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Silicone Nail Drill Bits

Syndent Silicone Nail Drill Bits

Syndent silicone nail drill bits offer the effective and smooth processing of your natural or acrylic nail surfaces. You will save time.

We commit to providing the best silicone drill bits in the industry for the flawless processing of acrylic. You will save money.

With headquarters in China, our company manufactures high-end items with excellent deals for large purchases. we’ve been supplying our items to big companies like Fortune 500 companies. You can trust Syndent.

We accept the diverse safest payment methods.  You can order Syndent fantastic silicone nail drill bits for your nail procedures at any time easily.

Silicone Nail Drill Bits

Japanese silicone powder, different grits

Silicone Nail Drill Bits

Various shapes, different grits

Silicone Nail Drill Bits

Customized shapes, different grits

Why Syndent Silicone Nail Drill Bits

Syndent silicone nail drill bits constitute all-around tools fitting for acrylic and natural nail processing. Our choice product can grind off acrylic nails, smoothen the nail surface and sides, safely cut the cuticles, etc.

Our rubber drill bit can quickly and flawlessly clean below your nail surface. With high demand, Syndent ensures you receive guaranteed quality with our silicone nail drill bits for commercial or home use.

Syndent unique products effectively remove the built-up gel, and you can use it for cuticle filing. Make your nail artwork easier and faster with our silicone nail drill bits.

At Syndent, we accompany our silicone nail drill bits with consistent and stable quality production. For instance, Syndent sends samples that provide quality features of the original item. We guarantee a complement of subsequent silicone nail drill bits.

Therefore, we retain our loyalty through open transactions and guaranteed quality silicone rubber bits delivery. Syndent consistently manufactures the best silicone nail drill bits that help you file acrylics or natural nails effectively.

Silicone Nail Drill Bits
Quality Approval

Syndent will double-check the quality of silicone nail drill bits before packaging

Silicone Nail Drill Bits
48 Hours Action

Syndent make a fast action within 48 hours for your need of silicone nail drill bits.

Silicone Nail Drill Bits
Air Shipping

We always ship your silicone nail drill bits by air so that you can get them quickly.

Silicone Nail Drill Bits

Generally speaking, Syndent ensures the silicone nail drill bits reach you in 10-15 days

Silicone Nail Drill Bits

You will be able to receive the silicone nail drill bits in your office based on door-to-door.

Silicone Nail Drill Bits

Syndent can support you with the import custom clearance.

Silicone Nail Drill Bits

Syndent try to meet all your requirements of the payment methods.

Silicone Nail Drill Bits

Syndent is responsible for the silicone nail drill bits we shipped, leave a feedback at any time.

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Your Best Supplier of Silicone Nail Drill Bits

Syndent endeavors to fulfill the word-of-mouth advertisement. The silicone nail drill bits delivered correspond with the advertisement description features. We uphold our loyalty to you, besides creating a long-lasting partnership. That helps us in offering the foremost services in the field.

With fifteen-plus years of consistent production, Syndent has immensely cooperated with many significant clients. Our partnership includes the Fortune 500 companies. With sufficient experience with various customers, Syndent provides exemplary professional services for you.

Syndent purchases silicone nail drill bits materials from wide-ranging state-owned suppliers. Besides, we manufacture our silicone nail drill bits through ultra-modern CNC equipment.

Based on quality-assured and stable raw material supply and CNC manufacturing, regular and quality material supply and manufacture through CNC machines can promise you with quality silicone drill bits.

Besides shapes, Syndent silicone nail drill bits cover different sizes and models. This includes coarse, medium, fine, extra-coarse, super-fine, etc. As a result, it helps in complementing your various nail art needs appropriately.

Besides silicone nail drill bits, we accept orders with products like acrylic nail drill bits, die grinder stone bits, nail drill bit holder, etc.

Kindly contact Syndent for high-end silicone nail drill bits or similar items.

Silicone Nail Drill Bits: A Comprehensive FAQ Guide

Because of technological advancement, the beauty industry has mushroomed with several nail art tools on the market. Because of the high demand, many nail drill bits have entered the market. Consequently, sometimes, it feels overwhelming to get hold of the correct item. We’ve prepared this guide to help you find what you need.

What are Silicone Nail Drill Bits?

Silicone Nail Drill Bits

Silicone Nail Drill Bits
Silicone nail drill bits are cuticle bits designed from silicone material that performs cuticle and other nail work. Silicone nail drill bits undoubtedly replace the tiny grinding wheel and offer dustless nail artwork.

Additionally, a quality silicone nail bit reduces your working time while increasing your work efficiency. Silicone nail drill bits provide excellent grinding results and durable service life.

Besides grinding, silicone drill bits are ideal for polishing, peeling, shaping, carving, smoothing, etc. Moreover, the best silicone nail drill bits can process natural and artificial nails like acrylics, dip powder, gel nails, etc.

Silicone nail drill bits can fit most electronic grinders, handling drills, or hand grinders. Furthermore, the rubber drill bit feels safe, easy to use, and reliable. Besides, the silicone rubber bit has a unique lightweight design from the traditional grinding wheel.

Thus, it is portable and convenient to carry and use. Therefore, a DIY enthusiast or a professional nail technician can enjoy the excellent functionality of silicone nail drill bits.

In established strength pointed and grinding performance, and with excellent care, silicone nail drill bits offer lasting performance. This includes extravagant applications like shaping, cutting, filing, polishing, etc.

Generally, silicone nail drill bits are sharp, hardwearing, durable, and crafted with intricate. Most silicone nail drill bits have 2-way rotation functions.

That implies the tool can rotate both in the right and left directions. This gives the operator flawless and easy handling while in use. The two-way rotation feature allows the rubber drill bit files to move clockwise and counterclockwise. This protects the user from hurting the hand.

We highly recommend cleaning silicone nail drill bits before and after each application. Besides, we advise washing with warm water and soap to exercise high hygiene and offer a customer’s safety. Cleaning your silicone nail drill bits prevents the dulling of the blades. Hence, it provides a long-lasting application of the tool.

At Syndent, our ultimate mission involves manufacturing and providing top-notch nail art products to consumers worldwide. Silicone nail drill bits are among several other products you can find in the industry.

Syndent proudly supplies and distributes at wholesale and retail cost-effective and high-quality items for the modern, innovative industry. As long as there’s an increase in demand, you’ll always find everything needed in the Syndent brand.

What Material are Silicone Nail Drill Bits Made of?

Silicone Nail Drill Bits

High-quality Material
Silicone nail drill bits, also called silicone drill bits or rubber drill bits, comes from silicone. The shank, on the other hand, comes from durable stainless steel. Compared to other nail tools designed from complex materials, silicone nail drill bits add softness and protect your skin. Besides, silicone material resists wear and is practical to use.

Besides filing your skin softly, the acceptable silicone adhesive can dash. Hence, it brings high efficiency and output with very minimal effort. Moreover, it minimizes dust and heat production, shielding the nails and the surrounding skin.

The silicone adhesive works perfectly when applied on both artificial and natural nails. It polishes the nails, and you can install the silicone nail bit easily on the nail machine. With silicone nail drill bits, you can softly remove all the nail polishes and polish them to a perfect completion.

Silicone nail drill bits come in different colors, which are excellent for home use and nail shops. Because of their wide applications, they remain the best choice in salons, spas, beauty shops, or for domestic use.

Do Silicone Nail Drill Bits Designed in Different Colors?


Silicone nail drill bits have different beautiful shades, including pink, brown, blue, etc. The colors available enable each client to have a desired selection and what works perfectly well.

Regardless of the shade you choose, remember that all Syndent silicone nail drill bits function perfectly the same. It is a perfect choice for your nail art needs.

So, you could carve, reshape, neaten, smoothen, sharpen, or polish your nails and artificial nails. Silicone nail drill bits are ideal tools for all professional and beginner manicurists.

What Are the Practical Applications of Silicone Nail Drill Bits?

Primary applications of silicone nail drill bits include cutting, grinding, shaping, smoothing, drilling, polishing, etc. The applications can vary depending on the shape, size, and grit type. Nonetheless, silicone nail drill bits offer the following functions:

  • Effective removal of calluses and dead skin with practical application on all nails.
    • Trimming and grinding, keeping the nails attractive.
    • The sand surface of the silicone nail bit polishes the nail surface evenly.
    • Removing the gel nail or nail polish quickly with tremendous accuracy.
    • Silicone nail drill bits help to achieve a smooth surface finish.
    • A silicone drill bit provides precise shaping and shortening of thick and irregular nails.
    • A fine rubber drill bit can do backfill filing for an ideally desired beautiful smile line.
    • Silicone nail bit aids in the accurate removal of ridges under your nails.
    • Preparing your natural nail surface before applying new gel nails, acrylic nails, or dip powder.
    • Polishing the skin around your nails.

Do Silicone Nail Drill Bits Have Various Degrees of Coarseness?


Like sanding caps, silicone nail drill bits have different degrees of roughness, like coarse, medium, fine, etc. Each will provide varying applications, which makes your nail artwork complete.

Silicone Nail Drill Bits

Various Grits


Fine silicone nail drill bits can gently roughen artificial nail surfaces. Besides, fine silicone nail drill bits can clean or smooth out powder in the cuticle curves. An exemplary silicone nail drill bit grinds with soothing, giving your client an incredible sensation while creating a smoother finish.


Medium looks slightly sharper than fine silicone drill bits. Unlike the fine, the medium silicone nail drill bit cleans up any buildup near the cuticle area. Additionally, it will clear any excess under the nails and at the nail tip after applying acrylics.

Essentially, medium silicone nail drill bits remove any lumpy spots developed after applying dip powder, acrylics, gel nails, etc.

It looks sharper than the medium and fine silicone drill bits. We therefore recommend mainly using artificial nails. On fake nails, coarse silicone nail drill bits remove the gel topcoat. At the same time, it can thin down complex hard gel and acrylic powder from natural nails. It helps to facilitate faster removal of any product.
Since coarse drill bits have incredibly sharp edges, manicurists use them to mend cracks on acrylic nails.

Can Silicone Nail Drill Bits Rotate in Both Sides?


Silicone nail drill bits can rotate either right or left, depending on your filing style. Syndent silicone nail drill bits look different from traditional products that rotate in a clockwise direction only.

Traditional nail drill bits used to rotate in the right direction favored right-handed users. However, left-handed manicurists have a reason to smile because of technological advancement in the nail industry.

With a counterclockwise rotation, a left-handed manicurist can now file with a lot of convenience and ease. It makes sanding much easier and quicker.

How Do Silicone Nail Drill Bits Work?

Silicone Nail Drill Bits

Using Silicone Nail Drill Bits
Silicone nail drill bits cut the nail using grinding with various tiny cutting edges. Creating a series of little cutting grits removes artificial materials from the nails when slightly pressed against them.

Most silicone nail drill bits have grinding grits formed in a particular direction. Such designs will only remove products when pressed in a single direction. And this is why we refer to them as right-hand or left-hand drill bits.

As mentioned, we have versatile silicone nail drill bits with double rotation features. Such designs will grind in any direction depending on how you select from the machine.

To file the nails, you must fix your silicone drill bit on an appropriate electric machine. Also, the collet diameter of the nail machine should correspond with the shaft diameter of your bit.

Are Silicone Nail Drill Bits Universal?

Most silicone drill bits have a universal design; they will fit most grinding machines on the market. A modern standard silicone nail drill bit has a 3/32-inch diameter shank. It will, therefore, work perfectly with machines that have similar diameters.

Traditional nail bits have 1/8-inch diameters. It implies you’ll require grinding machines with collets that have similar diameters. Also, it is safe to note that secure filing demands a firm fit in the collet. It essentially protects the bit from coming out of its position while grinding. Moreover, you’ll file with extra safety and achieve excellent and accurate results.

Does the Industry Provide Silicone Nail Drill Bits Set?

Silicone Nail Drill Bits

5 piece
The industry provides silicone nail drill bit sets comprising various shapes and sizes. Made of high-quality silicone rubber, the set helps the manicurist meet diverse needs like grinding, polishing, trimming, etc. Ideally, the silicone rubber doesn’t break easily and has anti-corrosion and high-temperature resistance features.

The shapes may vary, from cone shape, pointed/needle-shape, ball shape, flame shape, safety, etc. In addition, it also includes a brush that can help to clean other bits after use. You’ll find whatever suits your nail art needs.

Besides sizes and shapes, the set can include various grits: fine, coarse, medium, etc. Each grit level will help you achieve different purposes in a set of tools. It includes cleaning, roughening, shortening, smoothening, sharpening, shaping, carving, cuticle work, cleaning, prepping, sanding, polishing, etc.

Silicone nail drill bits set is quite convenient for a nail professional or hobbyist:

  • It is cost-effective because you can purchase whatever you need simultaneously. It will serve all your needs at a low cost.
  • It helps minimize the wastage of time between applications. A set makes you keep moving on from one task to another. You won’t waste time looking for a suitable tool elsewhere.
  • It is the best way to keep your tools safe and for portability reasons.

Can Silicone Nail Drill Bits Burn Your Natural Nails?

Silicone nail drill bits do not burn the nails. A professional manicurist controls the machine and the silicone drill bit. Furthermore, the technician dictates the pressure required for a nail surface.

The heat rule indicates that pressure results in friction, and friction leads to heat. Therefore, without pressure on the nail surface, the nail won’t heat up.

Consequently, if you work with a new rubber drill bit, you will not need to apply pressure. Therefore, understanding the heat rule concept can guide you to effective filing without burning the nails.

Silicone Nail Drill Bits

Filing technique
Besides light pressure, constant movement techniques can minimize the creation of heat. Sometimes, a client might tense during a manicure/pedicure procedure.

Eventually, the finger may press up against the silicone rubber bit while filing. In such a case, a manicurist should explain to the client the friction and pressure theory. This will help the client work towards relaxing the finger for a safer, heat-free filing process.

How Often Should I Replace Silicone Nail Drill Bits?

The best silicone nail drill bits should serve you several years before replacement. However, they require essential routine tune-ups and essential user maintenance to survive the test of time. Regularly tune the filing machine so the silicone nail drill bit runs smoothly in the collet.

On the flip side, the silicone nail drill bit routine maintenance includes safe cleaning with fresh, clean water. Washing should happen after brushing off any hard dust particles and then applying alcohol-based disinfectant.

Can I Wash Silicone Nail Drill Bits?

Never use silicone nail drill bits on more than one customer before washing and sanitizing. After each application, unscrew the tool from the machine and remove dust/product buildup using a wire brush.

Then wash the bit in warm to hot, soapy water and let it dry or wipe off the water. Finally, submerge the tool entirely in a recommended industrial disinfection solution.

Besides silicone nail drill bits, Syndent distributes diamond nail bits, Russian manicure drill bits, etc. Syndent will provide instant silicone nail drill bits quotation upon request. Kindly contact us.

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