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Syndent Tungsten Carbide Cutter

Syndent provides not only tungsten carbide cutter itself, but also help you create extra values than tungsten carbide cutter. We will help your business with more positive advice, discounts. So that you must become the top seller of tungsten carbide cutter in your area.

We accept private OEM service. You can make your own tungsten carbide cutter brand on the case. Also, you can select the satisfied tungsten carbide cutter to compose the rotary burr set for your unique sales. There is a wide range of burr cutter sizes for your choosing, including cylindrical tungsten carbide cutter, ball tungsten carbide cutter, tree tungsten carbide cutter, taper tungsten carbide cutter, etc.

Syndent tungsten carbide cutters request you to use them with correct rotary speed. Your different material, different carbide cutter size demands different rotary speed. The wrong speed will lead to a bad cutter tool life. You can require the rotary speed chart from Syndent if you don’t know.


Cylinder tungsten carbide cutter is ideal for contour finishing, flat surface removal.


Cylinder with end cut tungsten carbide cutter is suitable for removal contour and right-angled corners


Cylinder with radius end tungsten carbide cutter is suitable for processing contour and arc surface at a certain angle

SD Tungsten Carbide Cutter

Ball shape tungsten carbide cutter is good for machining round edge and end pre-processing before brazing

SE Tungsten Carbide Cutter

Oval shape tungsten carbide cutter is suitable for round edge removal

SF Tungsten Carbide Cutter

Tree with radius end tungsten carbide cutter is perfect for grinding round edge in long and narrow positions

SG Tungsten Carbide Cutter

Tree with pointed end tungsten carbide cutter is used for machining round arc contour in long and narrow places

SH Tungsten Carbide Cutter

Flame shape tungsten carbide cutter is good at round edge machining



Cone shape tungsten carbide cutter functions like a countersink. Suitable for chamfering inner hole



Taper with radius end tungsten carbide cutter is widely used for round contour removal in narrow positions, and surface machining


Taper with pointed end tungsten carbide cutter is suitable for narrow position deburring and counter surface machining


Inverted cone tungsten carbide cutter is suitable for rear-side chamfering from the inner side.


Why Syndent Tungsten Carbide Cutter

Tungsten carbide cutter is usually manufactured with excellent tungsten carbide material. Syndent tungsten carbide cutter is ideal for removing, shaping, smoothing very hard materials, like titanium, cast iron, stainless steel, alloy steel, etc. We have been manufacturing tungsten carbide cutters for more than 10 years.

Syndent tungsten carbide cutter has all sizes from small to big. Small carbide burr cutter is generally used for the toughest deburring and carving on different materials, like metal, glass, ceramic, acrylic, wood. You can use a big carbide rotary cutter for great stock removal.

Tungsten carbide cutter

Syndent will check the raw material specifications of Tungsten Carbide Cutter before production.

Tungsten carbide cutter

Syndent automatically brazes Tungsten Carbide Cutter with silver in a low temperature

Tungsten crbide cutter

We must make the Tungsten Carbide Cutter jumping test after brazing. The tolerance is less than 0.1mm

Tungsten carbide cutter

Syndent examines the hardness of Tungsten Carbide Cutter shank after brazing, and tests the bending strength

Tungsten carbide cutter

Solid Tungsten Carbide Cutter needs a shaping process from the carbide rod materials

Tungsten carbide cutter

Syndent CNC grinds the Tungsten Carbide Cutter teeth after the tests approved

Tungsten carbide cutter polishing

Syndent polishes the Tungsten Carbide Cutter shaft, and its brazing position

Tungsten carbide cutter

Syndent makes your logo on the Tungsten Carbide Cutter, and stick your own label on the case.



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Your Best Supplier of Tungsten Carbide Cutter

Syndent manufactures your tungsten carbide cutter with advanced CNC machines. Brazed burr cutter blanks enter into CNC machine, go out with the finished tungsten carbide cutter. Syndent spends fewer workers monitor more CNC machines. We minus lots of labor costs. Thus You benefit from the cost reduction.

Syndent focuses on the long-term experience collected by team members. We regard them as Syndent core assets. Therefore, our engineers can ensure your tungsten carbide cutter is always in the best position in the industry.

Syndent exports 90% of tungsten carbide cutter to Europe and the United States. We also regularly participate in various exhibitions. Therefore, we can get the latest information on various tungsten carbide cutter models in time. At the same time, our worldwide customers will also mail us new samples, requesting us to customize them. Syndent can develop a new tungsten carbide cutter with the market every month. This can help you stay sticky to your customers.

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Tungsten Carbide Cutter

Tungsten Carbide Cutter: A Complete FAQ Guide

Tungsten carbide cutting tools are relevant in every machining system. The condition of the cutting tool highly contributes to overall product quality. As a potential buyer and a newbie, you need background research before investing in any tungsten carbide cutter.

In this guide, we provide comprehensive questions and answers. Literally, about anything you need to know about this product.

What is Tungsten Carbide Cutter?

Tungsten carbide cutters, also commonly called carbide burr tool or metal burr. All refer to machinery cutting tools. It relies on high-speed rotation to polish, cut, clean, deburr, carve, remove material, etc.

Tungsten carbide cutter offers super performance on metals like zirconia, cast iron, steel, etc.

Syndent observes quality control in the manufacturing process of carbide burr cutter. We check the quality towards the cutter tool before delivery. We develop your tungsten carbide cutter from quality raw materials of carbon and tungsten.

We supply all sizes of carbide rotary cutter tools, big and small. The general use of small carbide Syndent cutter includes carving and deburring. Works on toughest materials like glass, metal, acrylic, hardwood, etc. Industries use big Syndent burr cutter on projects that demand heavy stock removal.

Tungsten Carbide Cutter

Syndent tungsten cutters can work on the following projects;

  • Milling
  • Facing
  • Drilling
  • Turning
  • Parting off
  • Deep hole boring
  • Grooving
  • Threading
  • Planning

How Do We Manufacture Tungsten Carbide Cutter?

Professional Tungsten carbide cutter undertakes an extensive step-by-step development process. Through CNC equipment, highly skilled Syndent R&D staff have delivered spectacular tungsten carbide cutter tools.

An achievement we hold for over 10 years. We, therefore, have the potential and capabilities in the industry to deliver to you what you ask.

Material Assessment

Before the development of tungsten carbide cutter commences, we need raw materials. The main material featured includes tungsten carbide. Sufficiently supplied by well-known companies in the world. We hold them in high esteem and trust for delivering on time.

The relevant team scrutinizes for the assurance that we work with only top-grade raw materials. The QA team then allows international standard-based raw materials in the warehouse. They make them ready for the next processing step.


We apply an automated process of joining tungsten carbide and hard steel together. It involves melting and flowing silver filler material in the joint, at absolutely depressed temperatures.

Tungsten Carbide Cutter


Comes after brazing tungsten carbide and hard steel and involves jump testing. Advanced CNC equipment enables tungsten carbide cutter to attain a balanced tolerance level. Should feature a level required for all kinds of tooling needs. We ensure it attains 0.1 mm or less tolerance level.


The purpose of bending tungsten carbide cutter is to test hardness and toughness. Strength to manage difficult-to-cut materials like HSS. So, immediately after it attains the correct tolerance level, we expose it to a degree of bending. This tests its strength.


In addition to balanced tolerance degree and phenomenal strength, tungsten carbide cutter acquire form. CNC machine can grind tungsten carbide burr uniformly to give it an appropriate shape.


Immediately after we approve tests, tungsten carbide burr should have the cutting ability.  Here, we grind tungsten carbide cutter teeth to create different flute styles.


Almost finished, we make it more eye-catching. We, therefore, apply a polish to the shank of the tungsten carbide cutter.


Our last step in developing a tungsten carbide cutter includes packaging. Makes it ready for delivery to the right client. Involves making logos according to customer needs. Also involves applying customer’s choice labels and then make deliveries.

Tungsten Carbide Cutter

What Top Advantages Does Tungsten Carbide Cutter Offer?

Many benefits accompany with Syndent tungsten carbide cutter you select for industrial use.

They include the following advantages:

  • Tungsten carbide cutter has cemented carbide, main material we develop an excellent working tool.

We work very hard and keenly. This ensures we have the right material that guarantees us a long-lasting final product. Even though we highly trust our suppliers, we scrutinize the materials once more.

We target a sure good processing start. Our S&D skilled workers we deploy convert the raw materials into exceptionally cutter tools.

  • Syndent fabricates tungsten carbide cutter in distinct sizes and shapes.

Regardless of demands, freely choosing the right size for the job or shape makes successive projects.

  • Enables industries come up with the exact dimensions you set on a project to work on.

Build with a high degree of tolerance through the latest CNC equipment, the cutter slices materials to precision. Therefore, you work on a perfected project with all details featured.

  • Creates the most cost-effective way to work out your projects through cutting, polishing, deburring, etc.

This seemingly comes up when you order huge quantities of leading performing cutters from us. Thus, we assist you in working on diverse projects and materials of great proportions at affordable prices.

  • Sufficiently cuts divergent materials, soft or hard, rapidly to make work easier. Because of effective cutting flutes, you can consistently do task after task in very little time.Tungsten Carbide Cutter

How Do You Compare Tungsten Carbide Cutter With HSS Burr?

HSS burrTungsten carbide cutter
Has a red hardness of 650 degreesHas red highness of between 800 to 1000 degrees
Requires frequent sharpeningDoesn’t require sharpening
High cutting speedHas 7 times higher cutting speed than HSS
Not wear-resistantWear-resistant
Soften at high temperaturesMeant for long term use

What Features Should You Look for in a Tungsten Carbide Cutter?

Tungsten carbide cutter has diversified features. Customers find them useful in improving their quality tasks on projects.

Many manufacturers have flooded the industry with assorted tungsten carbide cutters. For new customers in the industry, choosing quality tool can sometimes appear confusing.

Therefore you should master all important features a quality tungsten carbide cut possesses.

Meticulousness: This means the ability of the tungsten carbide cutter to undergo strict production. Regulations underlined by international standards. It generates all quality details capable of meeting the needs of any project.

Durability: Ideal tungsten carbide cutter should furnish you with the best performance, longest time possible. Cemented carbide supplies the cutter with extreme hardness, needed especially when cutting hard materials. Hard tungsten carbide cutter has a high resistance to hard conditions such as rust and hot temperature.

High-temperature tolerance: Tungsten carbide cutter should have high-level tolerance towards hot tooling conditions. Regardless of less or more time taken, the tool’s performance should maintain a continuously high level.

Tungsten Carbide Cutter

Accuracy/Stability: Implies tungsten carbide cutter should lay out the great foundation of accurate cuts on materials. Should maintain the same accuracy from easy-to-cut materials to those tough in nature. Which include HSS or hardened steel. While supplying prominent results of accuracy, the tungsten carbide cutter must remain stable in operations.

Weight/versatility: Most importantly, consider the weight of the tungsten carbide cutter you wish to buy. A heavyweight carbide rotary cutter can sometimes appear inconsistent in performance. Lightweight allows easy control during operation, issuing remarkable and consistent performance throughout the tasks.

On another level, it should lay out collected ways of doing tasks and on unlimited types of materials.

Syndent stands out as a Company with consistency in building carbide cutters of striking features.

Our tool stands tall in the industry. 90% of Syndent burr cutters go to the US and European nations.

We actively participate in different exhibitions. Through the theme, we obtain relevant information to develop models of carbide cutters in time.

Which Materials Can a Tungsten Carbide Cutter Function On?

Tungsten carbide cutters work on a wide range of materials. The tools do not chirp or break, which also makes them a good option for soft metals like platinum.

They can also work on all types of wood, metals, plastics, and fiberglass.

Tungsten Carbide Cutter

The list below shows a compilation of materials Tungsten carbide burr can work on:


Steel, Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel


  • Fiberglass
  • Wood
  • Nickel
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Carbon steel
  • Platinum
  • Ceramics
  • CRP
  • Zinc
  • Stainless steel
  • Titanium
  • Brass
  • Steel
  • Copper
  • GRP
  • Bronze
  • Aluminum
  • Cast Iron
  • Plastic

How Can One Use Tungsten Carbide Cutter?

Burr cutters have divergent functions. Various industries make use of them to reduce workload and increase output.

This ranges from shaping and grinding, to deburring and cutting, amongst others.


Tungsten carbide cutter has the capability of conveniently making classical shapes from materials. Sharp cutters known as blades have superior cutting efficiency that makes shaping an enjoyable task.


Amongst frequently done things in industries include grinding materials at different levels in industries. Tungsten carbide cutter can grind materials indiscriminately before perfectly polishing.


Cutting appears the main purpose of carbide rotary cutter. Material cutting happens in industries concerned with metals and materials in the same category. Before you start handling any task on a defined project, you have to cut materials into pieces.

Syndent burr cutter has sharp flutes made from ideal hard and tough material. Material cutting using carbide rotary cutter happens within minutes, even those that look hard.

Tungsten Carbide Cutter


Also commonly done on projects and which our clients find our burr cutter much fruitful to achieve it. Tungsten carbide cutter can modify a project. This includes removing chips called burrs, to make the material smooth and safe.

Enlarging holes

We build using cemented carbide. And with different flutes and cuts, tungsten carbide burr can dig drywall, cut stone, etc. In short, the burr cutter can act as a drilling tool if circumstances allow.

Because of the ability to drill, you can confidently create holes to a certain depth. Also helps to enlarge them to the desired diameter.

Based on the explanation above, Syndent carbide rotary cutters have divergent uses on particular materials. The tool can considerably cut, polish, deburr, clean, remove material, etc. It has high-operational efficiency and with astonishing results.

Can You Use a Tungsten Carbide Cutter on Drills?


The main uses of tungsten carbide cutters can vary depending on the function and type of material. Basically, our tool can grind, deburr and shape lots of materials including hardwood, stone, bone, drywall, etc.

However, you can occasionally use the tool to drill holes in hard materials like concrete and steel. However, you can occasionally use the tool to drill holes in hard materials like concrete and steel. Specific flute or cut type have different roles they play on materials.

Single cut tungsten carbide cutter can dig deep inside a material by producing longer chips. You can make good holes of any diameter and depth using single cut burr cutter.

Otherwise, an exceptional drilling tool Syndent builds for the job is rotary file bit. The rotary file bit has superb drilling performance than any other tool.

Tungsten Carbide Cutter

Do Manufacturers Develop Tungsten Carbide Cutter in Shapes?


For the purposes of variances in project requirements, you can buy cutters in sets of varied shapes. This can feature ball type, oval shape, tree-pointed, tree-radius end, flame shape, etc.


Used to finish contours on materials and clear flat surfaces.

Cylinder-End Cut

Comes with flat end for clearing contours and on materials with right angles.

Cylinder with Radius End

Works perfectly on materials with contours and arc material surface at an angle.

Ball Shape

Has round shape for round edge machining and pre-processing your project’s final stages so that you can apply to braze.

Oval Shape

Clears the round edges on particular projects.

Tree-pointed End

Generously removes round edges by grinding even in long, narrow positions of materials.

Tree-Radius End

Radius end can perfectly machine contoured materials and round arcs.

Tungsten Carbide Cutter

Flame Shape

Ideal tool for machining round edges.

Cone Shape

Looks like cone and with similar functions as a countersink. Chamfers inner holes.

Taper with Radius

Smoothens material by grinding off round contours on the surface material. Easily reaches narrow positions to machine surfaces.

Taper with Pointed End

Easily machines narrow positions while grinding contours.

Inverted Cone

Dedicated for chamfering the rear side of material from inside.

What RPM Speed Should You Use on Many Sizes of Tungsten Carbide Cutter?

The speed to use highly depends on the material your burr cutter works on at the moment.

For instance, cutting speed required for cutting hard materials like hardened steel looks greater. This looks different than when used on soft materials.

Bearing that in mind, we can’t conclude that tungsten carbide cutter has the exact speed used on specific materials. We however advise making use of the maximum effective speed.

Here is a breakdown of the recommended speed to apply when using a tungsten carbide cutter;

12.4mm17,000 – 26,000
23.0mm17,000 – 26,000
36.0mm11,000 – 16,5000
413.0mm8,000 – 12,000
516.0mm7,650 – 11,500

Tungsten Carbide Cutter

As indicated above in a simplified table, Syndent provides five popular carbide rotary cutter sizes. The different sizes match with the speed that manufacturers recommend, starting from the lowest to the highest. If possible, your operation should lie within what the table indicates.

You should use tungsten carbide cutters with the right rotary speed. Different materials and carbide cutter sizes require dissimilar rotary speeds.

Syndent provides the speed chart above for customers who don’t know the speed they ought to use. A wrong speed can lead to poor cutting efficiency and overall lifespan.

Useful Note: If the cutter head diameter looks bigger than the rest, do not exceed a speed of 35,000 RPM. Furthermore, a better way you can cut materials with a tungsten carbide cutter is to start slowly. Then as you go on, increase speed slowly until you attain maximum speed.

What is the Cost of a Tungsten Carbide Cutter?

The amount you pay for a tungsten carbide cutter will depend on different factors.

Material used

One of these factors include the type of material used. Note that we build carbide rotary cutters by equally combining tungsten and carbon to form a strong burr cutter.

Tungsten alone features different grades. Usually, the most superior tungsten grade costs relatively higher.

Tungsten Carbide Cutter


Another factor that determines the price is the shape or design of the carbide cutter.

Quantity Order

The minimum order will also determine how much you will pay. Many manufacturers offer discounts if you buy the products in large quantities.

Type of Supplier

The cost will also vary depending on the supplier you choose. Suppliers sell these products at varied prices.

Production level and demand

The level of production and market demands can also play important roles in the price of a carbide cutter.


The last determinant is the delivery destination. Usually, the longer the distance the more you have to pay.

Which Industries Can Benefit from Tungsten Carbide Cutters?

Syndent cutters are applicable in a wide range of industries. This is due to the following reasons;

  • Feature superior quality
  • Greatly reduces material wastage due to precise cutting
  • Reduces labor costs with a great marginTungsten Carbide Cutter

Due to these benefits, tungsten cutters play an important role in machining applications. Some of the common industries that can benefit from tungsten carbide cutters include;

  • Metal fabrication
  • Heavy machinery
  • Wood industry
  • Jewelry
  • Automotive and transport
  • Dental industry
  • Construction
  • Welding industry
  • Automobile
  • Aerospace

Who Uses Tungsten Carbide Cutter?

Most industries you visit use tungsten carbide cutters for their specific tasks on projects. Industries like wood, metal fabrication find carbide burr cutter a convenient tool to cut, shape, or grind materials.

They include:

  • Model engineers
  • Dentists
  • Engravers
  • Welders
  • Jewelry makers
  • Sculptors
  • Metal workers
  • Grinders
  • Engineers
  • Carvers

Can Tungsten Carbide Cutter Carve Stone?


Tungsten Carbide Cutter

Syndent carbide cutter strongly cuts, engraves, carves, and grinds stone. Syndent develops the toughest tungsten carbide cutter from the highest grade material, almost like a diamond in nature.

Built with high density, our burr cutter can sharply cut stone and perform other amazing applications.

Can Tungsten Carbide Cutter Cut Glass?


Built with unique geometry, carbide rotary cutter has built-in sharp cutting edges in form of flutes. Sharp flutes not only cuts, but shapes and grinds glass in given situations but you should keenly follow safety measures.

Glass can cause severe injuries to both your eyes and hands. These demands the use of protective gear like gloves, goggles, and face masks.

Otherwise, Syndent has the best tool for cutting glass known as fiberglass router bit. It doesn’t drag in its function and cuts and shapes glass like cutting butter

Does Tungsten Carbide Cutter Cut Stone?


By now you can realize that carbide rotary cutter naturally has endless applications on multitudes of materials.

This also include limitless functions on stone like shaping, engraving, cutting, grinding, polishing, cleaning, material removal, etc.

Syndent uses superior materials to build a brittle and highly performing burr cutter that can make stone cutting enjoyable.

Can You Use Tungsten Carbide Cutter on Wood?


Syndent carbide burr cutter cuts, shapes, engraves, carves and grinds any type of wood.

Different cutting styles of the cutter allow you to modify wood accordingly with an outcome of a smooth, clean, and polished product.

Through our qualified QA staff, Syndent CNC machines grind the burr cutter to provide correct and effective flutes.

Cutting edges have high cutting strength and the carbide cutter strength offers maximum stability for all demands on wood.

In addition to carbide burrs Syndent manufacturers, you can find an alternative tool that can perfectly manage tasks on wood.

With carbide burr for wood carving, wood industries handle tasks in various ways like grinding, engraving, polishing, cutting, carving, etc.

Which Tools Can Tungsten Carbide Cutter Correctly Fit?

Syndent carbide burr cutter generally fits correctly on automated tools. This can include tools like pneumatic rotary tools, die grinders, micro motors and so on.

The noticeable features on tungsten carbide cutter allow easy fitting on die grinders and most popularly used rotary tools.

We make shanks of the burr cutter so that you can insert freely in the collet of a specific rotary tool. Our burr cutter naturally rotates rapidly when in a rotary tool like the commonly used die grinder machine.

Whether you opt for die grinder, micro motor, or any favorite rotary tool, the burr must run true.

Tungsten Carbide Cutter

How Does Tungsten Carbide Cutter Fit in Die Grinder?

You need a very straight forward and easy steps to assemble the carbide cutter into the rotary tool. Since our research indicates that tungsten carbide burr can fit on most of the rotary tools, the process remains the same.

First, know that the shank of the burr cutter seats inside the chuck of your rotary tool and screwed tightly. In our case, we need a wrench that ensures carbide rotary cutter firmly to avoid wearing and underperformance.

Useful note: Find more information on the procedure of installing burr cutter on the compatible rotary tool from user’s guide.

How Long Does a Tungsten Carbide Cutter Last?

Generally, tungsten carbide cutters have the highest durability and brittleness than cutting tools made from other materials.

Syndent strictly maintains the use of cemented carbide, heavy raw material with great cutting effects, and overall tool functioning. Sometimes we can blend in stronger materials like cobalt to make the tool even harder and very stronger.

Owing to such robustness, burr cutter made from such materials can offer very long service with no chipping or breaking.

Thus, the lifespan of carbide burr cutter hugely depends on the type of raw materials used in building the ideal tool.

Tungsten Carbide Cutter

How Do I Ensure I Remain Safe While Using Tungsten Carbide Cutter?

Working with a sharp rotating tool like tungsten carbide cutter can sometimes cause injuries when in use. We, therefore, need to take necessary precautions when working operating the die grinder machine with burr cutter.

Always remember the following precautions before and when using a tungsten carbide cutter:

  • Ensure you tightly secure your work material in an effective workbench to reduce possibility of damaging the tool or material. This also helps in protecting yourself
  • Ensure correct fitting of the shaft of the carbide rotary cutter into the collet and tightly clamp it down
  • Do not jam the carbide cutter into your work or snag it. This might render the cutting edges of the tool ineffective because of chipping
  • Always keep the burr cutter in the move but not still and focus on the material at hand
  • Protect your eyes or better still, use a shield to protect the whole face. Also, put on hand gloves
  • Tungsten carbide cutters have high specific gravities. It is therefore important to be extra careful when cutting large materials
  • When tungsten rotary cutters grow hotter, mist or dusk can occur. This can cause serious issues if swallowed, inhaled, or comes in contact with your skin or eyes.
  • Ensure you have adequate ventilation to avoid suffocation

Do Tungsten Carbide Cutters Require Regular Maintenance?

With no doubt, yes.

You absolutely need to carry out regular cleanness of your tungsten carbide cutter. Not only does it enhance high performance, but also ensures a long-lasting cutting tool lasts.

Always ensure that your carbide cutter is clean before storage. After each operation, remove the cutter from the collet and clean it. If you don’t intend to use it soon, lightly spray it using an anti-corrosion product

Make sure that the cutting edges remain sharp for the next operation. Avoid using blunt cutters as this will only result in overheating and a poor finish. Invest in a new cutter once the old one becomes blunt.

Muriatic acid or the use of ultrasonic method perfectly makes tungsten carbide cutter clean and ready for upcoming tasks. Concentrated muriatic acid way of cleaning best applies when you use the burr cutter on aluminum metal. You can have better results with this method by first removing debris manually. Then followed by immersing the tool in muriatic acid. After soaking for 10 minutes, the acid completely dissolves all the remaining deposits for a sparkling looking burr cutter.

However, ultrasonic method has high recommendations from manufacturers because of its versatility in terms of materials it removes from carbide burr cutter. Before you start working on the flutes to remove deposits, ensure the security of the burr cutter in a perfect holder. Then by way of enzymatic cleaning, run tungsten carbide cutter for like 2 minutes or more. Also, use 2 more minutes to clean using cold water.

Useful note: Make it a routine to clean a carbide burr cutter after use to maintain performance level and durability.

What Factors Can Immensely Affect Manufacturing Time-Frame of Tungsten Carbide Cutter?

We have handful of factors that influence the development of tungsten carbide cutter from start to delivery time.

Tungsten Carbide Cutter

Production lead-time depends on factors like:

Standard designs: Our main focus in the production line involves developing standard carbide rotary cutters. However, with demands from reliable customers, we customize the tool according to their preferences.

Ordinarily, we need a few and simple steps to make standard items in the shortest time and not customized.

Customized designs: Customized designs can derail the production and delivery of quality carbide rotary cutter. Logically, they have demanding features that we should add on to meet customer’s preferences.

It clearly indicates that we have to make more adjustments to our equipment. This consequently consumes most of the time and derails time of development into a quality item and time of delivery.

Order quantity:  As a big company, Syndent massively manufactures and meets huge and small orders worldwide. If you order in small quantities, delivery takes the shortest time possible compared to big orders.

Pending orders: Syndent commits to serving all nations from every corner of the world. On that note, sometimes we handle lots of orders from different clients. Your order can find itself behind many others. We value all types of customers and serve them equally.

We however can fix the issue of delay and quicken your order delivery when you dig slightly deep into your pockets. This works with the rush order option.

Tungsten Carbide Cutter

Do Tungsten Carbide Cutters Have a Warranty?

Reputable carbide cutter manufacturers offer a warranty for their products. This warranty covers the product against defects caused by workmanship or material.

When you invest in a tungsten carbide cutter from Syndent, you have peace of mind because of high-level performance.

Besides quality tungsten carbide cutter, Syndent builds other useful tools like solid carbide burr, carbide burr for aluminum, etc.

With not less than 11 years in operation, Syndent has always had a long-lasting relationship with our customers.

If you experience quality issues with any of our products, we promise to offer free replacement and compensation.

Syndent has the reputation of offering high-quality products at affordable prices.

Always contact us for quotations of tungsten carbide cutter and any burning questions. We have a friendly customer care team that works around the clock to support you.



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