befits a compatible Dremel tool. In essence, the Dremel accepts Mandrels of different sizes. In addition, Dremel sanding caps allows the operator to perform intricate services.

Helpful note: Only use a machine that befits the specific pedicure sander.

Which Materials Do You Use To Manufacture Sanding Caps?

Depending on the manufacturer, sanding bands can have different components. However, sanding remains the primary and vital material that defines the sanding bands. In truth, the sanding that covers the entire top surface of the cap stands out when grinding materials.

Manufacturers always use emery cloth as an outer layer of a pedicure sander. In concept, an emery cloth refers to a coated abrasive with emery fastened on a piece of cloth backing.

In the case of sanding caps, the emery cloth comes in the form of a cap. Additionally, the backing can include fabric, rubber, or plastic. However, some manufacturers can use a metal backing.

Sanding Caps

Structure of a pedicure sander

The outcome of the product means it features a high grinding efficiency with wear-proof capabilities. Hence, the sanding caps remain cost-effective with guaranteed quality.

Which Speed Should I Choose for Sanding Caps?

Sanding bands don’t require a lot of speed when grinding the surface of the heel or nail. Therefore, in theory, the caps remain susceptible to heat build-up and may burn or injure the client.

However, choosing the right speed also takes practice, especially when new to the filing. Thus, it is critical to master circumstances that you should decrease or increase speed.

A prevalent rule when using sanding caps remains a minimal speed either when doing your pedicure or podiatry. Also, the same applies when using the caps on natural nails to avoid heat build-up.

When selecting sanding caps for a manicure, the rule remains to use low speed for resin-wrapped nails and UV gel. For acrylic nails, however, we recommend a higher rate.

When the material demands, you increase pressure on the pedicure sander, expanding the RPM speed.

Alternatively, when removing a product in bulk, even with the slightest pressure, it implies the RPM is pretty fast. Hence, it would be best if you slowed down the RPM. Moreover, if you find yourself unable to control the handpiece, you should minimize the speed.

The exact speed required for a pedicure or podiatry process depends on the user’s technical expertise. Additionally, the rigidity of the product will also affect the rate.

In different circumstances, the process applied also has a lot of effects when choosing the right speed. For example, back edge infill filing may require a lower rate than smoothing a top surface.

Ideally, a technician should always retain a perceivable upshot with the slightest pressure on a surface.

How Should You Remove Calluses Using Sanding Caps?

If you decide to remove calluses as pedicure fundamental, sanding caps can do the job. However, some may prefer using an exclusive lotion or cream before using sanding caps. But, ensure to read the instructions and clear the whole product from your skin. Also, dry the area before you start grinding.

With a 180 grit sanding cap and medium speed, file the outer layer gently. In practice, keep lifting the tool from the callus frequently to avoid heat building up around the area.

Move to a pedicure sander with a 240 grit so that you can effectively clear the hardened region. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t eliminate the callus as it can expose your soft, delicate skin. In truth, exposing your skin leaves it sore and susceptible to possible infection.

Helpful note: When removing calluses from the heel, always practice using small circles or short strokes. And, always observe the general rule of using slow to medium speed.

Also, remember to lift the sander from the skin regularly to prevent heat from building up around the processing area.

Sanding Caps

Remove Calluses

What Makes Sanding Caps Useful?

Sanding caps have a lining, harmless, organic, clear glue, and uncontaminated sand. Hence, the caps can clear your feet’s dead skin or calluses very efficiently and rapidly.

Additionally, the caps have evenly distributed sand grains and a smooth finish. Thus, the caps cannot harm a client’s skin during a podiatry or pedicure process.

Although disposable, you can readily find sanding caps. In addition, the caps provide the safest pedicure and podiatry applications.

In truth, you cannot transfer infections from one customer to another because you can’t reuse the caps.

In addition, the caps are pretty affordable than most other pedicure and manicure tools and with excellent cost performance.

Sanding caps can have diverse colors and purposes and adapt comfortably to required functions. Some colors like pink, for example, have the best heat dissipation when grinding.

Therefore, the specific caps can give comprehensive services without creating a burning sensation around the grinding area.

We have unique thermal protection sanding bands that change color depending on the heat level when grinding products. Therefore, the user has a chance of lifting the tool away from the skin immediately after the heat builds up. As a result, your client cannot suffer from heat pains due to excess friction.

Sanding caps have good grain form and compactness with high hardness. Therefore, they can take a technician through the whole pedicure or podiatry process without any replacement.

Moreover, the caps have a unique design that clears a product without clogging. Thus, you don’t break in between functions to clean remove dust.

Can Sanding Caps File Natural Nails?


Podiatrists usually use sanding caps mainly for pedicure and podiatry services. Consequently, Syndent has good reviews as the best designer and supplier of versatile sanding caps for the beauty industry. Furthermore, we sell our products wholesale when you buy direct from the factory.

Besides removing callus, taking away hard dry skin corns, and clean toes. Nonetheless, processing natural nails don’t come as the caps’ primary purpose. But, the tool can help in filing, shaping, grinding, or cleaning services on natural nails.

You want to apply a lower but not moderately low speed when shaping natural nails. In particular, a pace that can help you comfortably manage the tool in the entire process while realizing accurate results.

While filing natural nails, ensure to lift the pedicure sander away from the nail, especially when working on the surface. In practice, raising the tool frequently stops it from creating extra friction around the grinding area. Hence, you can realize less or no heat that usually brings a burning sensitivity.

What Are Other Functions of Sanding Caps Other Than Pedicure?

Besides doing pedicures, Syndent pedicure sanding caps can act as manicure polisher tools. Because of a durable sand grain, the cap can give wide manicure applications. For example, manicurists can use the caps for filing, buffing, infilling (backfilling), finishing, polishing, etc.

In addition, a pedicure sander can aid in the effective elimination of lifted products from the nails. For example, after fixing your nail extensions, some areas appear lifted than others. Thus, a pedicure can eliminate such opaque regions from your extensions to create a smooth and even surface.

When removing UV gel nails or filing acrylic nails, use sanding caps with 240 grit. In principle, when the natural nail grows, you must do infill. Otherwise, a gap might occur between the seam and your cuticle. In addition, the enhancement eventually will lift. Thus, a pedicure sanding cap may help in prepping the nails.

A 180 sanding cap can also shorten acrylic or gel nails after applying them or after it has grown.

Sanding Caps

Various uses of sanding caps

Sanding caps can ideally shorten nail extensions and file the entire surface of complex nail products. It therefore implies, besides hard skin, a pedicure sander can process UV gel nails and acrylic nails.

As mentioned, sanding caps appear in various grits. But, famous grits used include the 180 and 240. And as with nail drill bits, you graduate from a coarser grit to the finest, depending on the specific job. In essence, the user eventually achieves a good finish.

Sanding caps usually use a Mandrel tool which some manufacturers sell them separately. And like nail drill bits, Mandrels have a shank and a head where you snap the caps in and out.

Also, the Mandrel shafts appear in popular industrial standards. Hence, a podiatrist can readily find what fits the specific pedicure sander.

Since sanding caps are disposable items, always dispose them off after using them on a particular client. And always remember that, because the sanding caps remain susceptible to building up heat, avoid using high speeds.

Besides sanding caps, clients appreciate other tools, including a nail drill bit setcuticle drill bit, etc.

You may request a quotation from us and receive an expeditious response.

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