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Smooth Drill Bit Nail

Syndent Smooth Drill Bit Nail

Syndent smooth nail drill bit provides safe and faster processing of different types of nails. Our smooth drill bit nail can produce optimum performance when processing nails on your client.

We use fine-grade materials to make professional products that offer a revolutionary cut with a safe, smooth finish.

Syndent is a licensed firm operating in China for the last 11 plus years. We work tirelessly to ensure our products provide exemplary quality performance.

We are a trusted company all over the world and supply to big companies like Fortune 500. You can request quotations directly from us for smooth drill bit nail order.

Smooth Drill Bit Nail

Different carbide smooth drill bit nail for professionals.

Smooth Drill Bit Nail

Super durable carbide smooth drill bit nail, coated and uncoated.

Smooth Drill Bit Nail

High performance and extremely sharp carbide smooth drill bit nail

Smooth Drill Bit Nail

All kinds of ceramic smooth drill bit nail for your choices

Smooth Drill Bit Nail

Super long life ceramic smooth drill bit nail

Smooth Drill Bit Nail

Custom design ceramic smooth drill bit nail as you wish

Smooth Drill Bit Nail

Best-selling diamond smooth drill bit nail

Smooth Drill Bit Nail

Most popular diamond smooth drill bit nail for technicians

Smooth Drill Bit Nail

Custom design diamond smooth drill bit nail for professionals

Why Syndent Smooth Drill Bit Nail

Syndent smooth drill bit nail can reshape and smooth the whole nail surface of a client. Our product can perform efficiently to help you upgrade your nail art game.

You can do backfills or remove the extra effect on a client’s nail surface. Furthermore, you can use our nail drill bit for smoothing to remove pesky lifted areas near the nail bed.

You can also acquire a smooth and clean-cut for an incredible nail design. Our product can help you create sharp curves on the edge of the nails.

Improve your speed and quality performance in your busy salon with Syndent smooth drill bit for nail.

Syndent provides maximum effective delivery speed on the smooth drill bit nail ordered.

In addition, we can autonomously research and handcraft CNC machines to boost our production strength according to the demand. Therefore, Syndent can readily supplant your delivery speed needs at any time.

We promise an assured, consistent supply of quality smoothing nail drill bit products. Whether with the samples or the genuine order, we don’t have variations in quality.

We have over 11 years in the abrasive field and have remained honest to date. Furthermore, our QA system can help us follow the entire process of development. Thus, Syndent manufactures stable and high-quality smooth drill bit nail.

Syndent manufactures a nail drill bit for smoothing according to the description given. In all our existence, we have remained your trusted business cooperate and friend.

We don’t practice fraud but fulfil our word-of-mouth marketing. We deliver what you order and according to the description.

Smooth Drill Bit Nail

Syndent will check the raw material specifications of smooth drill bit nail before production.

Smooth Drill Bit Nail

Syndent automatically brazes smooth drill bit nail with silver in a low temperature

Smooth Drill Bit Nail

We must make the jumping test of smooth drill bit nail after brazing. The tolerance is less than 0.1mm

Smooth Drill Bit Nail

Syndent examines the shank hardness of smooth drill bit nail after brazing, and tests the bending strength

Smooth Drill Bit Nail

Solid smooth drill bit nails need a shaping process from the carbide rod materials

Smooth Drill Bit Nail

Syndent CNC grinds the teeth of smooth drill bit nail after the tests approved

Smooth Drill Bit Nail

Syndent polishes the shaft of smooth drill bit nail, and its brazing position

Smooth Drill Bit Nail

Syndent makes your logo on the smooth drill bit nail, and stick your own label on the case.

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Your Best Supplier of Smooth Drill Bit Nail

Syndent is an authorized manufacturing firm with EU certification and CE certificates. Furthermore, it provides access to import customs assent. Therefore, you can willfully and legally sell our smooth drill bit nail in your region with a unique specification.

Syndent smooth drill bit nail includes a professional assessment review from Stork Herron Testing Laboratory, USA. The nail drill bit for smoothing you buy has passed specific industrial standards and conditions. You buy quality-guaranteed products.

We are amongst the top manufacturers of smoothing nail drill bit products in China. We occupy an area of 2 000 square meters.

Syndent has 40+ fully automated high-tech CNCs and up to 50 skilled employees. We, therefore, have an exceeding volume output. As a result, Syndent can produce and deliver your order in time.

Syndent provides a lifetime warranty on the smooth drill bit nail purchased. In case your order doesn’t work to a predetermined level, we guarantee free and immediate replacement. It makes you concentrate on making more customers increase your market share.

Other than smooth drill bit nail, Syndent can model other abrasives. For example, we have sanding capscarbide nail drill bitsfiberglass router bits, etc.

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Smooth Drill Bit Nail: Your Complete FAQ Guide

When it comes to the beauty industry, especially nails, you need the right tool for the job.

And with lots of nail drill bits , finding an honest supplier of quality tools can seem an arduous task.

However, in our informative FAQ, we outline critical information about a smooth drill bit nail.

What is Smooth Drill Bit Nail?

A smooth drill bit nail refers to a top-quality tool that allows you to process nails with a smooth finish. The bit features intersecting stripes, enabling the nail technician to reshape and polish your nails.

Moreover, it can remove the dead skin near the nails and calluses on your hands. Thus, it remains a professional product for multi-applications.

Nail drill bits for smoothing products usually come in various sizes to offer many ways o application. For example, we have a small size with a cuspidal design.

It therefore makes it easier for the user to eliminate the dead skin near the nails. You can still use the same bit to remove dead skin or both toe and fingernails.

Smooth Drill Bit Nail

Smooth drill bits

A smooth drill bit usually comes from three popular raw materials; tungsten carbide, diamond, and ceramic.

Consequently, there can be variations in terms of performance because of the different types of materials used. Regardless of the material used, you can find the best nail bit to smooth the acrylic nails of your client.

Syndent, an international company that operates in China, has the certification to produce and supply smooth drill bit nail products.

Consequently, we use our products’ finest and optimum strength raw materials. Moreover, we have a set of six-axis ultra-modern equipment. Therefore, our smooth drill bit nail tools can provide quality performance.

A smooth drill bit nail can provide a revolutionary cut while filing your acrylic nails. Thus, it can sand away any topcoat from your nails with a high degree of precision.

Additionally, the flutes or grits allow you to smooth the nails within no time. Thus, a smooth drill bit nail saves time and makes your work easier and more enjoyable than the traditional file.

A smooth drill bit nail can have either flutes or partials. Flutes, in particular, appear on a smooth drill bit nail made from either tungsten carbide or ceramic materials.

How Is Diamond Smooth Drill Bit Nail Different From Carbide and Ceramic?

Smooth Drill Bit Nail

Diamond smooth drill bit

A diamond smooth drill bit nail removes enhancements through grinding because of partials. And with flutes, the smooth drill bit nail will remove the enhancement through cutting.

The bits, including diamond, carbide, and ceramic, usually come in different textures, sometimes called grits. Therefore, to have a smooth finish on the nails, the bit should have a fine grit.

A fine grit means the bit has more grits on its head. And coarse grit means the bit has fewer grits. Thus, we call it a smooth drill bit nail because it has more significant grits for a softer filling.

What Are The Materials Used to Make a Smooth Drill Bit Nail?

Usually, we have three primary raw materials which manufacturers use to make nail drill bits. And the materials include diamond, carbide, and ceramics. In addition, however, you can find nail drill bits made from silicone, rubber, or steel.

Most of the smooth drill bit nail tools found on the market come from carbide and ceramic components. In essence, the two materials produce bits that have sharp flutes and can provide the smoothness required.


The diamond remains the best in terms of toughness as it supersedes all other metals on earth. Therefore, a drill bit nail made from diamond can provide a nail technician with compelling performance. For example, a diamond smooth drill bit nail produces a robust and durable cut.

You can use a smooth drill bit nail made from the diamond to smooth cuticles. Also, it helps in cleaning the dead skin around the nails and removing calluses on the palm of your hand.

Tungsten carbide

Manufacturers can also make a smooth drill bit nail from tungsten carbide. In principle, tungsten carbide includes two components, tungsten, and carbon, in equal amounts. And when combined, you can make a cutting tool with compelling features.

Carbide is a pretty hard material, almost close to diamond and twenty times better than high-speed steel (HSS).

In addition, a bit made from carbide comes with super sharp flute-like cuts. Hence, it can remove any topcoat and leave a smooth finish.

Carbide smooth drill bit nail has lovely flutes. Thus, it offers functions such as polishing and buffing after applying acrylic nails.

Additionally, you can use it to remove a nail design placed close to your cuticle smoothly. Thus, it is a perfect filing tool for beginners.


Besides diamond and carbide, a smooth drill bit nail can also come from ceramic materials. Ceramic is a pretty excellent material for heat dissipation than diamond and tungsten carbide.

Therefore, it can provide tremendous performance regarding what nail drill bit to use to smooth the acrylic nails.

With a smooth drill bit nail made from carbide, you can file away residual cured gel. Also, it can help a technician to prepare unsightly bubbles in an enhancement.

What is the Function of a Smooth Drill Bit Nail?

Smooth Drill Bit Nail

Uses of smooth drill bit nail

The primary function of a smooth drill bit nail includes smoothing the acrylic nails. However, nail technicians can accomplish other tasks as well. For example, the nail drill bit for smoothing can help a technician in executing tasks such as:

  • Buffing the acrylic nails after applying a gel polish or any other topcoat.
  • You can use it to remove the nail gel from your nails quickly.
  • The smooth drill bit nail can help you trim and polish the nails before polishing.
  • It can smoothly pull the dead skin and calluses on the palm.
  • You can use the bit nail to achieve smooth surface work.
  • The bit can also provide precise shortening and shaping of your extra thick or irregular nails.
  • With a smooth drill bit nail, you can do a backfill cutting and achieve a neat smile line.
  • You can conveniently remove ridges under the nails created by acrylic and gel nails.

Which Machine Should You Use with a Smooth Drill Bit Nail?

We automate our smooth drill bit nail-like dental burs and other bits. Therefore, you’ll need a nail machine to facilitate the process of filing your nails with the bit nail.

Consequently, we have different brands of nail machines on the market. But, only the best device can provide the best results.

An electric nail machine refers to an electric-powered rotary device. And for the machine to work, you would require to attach the smooth drill bit nail.

Additionally, the engine spins the bit at different selected speeds enabling you to file away enhancements.

Electric machines do require a bit of training and learning essential safety measures and practice.

Consequently, proper and safer use of the electric nail machine and the smooth drill bit nail is vital. In essence, it can help you avoid nail or tool damage.

If you use the nail machine properly, it shouldn’t raise any alarm. But if it causes some pain on your nail plate, it would help if you stop using it immediately.

Also, you should avoid using the machine and smooth drill bit nail on your natural nails.

However, we recommend using a traditional file or a mandrel and sanding caps or bands. Additionally, a 180-grit or something slightly higher would help.

How Can I Fit or Remove the Smooth Drill Bit Nail From a Nail Drill?

Smooth Drill Bit Nail

Fitting the smooth drill bit nail

The assembly of a smooth drill bit nail into and out of the nail drill is pretty simple. However, not all brands of nail drill machines look the same.

And at the same time, the devices don’t need the same assembly process. Thus, it may demand you read the nail machine’s user manual for correct assembly.

All nail machines have a collet which we can sometimes call a mouthpiece or chuck. And the collet allows you to insert the shank of the smooth drill bit nail once opened.

You can open the collet by pressing the button or rotating its neck depending on the type of nail drill.

And with a button type, you press, hold, insert the bit and then release once the shank fits in place.

However, with the other kind, it requires you to twist it anticlockwise to open and clockwise to tighten up.

When it comes to getting the bit out of a nail drill, the process remains the same. Consequently, you press the button or rotate it to loosen the bit’s shank from its position. Then pull the smooth drill bit nail from the drill machine.

How Do You Drill Through Nails With a Smooth Drill Bit Nail?

Sometimes professional technicians would want to drill designer holes in acrylic nails. And knowing how to drill through nails with an appropriate smooth drill bit nail remains crucial.

Drilling through nails with the right smooth drill bit nail helps you create holes. And with the holes in your nails, you can fix what beauty brings. However, it is pretty necessary if you know how to drill the nails with the tool.

When drilling the nails, you want to ensure that you don’t create a hole near the skin. In truth, the smooth drill bit nail may pierce through your skin.

Also, when drilling, it can be wise if you prepare with the most negligible speed.

Consequently, a top speed can crack the acrylic nail. In addition, it makes it hard to control the nail drill. Hence, you may not come up with accurately drilled holes.

Which Products Can Smooth Drill Bit Nail Remove?

Smooth Drill Bit Nail

Smooth application

A smooth drill bit nail’s primary function includes applying a smooth finish on your acrylic nails. In particular, you can use the bit nail on acrylic nails before applying your favorite topcoat.

Also, you can use the drill bit for nail after applying a top coat. Consequently, it acts as a way of polishing the entire nail surface. Therefore, a smooth drill bit nail can help when beautifying your nails.

Syndent smooth nail drill bit provides excellent precision. Therefore, it remains the best drill bit to smooth gel polish and acrylic nails.

Additionally, the drill bit nail has higher hardness because we use raw materials with high rigidity. Thus, it can remove all types of enhancements and topcoats applied to your nails.

A smooth drill bit nail can offer a sturdy cutting ability with free-filing consistency that a nail technician might need.

And because it has super sharp cutting edges, your client won’t experience a burning sensation due to extra friction. Therefore, it is a pretty tool for what drill bit to smooth acrylic nails.

Because Syndent smooth drill bit nail has high precision, it gives the nail technician a revolutionary cut. Thus, you have guaranteed accurate results with your nail artwork.

Based on the quality features mentioned above, the smooth drill bit nail can remove the following products. Also, it will leave a tremendous smoothness on the nail surface:

  • Acrylic nails.
  • Dip powder nails.
  • Gel polish.
  • Gel nails.

Do We Have Coated Smooth Drill Bit Nail?


Smooth Drill Bit Nail

Rose gold-coated smooth drill bit nail

A smooth drill bit nail might have different colors or specific reasons. First, a treatment on a nail drill bit for smoothing increases its beauty. Secondly, the color might mean a coating that makes the drill bit nail more durable.

Some colors include black, purple, silver, gold, rose gold, blue, rainbow, etc.

A smooth drill bit nail in its original state can perform exceptionally well. In truth, the drill bit nail has very sharp cutting edges and can shave the material away faster.

However, when you add a coating, it reduces the cutting sharpness of the bit. Nonetheless, the durability increases.

Not all coatings can increase the durability of the smooth drill bit nail. For instance, blue, gold, rose gold, and rainbow coatings make the bit more appealing. But, it doesn’t make the tool durable in any way.

We have other coatings that may add significant durability to the tool. And such layers include diamonds. Diamond, in essence, makes the smooth drill bit nail six times sturdier than when in its original state.

In addition, a titanium coating on the drill bit nail can increase its durability. We also have other layers that can increase the longevity of the smooth drill bit nail. And they include:

Black oxide: A black oxide surface treatment on a smooth drill bit nail helps in reducing friction. Additionally, it increases chip flow. Hence, the drill bit nail won’t heat up faster when polishing the acrylic nails.

TiN (Titanium Nitride): TiN looks like gold. Consequently, it makes the smooth drill bit nail shave the material faster than the uncoated drill bit nail. Also, it increases the tool’s life.

TiCN (Titanium carbonitride): TiCN surface coating is blue-gray. And compared to other layers, it is more rigid with high wear resistance. Hence, it can remove more complex coatings like acrylic and gel nails without wearing them out rapidly.

TiALN (titanium aluminum nitride): Violet bronze in color, TiALN has more excellent ductility. Moreover, it offers boosted production levels at more incredible speeds and feeds. Hence, it can make the best nail drill bit for smoothing dip powder.

Which Features Determine the Quality of a Smooth Drill Bit Nail?

You can establish the quality of a smooth drill bit nail based on specific essential features. In truth, when you make the right choice of a drill bit nail, it guarantees success when doing your acrylics.

Before deciding on what drill bit to use to smooth acrylic nails, the following features remain critical:

Meticulous design

Meticulous design means the tool shows detailed characteristics. In particular, it indicates an exact and careful format. Therefore a quality smooth drill bit nail should go through a thorough production process. Consequently, it ensures that the tool attains detailed standard features required for a specific application.


Amongst essential quality features of a smooth drill bit nail include durability. In principle, durability refers to the ability of the tool to withstand rapid wear, damage, or other pressures.

In manufacturing a quality smooth drill bit nail, Syndent uses highly rigid raw materials. The highly refined and inflexible materials can produce very sturdy tools. Therefore, the specific smooth drill bit nail cannot wear out rapidly.

Excellent Resistance to High Temperatures

A good quality smooth drill bit nail should have an incredible performance even when exposed to high temperatures.

And to achieve this, Syndent manufactures the drill bit nail using optimum strength raw materials. Therefore, the tool has the best rigidity to handle high temperatures.

Our smooth drill bit nail tools with fluted cuts shave off the acrylics from your nails without scratching.

In essence, it significantly reduces the friction coefficient when filing the nails. As a result, it protects the tool against overheating abilities.

Stability and Precision

When filing or shaping the acrylic or gel nails, a manicurist desires accurate results. Hence, the tool you choose should have the required precision to produce precise cuts on your nails.

At the same time, the specific tool should offer maximum stability. And good stability ensures that a nail technician can file the nails conveniently.

Syndent designs the smooth drill bit nail through ultra-modern machines. In addition, we carry out regular checks to ensure the devices remain updated with high precision.

Hence, the smooth drill bit nail produced guarantees high stability and accuracy in managing all nail artwork jobs.

Versatility and Weight

Weight is a pretty important aspect when you want to achieve accurate results with your tool. In practice, using a heavy bit may increase the possibility of inaccurate results.

However, a lightweight tool gives the technician complete control when grinding the nails on the flip side. Thus, choosing a light, smooth drill bit nail increases the chances of acquiring quality results.

Also, versatility is another crucial feature that can determine the quality of a smooth drill bit nail. The versatility of the tool, in essence, helps the technician to have different options for doing various tasks.

Smooth Drill Bit Nail

Versatile and lightweight

Which Speed Rate Should You Operate the Smooth Drill Bit Nail?

As seen, a smooth drill bit nail rotates when used in a nail machine. And we have different models of nail drill machines on the market with great features.

Consequently, the nail machines have other maximum speed limits. However, you can choose an appropriate rate that only offers quality results with the nail drill bit for smoothing.

The rate at which you can operate the smooth drill bit nail may vary upon several factors.

To begin with, the type of task you initiate on your acrylic or gel nails. In particular, we have specific tasks that require a specific speed to do the job well. So when doing the cuticles, for instance, a slow rate would help.

Secondly, the type of enhancement or topcoat you intend to smooth out. Removing acrylic nails, for example, would require a slightly significant speed. On the contrary, using a nominal rate would help remove regular polish or soft gel.

Smooth drill bit nail tools can vary in size. Consequently, a bit with a small head diameter may work correctly at a higher speed.

On the contrary, you’ll need to smooth the acrylic slowly when using a more significant smooth drill bit nail.

In general, based on different factors, you can operate the smooth drill bit nail at multiple speeds. However, applying the smooth drill bit nail rate should lie between 7 500 RPM and 20 000.

Drill machines can have maximum speeds of up to 40 000 RPM. Nevertheless, 35 000 RPM remains a reasonable rate and recommended for professionals only. Therefore, it would help if the nail technician applies the correct speed with the smoothing nail drill bit.

Besides the smooth drill bit nail, we have a massive list of other abrasives to choose from. And some of them include e file nail drill bitsnail drill bits for dip powderrotary file bits, etc.

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