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Tungsten Carbide Burr Bits

Syndent Tungsten Carbide Burr Bits

Syndent tungsten carbide burr bits can provide you with sharp and sturdy performance on all kinds of materials.

We design quality tungsten carbide burr bits that can offer you excellent fine, detail work.

Syndent is a prominent producer and supplier of premium tungsten carbide in China to the rest of the world.

With rich experience of 11 plus years, we can offer you comprehensive range of tungsten carbide burr bits.

Syndent source tungsten carbide from state-owned companies to ensure that the final product is top rated.

Tungsten Carbide Burr Bits

Cylinder Tungsten carbide burr bits are ideal for contour finishing, flat surface removal.

Tungsten Carbide Burr Bits

Cylinder with end cut tungsten carbide burr bits are suitable for removal contour and right-angled corners

Tungsten Carbide Burr Bits

Cylinder with radius end tungsten carbide burr bits are suitable for processing contour and arc surface at a certain angle

Tungsten Carbide Burr Bits

Ball shape tungsten carbide burr bits are good for machining round edge and end pre-processing before brazing

Tungsten Carbide Burr Bits

Oval shape tungsten carbide burr bits are suitable for round edge removal

Tungsten Carbide Burr Bits

Tree with radius end tungsten carbide burr bits are perfect for grinding round edge in long and narrow positions

Tungsten Carbide Burr Bits

Tree with pointed end tungsten carbide burr bits are used for machining round arc contour in long and narrow places

Tungsten Carbide Burr Bits

Flame shape tungsten carbide burr bits are good at round edge machining

Tungsten Carbide Burr Bits

Cone shape tungsten carbide burr bits function like a countersink. Suitable for chamfering inner hole

Tungsten Carbide Burr Bits

Taper with radius end tungsten carbide burr bits are widely used for round contour removal in narrow positions, and surface machining

Tungsten Carbide Burr Bits

Taper with pointed end tungsten carbide burr bits are suitable for narrow position deburring and counter surface machining

Tungsten Carbide Burr Bits

Inverted cone tungsten carbide burr bits are suitable for rear-side chamfering from the inner side.

Why Syndent Tungsten Carbide Burr Bits

Syndent tungsten carbide burr bits guarantees you quality performance when used on metals and non-metals.

You can comprehensively use on stainless steel, copper, steel, zinc, aluminum, cast steel, cast iron and other metals.

You can easily use on non-metals such as jade, marble, wood, bone, fiberglass, ceramic, plastics, etc.

With our tungsten carbide burr bits, you can specifically use in grinding, drilling, shaping, machining, cutting, engraving, etc.

our tungsten carbide burr bits can help you in tool making, model engineering, chamfering, jewelry making, cylinder head porting and sculpting.

Thus, you can faultlessly apply in shipbuilding, automotive, aerospace, agriculture, dentistry, metalsmith and stone industries. You can easily and confidently process various materials in several effective ways.

Syndent tungsten carbide burr bits quality is stable and consistent at all time. Both the official order of our tungsten carbide burr bits and your samples are pretty same.

At Syndent, we have acquired a historical production experience of 11 years plus. We have shown honesty in all our services and earned ourselves a good reputation over several customers worldwide.

We also value credibility as it is the guardian of our day to day existence. At the same time, Syndent’s quality control system guarantees us responsible tracking of every development process. Thus, we can only provide you with high-quality Syndent tungsten carbide burr bits.

Tungsten Carbide Burr Bits

Syndent will check the raw material specifications of tungsten carbide burr bits before production.

Tungsten Carbide Burr Bits

Syndent automatically brazes tungsten carbide burr bits with silver in a low temperature.

Tungsten Carbide Burr Bits

We must make the tungsten carbide burr bits jumping test after brazing. The tolerance is less than 0.1mm

Tungsten Carbide Burr Bits

Syndent examines the hardness of tungsten carbide burr bits shank after brazing, and tests the bending strength

Tungsten Carbide Burr Bits

Solid tungsten carbide burr bits need a shaping process from the carbide rod materials

Tungsten Carbide Burr Bits

Syndent CNC grinds the tungsten carbide burr bits teeth after the tests approved

Tungsten Carbide Burr Bits

Syndent polishes the tungsten carbide burr bits shaft, and its brazing position

Tungsten Carbide Burr Bits

Syndent makes your logo on the tungsten carbide burr bits, and stick your own label on the case.



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  • Syndent has all the popular carbide cutters and shapes. Succeed in helping many customers save costs in the past decades.

  • Range from the dental laboratory to clinic purpose. Either a dental technician or dental doctor could find what you demand here.

  • You have creative nails through Syndent amazing nail carbide burrs. We can do better and think about what you think.

Your Best Supplier of Tungsten Carbide Burr Bits

Syndent has a stable enterprise structure that gives you a rock-solid supply chain. Our company is on a foundation of three people, previously employed in state-owned enterprises.

They include a technical research and development engineer, a business sales supervisor, and an equipment maintenance engineer.

Syndent is also amongst the earliest companies in China to introduce and use advanced CNC machines. We also participated in the Chinese Standards for Rotary File Industry formulation. The Syndent tungsten carbide burr bits you buy always lead in the industry.

If you have a limited budget or have a stable income, Syndent can serve you rightly. We provide effective delivery speed for you regardless of your budget.

Syndent can independently do research to develop a new CNC machine. We can easily increase on our machines to facilitate increased production capacity when required. This can enable us to satisfy your delivery speed demand at any time.

Tungsten Carbide Burr Bits

Syndent provides a lifetime warranty on the tungsten carbide burr bits we sell to you. If it develops a quality problem while using it, Syndent guarantees a free and fastest replacement.

Therefore, you can concentrate on developing your customer base and increase on the market share. Syndent promises to take care of all your issues.

Besides Syndent tungsten carbide burr bits, try die grinder stone bits, die grinder bits for hard steel, rotary deburring bits, etc.

Contact us for your next order of quality Syndent tungsten carbide burr bits or an instant quotation.

Tungsten Carbide Burr Bits – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Here is a valuable guide about tungsten carbide burr bits. Syndent presents a wide variety of durable and robust tungsten burr bits.

Read further and get to know the specifications and details about the tungsten carbide grinding bit.

What Are Tungsten Carbide Burr Bits?

Tungsten carbide burr bits are small attachments for rotary machines. These small rotary tools are used for multiple purposes.

You can grind, deburr, shape, enlarge the hole, and sand with Syndent burr tungsten carbide. These burrs rotate at a very high speed.

While rotating, the sharp cuts of the flute chip out small chunks and trim the surface as per your choice.

Syndent provides you with flexibility when it comes to machine selection. You may attach your tungsten carbide bit to whichever machine you have.

Tungsten Carbide Burr Bits

Tungsten Carbide Burr Bits

Furthermore, you may attach the carbide burr bit with battery-powered, electric-powered, or air-powered devices.

For example, you can attach your burrs with a die grinder, drill, pneumatic shaft, or micromotors.

When it comes to sizes and shapes, Syndent offers a wide range to you. You may choose an adequate cut, size, and shape as needed for your business.

Besides the standard carbide burrs, you may also get customized designs and sizes. However, Syndent manufactures long shank carbide burrs and miniature burrs to meet our valuable customers’ needs.

Tungsten Carbide Burr Bits

Long Shank Carbide Burrs

What Is Tungsten Carbide Bit Used for?

Tungsten carbide burr bits are versatile tools that can help you finish multiple tasks. Some of them are:

  • Sanding wood pieces
  • Grinding metal plates
  • Shaping a de-shaped glass piece
  • Softening sharp edges
  • Contouring uneven corners
  • Deburring a rough metal piece
  • Cutting a metal plate
  • Enlarging holes on wood or metal
  • Cutting and grinding patterns and shapes on wooden logs
  • Preparing the surface for polishing
  • Removing rust or damaged polish from a metal surface

Besides the versatility of uses, Syndent tungsten burr bits are applicable on numerous surfaces. Ferrous and non-ferrous metal, ceramics, plastic, glass, and wood are some examples.

The industries that benefit from the best tungsten carbide burr bits are:

  • Aerospace
  • Wood carving industry
  • Creative and designing sectors
  • Metal fabrication
  • Construction industry
  • Toolmaking sector

Tungsten Carbide Burr Bits

Tungsten Carbide Burr Bits for Polishing

What Is Tungsten Carbide Burr Bit Set?

Syndent values your time and investments. For this reason, Syndent compiles burrs in the form of various sets.

These sets contain a different number of burr bits. You may get three, four, eight, ten, twenty, or more burrs in one kit.

Depending on your business requirement, Syndent arranges the size and shape of the burr. There are standard tungsten carbide burr sets. Also, you may get custom made flute sizes and shapes.

Tungsten Carbide Burr Bits

Tungsten Carbide Burr Set

It depends on your choice. Syndent may provide you with small burrs or double cut burrs in a specific set.

For more information, you may contact Syndent’s specialist team of engineers.

Who Is the Best Tungsten Carbide Burr Bit Manufacturer in China?

Syndent is one of the leading tungsten carbide burr bit manufacturers in China. For the past 11 years, Syndent has been excelled in the field of high-speed burr rotary files.

The advanced CNC machines installed in the factory with up-to-date brazing technique enables Syndent to manufacture top-notch tungsten carbide burr bits.

Raw material suppliers and shipping services deal with Syndent projects on a priority basis. Therefore, Syndent ensures on-time delivery.

Syndent gives you the flexibility of order. You may order in bulk or small MOQs. Furthermore, an efficient team is available for you round the clock. You may send your queries and receive a reply within eight working hours.

Tungsten Carbide Burr Bits

Best Tungsten Carbide Burr Manufacturer

Syndent quality controllers and research and development officials bring innovations in the burr designs.

Top class raw material, advanced machines, innovative designs, and untiring efforts of the technicians collectively bring the best tungsten carbide burr bits for you.

So, choose an appropriate burr and get your quotation right now.

How to Find an Authentic Tungsten Carbide Burr Bits Factory?

Finding an authentic manufacturer and supplier is not an easy task. However, it can be less complicated if you follow specific steps.

Browsing and Searching

The first thing that may help you find a bona fide tungsten carbide burr bit manufacturer in China is web browsing.

Google provides you with a list of top-class and highly ranked factories and industries. All you need to do is write your desired keyword in the searching pane.

For example, you may type, rotary cutter for wood in the Google search bar. You will get hundreds of results. Pick the top results and visit their official websites for more information.

Similarly, you may search through social media or trading websites.

Tungsten Carbide Burr Bits 

Searching the Web

Visiting Factories and Wholesale Markets

If convenient for you, you must go to China, visit the industrial clusters and wholesale markets. It is the most effective way to find a manufacturer of your choice.

Personal visits give you the chance to see the manufacturing process and help build a friendly relationship with the factory members.

By comparing multiple factories, you can decide which tungsten carbide burr bits factory best suits you.

How Efficient Are Tungsten Carbide Burr Bits For Wood Carving?

Tungsten carbide wood carving burrs are a fantastic addition to your toolbox. Carving on wood with a chisel and hammer is time-consuming. With tungsten carbide burr bits, you may save time and also get smoother and neat results.

Syndent rotary burr set for wood contains multiple burrs. These burrs are available in variable sizes, flute cuts, and shapes.

Small wood burr bits are suitable for wood carving. You can also create creative sculptures on wooden logs with Syndent tungsten burr bits.

The sharp flute cuts chip out excessive wood quickly. Flutes with coarse cuts like double-cut or diamond-cut flutes are also suitable for sanding the wood.

Tungsten Carbide Burr Bits

Wood Carving Burrs

Ball-shaped and oval shapes burrs are ideal for contouring around edges and making smoother corners.

Furthermore, the tungsten carbide wood carving burrs can conveniently make holes or cut through the materials like wood veneer.

Syndent tungsten carbide cutter rotary burr can also serve as a router bit. You can make designs on the corners with the help of ball-shaped or cone-shaped burrs.

What Is the Use of Tungsten Carbide Burr Bit with ¼ Shank Diameter?

1/4inches equal 6mm. A tungsten carbide burr with a ¼ shank diameter is a standard-sized burr. Syndent creates three standard burr shank diameters, 3, 6, and 9mm.

These three sizes are compatible with almost every rotary machine. However, if your machine collet is more prominent in size, you may add a collet adaptor attachment.

The collet adaptor fixes in the machine and provides you with an appropriate size for your burr. ¼” or 6mm diameter is the middle size and the most commonly used burr diameter.

Every flute cut and shape is available in this shank diameter. You may also get customized shank diameters at Syndent.

Tungsten Carbide Burr Bits

Tungsten Carbide Burr with ¼ Shank Diameter

What Is the Application of Tungsten Carbide Double Cut Rotary Burr Bit?

Tungsten carbide double cut rotary burr removes material quickly.


Its sharp coarse cuts, intersecting each other, on the flute cut the material in small chunks. While rotating very high speed, the double cut flute makes small chips of whatever material you are working on.

You can work on metal with double cut burr bits and are equally suitable for wood or glass. These burrs are ideal for:

  • Removing smaller chips
  • Making the surface smooth and neat
  • Removing excessive material quickly
  • Removing medium-light stock
  • Deburring

Among all the tungsten carbide burr bits, double cut burrs are the most commonly used rotary files. Various industries prefer using double cut burrs due to their fast and smooth finishing properties.

Tungsten Carbide Burr Bits

Tungsten Carbide Double Cut Rotary Burr

What Is the Difference between a Drilling Bit and Tungsten Carbide Cutter Rotary Burr?

Drilling bits and tungsten carbide burrs are rotary tools that rotate at high speed and penetrate through the material.

The drilling bit is specifically designed to drill through rigid materials. However, the primary purpose of the tungsten carbide burr is no cutting or drilling.

Tungsten Carbide Burr Bits

Drill Bit

Tungsten carbide burr bits are suitable for grinding and deburring. At the same time, drilling bits can only drill and make holes. A drilling bit cannot shape, clean, grind, or polish a surface.

Moreover, the operating speed also differs in both tools. Tungsten carbide burr bits rotate at high speed and give better results. However, a drill machine rotates comparatively slower than a die grinder.

Drill bits are suitable more for rocks, concrete, or wood. At the same time, the tungsten carbide bit is ideal for various materials, including glass, bone, and plastic.

Tungsten Carbide Burr Bits

Tungsten Carbide Rotary Burr

Besides the differences in application, drilling bit and tungsten carbide burr bits also differ in their shapes. A tungsten carbide burr has a sharp flute at one end brazed with silver. These flutes are available in variable sizes, shapes, and cuts.

However, a drilling bit has spiral cuts along the shaft. The whole shaft penetrates in the material to make or enlarge holes. While working with a tungsten carbide burr file, you may put the rotating burr on the material’s surface to remove unwanted material.

What Type of Tungsten Carbide Bit Is Used for Rapid Reduction?

For rapid reduction of material Syndent offers you single-cut or aluminum cut burrs. These burrs have flutes with one-sided cuts.

These cuts, while rotating, remove long chunks of material. In this way you may get rid of unnecessary material within seconds.

Tungsten Carbide Burr Bits 

Single Cut Carbide Burr

Some other cuts that Syndent has in shop for you to remove the material faster are:

  • Foundry cut
  • Chipbreaker cut
  • Fast mill cut

Every cut has its own specifications.

  • Foundry cut is ideal for foundry applications and round edges.
  • Chipbreaker cut provides you an improved control and leaves the surface smoother.
  • Fast mill cut is ideal for soft ferrous materials.
  • Aluminum cut flutes are ideal for removing stock on non-ferrous materials.

What Are the Advantages of Using Tungsten Carbide Burr Bits?

Tungsten carbide burr bits are beneficial for you in various ways. Let us have a look at some of the advantages:

  • Syndent offers very low and markets competitive prices for high-quality tungsten carbide rotary files.
  • You may get variable results from a single burr.
  • These are versatile bits that can work on variable surfaces.
  • Numerous industries benefit from Syndent tungsten carbide bits.
  • Syndent manufactures burrs in variable sizes and shapes to meet the demands of every client and industry.
  • High-quality tungsten carbide ensures the long life span of the tool.
  • Tungsten carbide has a high melting point. For this reason, you may work with your tool for an extended period without the fear of damage or breakage.
  • The high wear resistance of tungsten carbide makes the tool durable and long-lasting. Its sharp flutes can work on hard surfaces without losing their sharpness.
  • Syndent manufactures tungsten carbide burr bits in three different shank diameters. These shanks are compatible with most of the rotary tools. So, no matter which device you have, you may use Syndent rotary files conveniently.

Tungsten Carbide Burr Bits

Syndent Tungsten Carbide Burr Bits

  • Variable flute shapes give you the flexibility to work on different shapes and corners. While carving and engraving, you may attain various curves and forms with the help of a versatile range of tungsten carbide rotary files.
  • Syndent applies K25 and K20 on the flutes. It protects the flute from rust and corrosion. Consequently, cleaning becomes easier for you. You may dip the burr in acid or caustic soda. It will clean the burr efficiently without damaging the flute.
  • Tungsten carbide burr bit has a very easy-to-keep size. You can store these burrs in your toolbox. They don’t occupy much space, unlike grinding wheels.
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