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Tire Reamer Bit

Syndent Tire Reamer Bit

Syndent tire reamer bit helps you in high stock removal of extra rubber and smooth jagged steel wire in repair areas.

For 11 plus successive years, Syndent has produced and distributed to worldwide customers quality tire reamer bits for automobile use.

Designed from solid tungsten carbide, Syndent tire reamer bits last longer and deliver you better efficiency.

Also, Syndent accept custom design and OEM for your special demands.

Tire Reamer Bit

1/8 inch (3mm) diameter with 3” length tire repair drill reamer bit tool.

Tire Reamer Bit

3/16 inch (4.5mm) diameter with 3” length tire repair drill reamer bit tool.

Tire Reamer Bit

1/4 inch (6mm) diameter with 3” length tire repair drill reamer bit tool.

Tire Reamer Bit

5/16 inch (8mm) diameter with 4” length tire repair drill reamer bit tool.

Tire Reamer Bit

3/8 inch (10mm) diameter with 4.5” length tire repair drill reamer bit tool.

Tire Reamer Bit

1/2 inch (12mm) diameter with 5” length tire repair drill reamer bit tool.

Why Syndent Tire Reamer Bit

Located in China, Syndent has more than 40 highly experienced staff. Together with more than 40 sets of advanced CNC equipment, Syndent can produce all popular tire reamers.

We can always meet your order demand to ensure your business risk-free.

Syndent designs high performing tire reamer bit mainly for tire repair purposes. You must produce ideal results when using Syndent tire reamer bits for tire repairs.

Syndent tire reamer bit mainly removes excess rubber and smooth jagged steel wire in repair areas. We design long-lasting diamond cut tire reamer bit you can use in tire repair.

Designed with a specific design flute geometry, you can easily grind or cut rubber and smooth steel belt area.

We make them in different diameters and lengths so that you can manage the available vulcanizing stem inserts in tire repairs. With Syndent tire reamer bit, you can always make your tire repair easy and faster.

Syndent produce sharp and long-lasting tire reamer bits at competitive prices. It provides maximum value for your money.

Our product has achieved a balanced point of a great combination of durability and affordability. You don’t need to worry about price and performance of our tire reamer bit.

Tire Reamer Bit

Syndent will check the raw material specifications of tire reamer bit before production.

Tire Reamer Bit

Syndent automatically brazes tire reamer bit with silver in a low temperature.

Tire Reamer Bit

We must make the tire reamer bit jumping test after brazing. The tolerance is less than 0.1mm

Tire Reamer Bit

Syndent examines the hardness of tire reamer bit shank after brazing, and tests the bending strength

Tire Reamer Bit

Solid tire reamer bit needs a shaping process from the carbide rod materials

Tire Reamer Bit

Syndent CNC grinds the tire reamer bit teeth after the tests approved

Tire Reamer Bit

Syndent polishes the tire reamer bit shaft, and its brazing position

Tire Reamer Bit

Syndent makes your logo on the tire reamer bit, and stick your own label on the case.



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Your Best Supplier of Tire Reamer Bit

Syndent can increase the production capacity of quality tire reamer bits at any time. This helps us meet your delivery speed needs regardless of quantity order.

With a limited budget, Syndent can effectively meet the delivery time required to maintain your limited cash flow.

Also, with a stable source, Syndent can make the fastest dispatch to maintain your business reputation.

Syndent boasts of a stable enterprise structure that provides you with a rock-solid supply chain. Our company lies under the management of three great cofounders.

An equipment maintenance engineer, a business sales supervisor, and a technical research and development engineer. You can always rely on Syndent tire reamer bits for great repairs of tires.

Syndent is amongst the earliest companies in China to start using CNC machine to process quality burr bits. We also actively featured in the formulation of the Chinese Standards for Rotary file Industry. Therefore, the Syndent tire reamer bit you buy always falls in the leading level in the industry.

Other than Syndent tire reamer bit, Syndent can supply you with different cutting tools. We design and distribute quality fiberglass router bit, long shank carbide burr, carbide burr set, etc.

Get an instant quotation of your next tire reamer bit, contact us now.

Tire Reamer Bit: A Complete FAQ Guide

Do you need an expert supplier or a professional tire reamer bit manufacturer?

Whatever questions at your disposal, this helpful guide about tire reamer bit can help you advance in your business.

Stay on board as we tackle some of the important questions and help you learn more about this special tool.

What is a Tire Reamer Bit?

A tire reamer bit, sometimes called a tire repair drill reamer, means a burr range made specifically for tire repair.

Syndent makes quality tire reamers with specific design flute geometry. This allows easy grinding on rubber and the steel belt area.

Syndent produces different diameters to cover the available vulcanizing stem inserts when repairing tires.

We have a centering carbide routing system that allows full control on convex surfaces.

The cone endpoint allows the enlargement of a pierced hole to the stem size. All our tire repair tools pass through our advanced CNC machine.

Syndent guarantees a consistent high-quality supply of carbide tire reamers for all your industrial needs.

With our tire reamer bits, you can ream out a hole in your tubeless tire. You can also clean the hole and enlarge it so that the tubeless string finds its way into a tire.

To make proper tire repair, you need a good selection of a tire plug reamer for the drill. You then plug the stem depending on the puncture injury size.

To effectively remove excess rubber and smooth jagged steel wire in repair places, use a low-speed tool.

Made from high-grade carbide steel, Syndent puncture repair drill bit special cutting edges produce sharp cutting action.

Also, they provide a lasting cutting power. And the shank of the tire reamer bit has a fat side that prevents slippery.

Syndent design tire patch drill bits to rotate at very high speeds. Therefore it can easily handle tasks on the tire. But remember to always adjust to the recommended speed.

What Are The Main Uses of A Tire Reamer Bit?

Syndent designs tire reamer bits in ranges which you can perfectly use in the rubber vulcanization process. The centering carbide routing system allows full control on all convex material surfaces.

Using a cone endpoint tire reamer bit, you can enlarge the pierced hole to stem sizes.

Featuring a specific design on the geometry of the cutting edges, you can effectively grind rubber and the steel belt section.

Syndent uses advanced CNC equipment to machine quality tire reamer bits for use in the tire industry.

When used with a low-speed tool, Syndent tire repair bit can remove excess rubber. It also removes the smooth jagged steel wire in any repair area.

You can smartly remove debris and clean out a channel of damage caused as a result of a tire puncture. A tire reamer bit makes a clean and smooth channel for a remarkable seal.

This is when you use a tire repair tool with stem patches. Syndent makes the tire reamer bit from durable carbide steel to withstand hard use.

You can work with reduced friction, and use very little effort to clean the affected area of the tire. Syndent tire reamer bits have high wear and corrosion resistance meaning they can last longer.

The sharp and effective flutes allow you to accurately drill through the hole. You can also grind and clean the tire and the steel belt position.

Do We Have Extended Shank Tire Reamer Bits?


Syndent designs tire repair drill bits with extended shanks to meet specific functions on rubber and the steel belt area.

Extended shanks tire reamer bits allow you to reach positions where other ordinary sizes won’t reach. They make your work easier and very convenient.

Sometimes called long reach drill bit for tire repair, you can use it as an ordinary tire reamer bit. This included grinding, cleaning and drilling.

We design the long shank tire reamer bit from quality tungsten carbide raw materials. We make the extended shank from hardened steel and extra good concentricity.

Syndent gives you a complete line of extended shank tungsten tire repair bits for tough and hard-to-reach grinding applications. Our tire reamer bits with extended shank come in different shapes.

This can help you greatly in completing all the tasks when preparing a tire. These include end cut, oval, flame-shaped, cylinder, ball, pointed tree, inverted cone, etc. With different options, it makes your work much easier and faster.

Which Raw Materials Do We Make a Tire Reamer Bit From?

Syndent makes tire reamer bits from tungsten carbide raw materials for the head and hardened steel for the shank.

We receive freshly mined raw materials from state-owned companies. Tungsten carbide is a mixture of tungsten and carbon in equal proportions. This makes a very hard component when used in manufacturing a tire reamer.

Tungsten carbide has a high density and features sharp cutting abilities. Also, it has a high hardness that almost compares to that of a diamond.

This implies you can acquire a good cutting action with a long-lasting performance of the carbide tire reamer.

The highest grade tungsten carbide raw materials guarantee a quality production of a tire plug reamer for drill.

You can use this professional tungsten carbide tool in perfectly preparing punctured tubeless tires.

Between Tungsten Carbide Tire Reamer Bit and Diamond Tire Reamer Bit, Which One Should You Choose?

Puncture repair drill bits made from both tungsten carbide and diamond provide outstanding performances.

Both diamond and tungsten carbide raw materials have a unique hardness that separates them from other materials.

Diamond is the hardest material ever on earth. Meaning, tire reamer bits designed from the material have the highest qualities of any other tool.

However, using a diamond reamer bit to prepare a punctured tire leaves the surface rough. This means you need another smoother tool if indeed you need a smoother surface finish.

Otherwise, the diamond tire patch drill bit promises powerful, long-lasting and accurate results. It has high wear and corrosion resistance abilities and works with very low friction.

Tungsten carbide raw materials have high density and extremely hard, almost similar to diamond. They have natural sharp cutting power and lasts longer just like a diamond.

Tungsten tire repair bit produces very precise and neat long-lasting cuts when preparing a punctured tire. Unlike a diamond tire reamer, you don’t need another tool to make a finer finish on the material surface.

Like a diamond, tungsten carbide has high resistance to rust and wear and you can complete tasks with low friction. Syndent designs tungsten carbide tire reamer bits to last longer and for efficient performance.

How do You Manufacture Tire Reamer Bits?

The tire reamer bit requires a very intense manufacturing process. It takes several processes to manufacture a quality tire repair drill reamer. This needs meticulousness in different perspectives.

The intense production processes of high-performing begin from material selection until the packaging of the tool. The step by step development process of Syndent carbide tire reamer include the following:

Material Assessment

You can manufacture a tire reamer bit from different materials. In this case, Syndent uses cemented carbide steel to make a professional tire reamer bit.

Before we commence with the production process, the tungsten carbide raw materials must pass the least quality requirements. This ensures that we acquire quality results after the entire manufacturing process.

Thus, our first step of quality development of our tire reamer bit involves material evaluation. Through this, we remain certain that we have the right materials that meet the required specifications for the entire process.


After we have evaluated the raw materials received from our top suppliers, we apply to braze. This involves the uniform joining of two metals together. Our raw materials, in this case, include tungsten carbide and hardened steel.

Syndent melts and flows a filler material between the joints of the two metals. The automatic brazing process ensures the silver brazing material flows uniformly under low temperatures.

Balancing(if necessary)

This is the immediate step after brazing which includes jump testing. The main focus here is to acquire a tolerance level that doesn’t exceed 0.1mm.

Bending(if necessary)

This step requires examining the hardness of a tire reamer bit. This essentially helps us in testing the strength of our tire plug reamer for drill. Thus, Syndent applies a bend on the tool to a certain extent.


This stage in the development process involves grinding the tire reamer bit to acquire a predetermined shape. Syndent uses an advanced CNC machine to shape the ideal tungsten tire repair bit.


Syndent then grinds the teeth of the tire repair drill bit after approving the test. This enables us to provide sharp cutting edges to the tire reamer bit.


This step comes as part of the finishing aspect of our tire reamer bit. We normally grind the shank of the tool and the brazing position to make them smoother. Syndent uses the abrasive material to polish the tire patch drill bit.


This comes as an ultimate process of developing our tire reamer bit. At this stage, we do customization of the product. This involves making your logos and sticking your labels on the case.

Which Power Tool Should You Fit a Tire Reamer Bit On?

We use Syndent reamer bit on air tools like the die grinder. Industries also can use tools like:

  • High-Speed Engravers
  • Micro Motors
  • Pneumatic Rotary Tools
  • Pendant Drills
  • Flexible Shafts
  • Hobby Rotary tools like a Dremel

Useful Note: Ensure the handpiece you choose for the tire reamer bit runs true. It shouldn’t cause any wobbling.

How Do You Use The Tire Reamer Bit On a Power Tool?

Fitting Syndent puncture repair drill bit requires a very simple and straightforward assembly. You only need to locate the collet on the die grinder machine.

For example and the shaft of the tire reamer bit. The tire reamer shaft goes straight into the tools collet, tighten with your hand, then with a wrench.

A wrench ensures the shank seats tightly in position to avoid vibrations when grinding your injured tire.

When fitted on a power tool, Syndent reamer bit can rotate at extreme speeds. This enables you to have a perfect cut or grind on the material surface.

Why Choose a Tire Reamer Bit?

Tire reamer bits presents several advantages which translate to a great investment. The benefits of owning Syndent tungsten tire repair bit include the following:

  • Syndent designs and develops tire reamer bit from the highest quality tungsten carbide raw materials. The quality carbide steel raw materials meet international standards needed for load-bearing. This essentially ensures maximum strength to reduce chances of breaking.
  • Syndent tire reamer bit produces perfect dimensional accuracy in a given tooling process. This helps greatly in obtaining workpieces that have appropriately balanced tolerance.
  • It is quite cost-effective to buy Syndent tire reamer bit to complete all the demands on a punctured tire. This happens especially when you buy in large quantities. You can save a good amount of cash even when you have a tight budget.
  • With Syndent tire reamer bit, you obtain improved efficiency for all the functions you apply on the material surface. This is because Syndent designs them with extremely sharp cutting power.

Do Tire Reamer Bits Come in Sets?


You can order your tire plug reamer for drill in sets. This makes it convenient for you when you need to apply different applications on material surfaces.

With Syndent tire reamer bit sets, you don’t need to incur extra expenses on buying several tools differently. This helps you save on costs and makes your work easier, convenient, and very fast.

Syndent tire patch drill bit set can improve your working efficiency hence increased output. Also, you can reduce manpower expenses at a very big margin.

Depending on your order, Syndent tire reamer bit set can range between 3mm and 10mm. You can have a 4 pcs tire reamer bit set, 5 pcs tire reamer bit, and so on.

Also, Syndent can help you in customizing your tire repair drill bit set according to your request. This can also include an extended shank tire reamer bit set and so on.

Which Sizes Can You Find Tire Reamer Bit In?

Syndent provides tire reamer bit in various sizes that suit your different tasks on the tire surfaces. This includes 3mm, 4.5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, and more.

The different sizes of Syndent tire reamer bits have a special design with flat sides. This helps them against slipping.

Does a Tire Reamer Bit Have Warranty?


Syndent provides a lifetime warranty for the tungsten tire repair bit. This acts as a guarantee on our product to assure you of quality.

In case you incur issues with the efficiency of the tool, Syndent can freely replace it.

Our tire reamer bits made from tungsten carbide have quality features and goes through a relatively intense production process.

We ensure that our product picks all quality features from every stage of development.

Which Safety Precautions Should You Consider When Using Tire Reamer Bit?

When working with Syndent tire reamer bits or other cutting tools, try very hard to remain safe at all times.

Safety creates a good environment to work in and helps you avoid possible injuries. You also increase the longevity of the tire repair drill reamer.

This should include measures like:

  • Making correct and perfect fitting of the tire reamer bit in the handpiece of your choice. Insert the shank of the tire reamer in the tools’ chuck
  • Using only a little pressure when using the tire reamer bit on the tire surface. You should always start with the highest material
  • Ensure your workpiece remains safe and tightly held in position before you can start any operation. This can improve your working experience and for better and accurate results
  • You should not snag or jam the tire reamer bit as this can greatly cause chipping of the cutting edges
  • Cover your eyes or the whole face with goggles or a face mask. Doing so helps in preventing small particles or debris from reaching your eyes or face. Also, wear gloves to protect your hands against injuries

Can You Drill Materials Use a Tire Reamer Bit?


With a good tire reamer bit and a plug stem choice, you can drill based on the puncture injury size.

Syndent designs a quality tungsten tire repair bit with three flat sides that prevent slippery when drilling material surfaces.

Syndent tire reamer bits have sharp pointed tips that can perfectly drill through rubber and the smooth jagged steel wire.

When using a tire reamer bit with a power tool, make sure to adjust at low speeds. This gives you good control of the tool and for a better outcome.

As earlier indicated, when using a tire reamer bit with a power tool, don’t exert too much pressure. When you exert a lot of pressure, you subject the bit’s cutting edges to easy chipping.

With time, the cutting edges grow smooth very fast, losing their cutting power.

How Long Can a Tire Reamer Bit Last?

The longevity of a tire reamer bit depends on several variables.

The market has several types of carbide tire reamers. All of them have different design geometry which plays important role in determining their durability.

A tire reamer with a meticulous design can promise you high efficiency when we consider its longevity.

Another determining factor includes the tire reamer bit’s usage intensity. It has a great influence on the durability of the tool.

The technique you apply while using a tire reamer bit on a material surface also can determine its longevity. If you exert a lot of pressure, the flutes wear out faster and vice versa.

The type of raw materials used in developing the tire reamer bit has great influence too. Materials like diamond and tungsten carbide have more strength hence increases the tool’s durability.

The diameter of the tire repair drill bit plays a significant role in determining its durability.

Those with smaller diameters usually wear out faster compared to bigger diameter tire reamer bits. This is evident when you subject the two to the same tooling conditions.

More importantly, the RPM you choose to use your tool when doing different tasks can also influence its durability. A higher RPM can make the tungsten tire repair bit wear very fast than a low RPM.

What Determines the Tire Reamer Bit Quality?

With just face value, you can sometimes hardly tell the quality of the puncture repair drill bit. However, you can apply specific approaches to determine the tire reamer bit quality. They include:

Meticulous design: A quality tire reamer bit goes through a careful design according to set industry standards. It also picks the needed details based on a specific application.

Designed to strict tolerance: The precision of a given tire reamer bit should comply with the set international standards. This essentially helps in doing away with probable defects.

Durability: Without any doubt, a quality tire reamer bit should have a high tolerance to numerous tooling conditions. This means it should have enough strength of handling various types of rubber and smooth jagged steel wire.

High-Temperature Tolerance: A quality tire reamer bit should perform better even at relatively high temperatures. This significantly allows you to operate the tire reamer bit hotter for an extended time.

Syndent appears as the best and leading company in China that manufactures quality tire reamer bit. We use a computerized CNC machine to manufacture high performing tire reamer bits. They have the highest ability to tolerate different tooling conditions in many ways.

Other than the tire reamer bit, Syndent has a range of other quality cutting tools. You can order from us fiberglass router bitsolid carbide burrrotary file bitrotary file for steel, etc. Our tools have quality cutting power and provide precise cuts for a long time without wearing out easily or rusting.

Get an instant quotation of Syndent tire reamer bit, contact us at any time, around the clock. Our customer care representatives can satisfactorily answer your urgent requests.

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