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Under Nail Drill Bit

Syndent Under Nail Drill Bit

Syndent under nail drill bit facilitates the removal of excess dirt, bumps, and dust under your nails. With our device, you can cut or polish the bottom of your nails nicely.

Also called under nail cleaner (UNC), our under nail drill bit has a safety tip that perfectly lies beneath your nail. At the same time, it fits nicely in tight areas of your nail.

You can therefore remove dirt and other materials in bulk very fast. Syndent is a pointed distributor of a standard under nail drill bit.

We also support OEM and ODM, and our products have the required industrial quality at competitive prices.

Under Nail Drill Bit

Taper radius under nail drill bit with super sharp flute.

Under Nail Drill Bit

Taper radius under nail drill bit with 2# cut.

Under Nail Drill Bit

Flame and pear-shaped under nail drill bit

Under Nail Drill Bit

Cuticle and callus removing under nail drill bit

Why Syndent Under Nail Drill Bit

Syndent under nail drill bit can help you file your nails underneath and the tight spots. You can gently bevel under your nails without injuring the fingertip.

You can remove bumps that come after fixing nail extensions. At the same time, the under nail drill bit can remove dirt that constantly forms beneath your false nails.

Syndent under nail drill bit also can give a tremendous sidewall filing. You can smoothly file both sides of the nail plate faster, generating accurate results.

Our device cuts poly gel nails, acrylic nails, dip powder nails, hard gel nails, etc. Syndent under nail bit makes your nail cleaning convenient and straightforward.

Syndent builds under nail drill bit products with the same quality features as the samples received. Also, we ensure that we continue producing quality abrasives, as we have done for the last more than eleven years. We are therefore a sincere company.

Syndent deploys a quality assurance scheme to make our Under Nail Drill Bit. We can therefore assign every production process to responsibility. As a result, Syndent will provide tools with stable and guaranteed quality.

Syndent remains a dedicated company that keeps the word-of-mouth marketing promise. We will always send you the Under Nail Drill Bit items that depict its description features. Syndent is a down-to-earth company that handles business transactions sincerely.

Under Nail Drill Bit

Syndent will check the raw material specifications of under nail drill bit before production.

Under Nail Drill Bit

Syndent automatically brazes under nail drill bit with silver in a low temperature

Under Nail Drill Bit

We must make the under nail drill bit jumping test after brazing. The tolerance is less than 0.1mm

Under Nail Drill Bit

Syndent examines the hardness of under nail drill bit shank after brazing, and tests the bending strength

Under Nail Drill Bit

Solid under nail drill bit needs a shaping process from the carbide rod materials

Under Nail Drill Bit

Syndent CNC grinds the under nail drill bit teeth after the tests approved

Under Nail Drill Bit

Syndent polishes the under nail drill bit shaft, and its brazing position

Under Nail Drill Bit

Syndent makes your logo on the under nail drill bit, and stick your own label on the case.

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Your Best Supplier of Under Nail Drill Bit

Syndent can exclusively build modern equipment and produce under nail drill bit items in China. Therefore, we can efficiently design machines with modern features and mass-produce items that bear the latest industrial standards.

Apart from the welding technology and machines from the USA, Syndent has an R&D capacity. Therefore, whether with USA welding equipment or our handcrafted CNCs, our R&D department can fine-tune appropriately and produce.

The previous twelve-plus years have seen Syndent grow successfully in the industry. Moreover, we have colluded with the most famous companies globally, like Fortune 500.

As a result, we have garnered the required experience from critical customers. As a result, Syndent stands in the best position of providing you with efficient services in a professional manner.

Syndent manufacturers under nail drill bit devices with comparable features requested by our clients. Syndent under nail drill bit nail tools guarantees standard industrial sharpness.

Furthermore, our nail-cutting tools come with superior service life than our competitors. Our tools have managed to substitute international brands. We can also help you if you invite us.

Our additional tools include drill bits for nail machinese file bits, etc.

We would appreciate your inquiry for Syndent under nail drill bit. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Under Nail Drill Bit: A Conclusive FAQ Guide

Many nail drill bits will remove the quality product. However, you’ll require a unique tool to remove or clean dirt under the nails. That calls for an under nail drill bit, which we shall expound more about it in our guide.

What is Under Nail Drill Bit?

Under Nail Drill Bit

Under Nail Drill Bit

Sometimes abbreviated as UNC, the under nail drill bit presents a tool you can assign to clean under the nails. The under nail drill bit essentially is relatively tiny. Therefore, it will get through fixed positions below and on the sides of the nails.

With the best drill bit for under the nail, you will effectively cut or polish the nail bottom. Plus, the small properties make it highly flexible. Therefore, the item will also process the sides of the nails precisely.

High-quality made under nail cleaner is associated with quality grade raw materials. Consequently, designs from grade materials including carbide, diamond, and ceramics will promise items that offer peak performances.

Syndent is one of the top abrasive manufacturers located in China. Our expedition involves fabricating the best drill bit for under nail cleaning and trimming. Plus, we manufacture other tools in the same field line to suit various preferences.

Syndent under nail drill bit items are anti-rust and have better temperature resistance. Plus, the things have long-lasting and sturdy properties. Thus, they’ll provide desired efficiency and fast results when nail preparations.

Syndent fabricates under nail drill bit with an extended barrel head for cutting purposes. It will therefore cut nails with accurate and smooth results.

The UNC with an extended barrel head can provide high cutting performance. You can use it on acrylics, gel, hard gels, gel powder nails, and other artificial nails. Moreover, it will polish both the under and sides of the nails.

Our under nail drill bit items will also come in the most popular textures called grits. That will enable the user to meet most of the nail preparation needs. The surfaces may, for example, feature fine, medium, coarse, superfine, super-coarse, etc.

Under the nail drill bit is straight and thin with the same size and design as its shank. Nonetheless, it will feature a safety tip that can also trim the edges of your cuticles without damaging them.

What’s the Function of Under Nail Drill Bit?

Under nail drill bit has an excellent design, suitable for cutting, removing, trimming, cleaning, drilling, grinding, or shaping artificial nails.

Under nail drill bit fits perfectly under the bottom of artificial nails and remove dust or bulks with excellent efficiency. Besides, it removes the materials at a high-speed rate saving your time in half.

Syndent supplies the best drill bit for under nail with extended barrel tips for cutting purposes. Made with a unique style and grade material, the barrel type produces peak and cutting, and resilient durability.

The bit will accurately cut artificial nails, including acrylics, gel, powder nails, etc. Moreover, you’ll use the UNC to polish and smooth the bottom of false nails.

Under nail drill bit also will sufficiently remove dust particles or bulks below your fake nails. Again, Syndent will provide the best drill bit for under-nail cleaning as a trusted manufacturer and supplier.

Under nail cleaner, the drill bit has superb cutting performance. Thus, it will produce efficient and quick removal of bulk dirt or dust below your nails.

Besides removing dirt and debulking, you can trim the edges of a client’s cuticles with an under nail drill bit. Plus, you’ll bevel the base of your nail nicely.

The UNC will flexibly reach the sidewalls of the nails and cuticles. Hence, it will remove materials without harming your skin and false nails.

What’s the Difference Between Under Nail Drill Bit with Flutes and Partials?

Under nail drill bit products will feature unique designs based on the cutting edges. Usually, the type of material used to fabricate the bits will determine the cutting edges.

We have various materials used in fabricating UNC products like steel, ceramics, tungsten carbide, diamond, etc. However, Syndent uses diamond, tungsten carbide, or ceramic materials in most manufacturing processes.

Tungsten carbide remains the most commonly used drill bit in the nail beauty industry.


Because tungsten carbide material has two powerful elements, tungsten, and carbon, the two materials combined produce tools with optimum strength. Moreover, they have quality durability and sharp-cutting properties.

Tungsten carbide is an anti-rust element with high resistance to temperature and other environmental effects. And because of its sharp cutting properties, it will offer quick and efficient results when doing your nail preparation.

Carbide under nail drill bit has flute-like cutting edges which look like sharp blades. The sharp flutes will therefore shave off materials or dirt in bulk in the shortest time possible.

Under Nail Drill Bit

Carbide under nail drill bit

The benefit of working with a fluted UNC bit is that it reduces friction at a more significant margin. However, as a result, it develops some heat during the nail preparation process.

Ceramic under nail drill bit has flutes just like the carbide bits. And like the counterpart, ceramic UNC will remove material through cutting and not grinding.

Therefore, you’ll incur reduced chances of heat generation. Plus, the bit will produce quick and accurate results.

Ceramic bits remain popular because of their high heat dissipation compared to other types of nail drill bits. Moreover, ceramic under nail drill bit has impressive service life and optimum strength. Thus, the tool will prepare and help you make desired shapes on the nails.

Under Nail Drill Bit

Ceramic under nail drill bit

Diamond is the precious and most brutal metal available. Therefore, under nail drill bits that bear such components feature excellent strength. Plus, a diamond under nail drill bit will produce tremendous service life.

However, diamond UNC bits appear different from other bits in that the cutting edges occur in the form of partials. Consequently, manufacturers will place partials on the grinding head through natural or artificial means.

Unlike ceramic and tungsten carbide, diamond under nail drill bit items scratches or grinds the nail surface. Therefore, the process can create heat easily due to high friction.

More so, diamond UNC leaves scratches when debulking the artificial nails. Thus, you’ll require a finer bit when you want a smooth finish on the nail surface.

Diamond under nail drill bit will work well on the sidewalls and when trimming cuticles. It can trim cuticle edges and remove dirt around the cuticle area.

Does Under Nail Drill Bit Comprise of Various Textures?


The best drill bit for under nail cleaning can encompass sound textures, called grits. The grits essentially help to achieve the preferred smoothness.

Also, differences in the degree of coarseness provide a certain percentage of cutting sharpness.

Under nail drill bits come in the three most popular textures; coarse, medium, and fine. But, manufacturers provide other surfaces like superfine (extra fine), super coarse (extra coarse), 2 extra-fine, 2 extra-coarse, etc.

For instance, a coarse grit under nail drill bit is a very sharp tool you use to prepare nails. The partials or the flutes appear somehow scattered but every dip. It makes the bit have incredibly sharp cutting properties than the medium or fine-textured bit.

With a coarse UNC bit, you’ll not try using it on the surface of natural nails. It is because the sharp edges work like very sharp blades or knives. And because natural nails are very soft, the bit will cut through them quickly and damage the soft tissue.

Only choose coarse or extra coarse UNC when preparing artificial nails. That implies cutting acrylic nails, gel nails, dip powder, gel polish, hard toenails, etc.

Medium grit under nail drill bit has slightly packed flutes/partials than the coarse grit. Hence, manicurists will have the benefit of using it in various applications.

Under Nail Drill Bit

Medium grit under nail drill bit

As a versatile tool, the medium grit UNC can polish, smooth, polish, engrave, design the shape of the nail, etc. It also removes dirt and cuticles underneath and on the sidewalls.

On the contrary, a fine-textured under nail drill bit has very packed partials/flutes. It, therefore, makes the UNC suitable for delicate nail artwork tasks.

The edges of a fine under nail drill bit are also sharp but not like the coarse or medium grit. Thus, you’ll have 100% smoothness in any nail preparation. Moreover, it will provide final polishing after using a diamond type.

Under Nail Drill Bit

Fine grit under nail drill bit

Can Under Nail Drill Bit Burn Your Natural Nail?

Because of its distinctive design, under nail drill bit will not burn the nails, especially when done by a tech. Instead, a qualified user will control the bit and determines the amount of pressure ideal for nail preparation.

Observing the heat rule is essential when using under nail drill bit or any other similar tool. The heat rule indicates that for friction to occur, pressure remains eminent. And friction will result in heat.

If you don’t apply pressure while cutting the nail bit, the client will not feel the heat. Moreover, if you have a fresh under nail drill bit, you don’t need any pressure to do nail preparation. However, you’ll only need a constant movement of the bit with light or no pressure to minimize heat.

Sometimes a burn can occur due to a client pressing the finger on the machine because of tension. However, if you explain the heat rule, the client will cooperate and relax the hand. That will eventually avoid chances of discomfort to the hand because of heat.

How Often Should You Replace Under Nail Drill Bit?

The best drill bit for under nail cleaning should serve you for the longest time under good user maintenance. Good maintenance essentially improves the longevity of the bit.

Proper maintenance includes giving the bit a good clean-up. And it involves using a fine brush to clear dirt and debris stuck between cutting edges.

Then use the correct industrial chemical to disinfect the UNC bit. It practically kills germs and makes it cleaner.

Nonetheless, a UNC’s durability may depend on certain factors like usage rate. Consequently, the frequent application indicates that the bit may not serve longer than that used on a few occasions.

The material that the under nail drill bit cuts and how you use it can also determine the longevity. A UNC should practically perform the job designed to do and only process fingernails. Otherwise, processing other materials that seem a bit complex makes the tool wear out faster than expected.

These are essential indicators that show your bit needs a replacement. First, your tool needs relief when it doesn’t cut faster than it used to perform. It implies the edges of the device have lost their cutting abilities due to wear.

Blunt edges usually come from the intensive or wrong use of the bit when preparing nails. Therefore, apply the required technique and maintenance of the bit.

Next, when the UNC doesn’t dispense accurate results, it needs replacement. That indicates your tool is either faulty due to misalignment or wear. Consequently, a misaligned bit means the shaft is not straight and won’t deliver good results.

Under nail drill bit producing vibrations also needs a replacement. Vibrations will practically bring discomfort to a client’s finger. Plus, it will not deliver befitting results.

What Nail Bit Should You Use on Natural Nails?

Technicians will try to use ceramic, diamond, or tungsten carbide bits on natural nails. However, the tech should apply proper care and slow speed with such bits.

Moreover, a medium grit may try to help in such situations. Nonetheless, we highly prohibit using the tools on natural nails.

A sanding band and sanding caps with a Mandrel present some of the ideal tools to prepare natural nails. The devices work softly and will not cut or burn the natural nail like the ceramic, carbide, or diamond tools.

Synthetic rubberized bits also will allow soft application when used to prepare natural nails. You’ll use them safely to cut extra cuticles from a nail plate, buff your nails, or clear ridges.

What is a Good Indicator of a Properly Mounted Under Nail Drill Bit?

Various electric machines require distinct mounting procedures. Some, for instance, need tools for installation while others don’t. So, it depends on the device you choose for the UNC.

Before installing the under nail drill bit, it is proper to pass through the manual. The manual essentially gives complete instructions for mounting the bits.

An adequately mounted bit should offer a smooth application free from vibrations.

With the increasing need for modern bits in the nail and beauty industry, Syndent has managed to satisfy them all. The introduction of drill bits for nail machines and a volcano nail drill bit present some of the tools.

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