What Type of Bits Can Safely File the Cuticle Area?

At some point, a technician had limitations regarding the electric file arsenal for processing nails. Today, the industry boasts of very many incredible options.

In addition, the bits available come in a large variety of shapes that can accomplish different tasks in any service. Each profile also comes with additional materials (carbide, diamond, ceramic, etc.), coarse, and sizes.

Moreover, we might include left and right-handed versions for a technician to consider.

Syndent Cuticle Bit

Cuticle Bit

Regarding safely filing down the cuticle area, we might narrow it down to the essential bits. Hence, it will provide any user with helpful guidance for applying each bit effectively.

Consequently, safe cuticle removal requires a bit of a secure top. However, it will fundamentally file safely without injuring the cuticle area.

We have diamond and carbide bits for cuticles that can safely assist in filing the area. The diamond-coated bits may be flame-shaped, providing a combined manicure performance.

The bit can safely and quickly remove dead or insensitive skin. Also, the cone-shaped bit can safely remove the cuticles and help prep the nail fold. It can also file the tinniest splinter.

A tiny, precise needle-shaped bit can penetrate hard-to-reach positions and remove the dead tissue. It gives the technician an excellent nail fold line and provides detailed filing of dry cuticles.

A match-shaped bit will help when handling dry cuticles. Additionally, it facilitates perfect cleaning of the nail fold and suits beginner nail technicians because of the delicate grid. The match-shaped bit can include a variety of materials.

The ball-shaped can offer excellent removal of cuticles, prepping, and smoothing in any manicure pedicure treatment. The larger version of a ball bit helps remove dry and protruding cuticles. More so, it will safely smooth out a client’s nail fold.

Another type of bit that can safely file the cuticle area is the little flame bit. The little flame safely files and removes cuticles in very fixed regions of the nail.

A technician must make the right choice of a bit, especially when filing cuticles. The cuticle area remains a susceptible area of the nail.

When it comes to what type of bits can safely file the cuticle area, consider the safety bits listed above.

You’ll remove dry cuticles and dead skin while giving your nail fold a new and attractive look. Plus, it will make your work faster as it reduces your working time in half.

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