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Wood Carving Bits

Syndent Wood Carving Bits

Syndent wood carving bits offer quality performance to complete your very demanding tasks on wood.

Our wood carving bits can carve or do other tasks on projects that consist of wood as the main material.

Syndent provides a unique design on our wood carving bits so that you can complete tasks faster while improving productivity.

For 11 years and above, Syndent has harmoniously produced professional wood carving bits that suit your industrial applications.

We operate in China and are amongst the earliest companies to introduce advanced CNC machines in the country.

Syndent has more than 40 sets of 6 axis advanced CNCs and 40 plus skilled staff. This guarantees you consistent and stable quality Syndent wood carving bits.

Wood Carving Bits

Cylinder wood carving bits are ideal for contour finishing, flat surface removal.

Wood Carving Bits

Cylinder with end cut wood carving bits are suitable for removal contour and right-angled corners

Wood Carving Bits

Cylinder with radius end wood carving bits are suitable for processing contour and arc surface at a certain angle

Wood Carving Bits

Ball shape wood carving bits are good for machining round edge and end pre-processing before brazing

Wood Carving Bits

Oval shape wood carving bits are suitable for round edge removal

Wood Carving Bits

Tree with radius end wood carving bits are perfect for grinding round edge in long and narrow positions

Wood Carving Bits

Tree with pointed end wood carving bits are used for machining round arc contour in long and narrow places

Wood Carving Bits

Flame shape wood carving bits are good at round edge machining

Wood Carving Bits

Cone shape wood carving bits function like a countersink. Suitable for chamfering inner hole

Wood Carving Bits

Taper with radius end wood carving bits are widely used for round contour removal in narrow positions, and surface machining

Wood Carving Bits

Taper with pointed end wood carving bits are suitable for narrow position deburring and counter surface machining

Wood Carving Bits

Inverted cone wood carving bits are suitable for rear-side chamfering from the inner side.

Why Syndent Wood Carving Bits

You can basically use Syndent wood carving bits to carve any type of wood. Our wood carving bits can perform other tasks on wood including engraving, deburring, machining, cutting, polishing, shaping, etc.

Since we design quality bits for wood carving, you can fluently machine other soft materials too. This includes removing extra material from plastics, jade, marble, bone, soft stone, ceramic tiles, acrylics, and more.

Also, you can use Syndent wood carving bits for light duties on metals like steel, cobalt, aluminum, etc.

Our wood carving bits commonly apply in industries like wood carving, metalsmith, metal sculpting, tool making, etc. You can always rely on Syndent wood carving bits for versatile and outstanding performance.

To meet our payment method requirements, Syndent provides you with various convenient payment options.

We give you the freedom to choose from options like PayPal, Western Union, MoneyGram, Banks, L/C, TT, and many more. Furthermore, we can open up the newest first channel based on your requirements. You no longer have to worry about us meeting the payment option demands.

Wood Carving Bits

Syndent will check the raw material specifications of wood carving bits before production.

Wood Carving Bits

Syndent automatically brazes wood carving bits with silver in a low temperature.

Wood Carving Bits

We must make the wood carving bits jumping test after brazing. The tolerance is less than 0.1mm

Wood Carving Bits

Syndent examines the hardness of wood carving bits shank after brazing, and tests the bending strength responsibly

Wood Carving Bits

Solid wood carving bits needs a shaping process from the carbide rod materials

Wood Carving Bits

Syndent CNC grinds the wood carving bits teeth after the tests approved

Wood Carving Bits

Syndent polishes the wood carving bits shaft, and its brazing position

Wood Carving Bits

Syndent makes your logo on the wood carving bits, and stick your own label on the case.



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Your Best Supplier of Wood Carving Bits

Syndent wood carving bits achieve a neutral point of combining both long life and competitive cost. You can find our wood carving bits at a budget-friendly price and benefit from high durability. We have achieved the best cost performance of Syndent wood carving bits.

After producing quality bits for wood carving for 11 plus years, we have successfully cooperated with major customers.  Syndent has worked with companies like the MSC (Fortune 500), Grainger, Snap-on, and many more.

We no longer have customer cases relating to confidentiality. Syndent has gained a wealthy experience with our key customers. This essentially gives you the most efficient and professional service.

Before we allow the raw materials to enter the warehouse, Syndent thoroughly inspects each of the batches. Through this, we ensure that the grades of chemical analysis materials are very accurate.

We also confirm a regular appearance and a compliant size. After passing a thorough inspection, the manager signs them into the warehouse. Your Syndent wood carving bits order avoids any possible quality issues right from the source.

So that we can fulfill all your industrial cutting tools demand, Syndent designs and supplies various quality tools. To add on Syndent wood carving bits, we manufacture carbide burr, die grinder burr bits, die grinder metal cutting bits, and more.

You can receive instant Syndent wood carving bits quotation by contacting us any time.

Wood Carving Bits: The Conclusive FAQ Guide

We have several different types of abrasives designed for specific functions. For example, we have drill bitscarbide burrs, etc. However, we focus on wood carving bits in this consequent FAQ guide. We answer your questions for the best supplier, features, and other relevant information about wood carving bits.

What Are Wood Carving Bits?

Wood Carving Bits

Wood Carving Bits

Wood carving bits refer to professionally designed tools suitable for wood applications. With these bits, you can quickly pare away wood than when you use any other burr tool. In addition, they leave a smooth surface finish.

You can make a wooden figure/figurine or sculptural ornamentation of a specific wooden object with wood carving bits.

Syndent manufacture wood carving bits using various metal components like tungsten carbide, diamond, etc.

Also, you can find them in different head sizes, shapes, and shank sizes to suit various operations.

We have an overwhelming sheer volume of bits for wood carving available on the market. Therefore, we can break down the grouping and look at how each type performs. Hence, you can find the right bit for your tasks.

Our wood carving bits are mainly applied in wood carving and engraving. Besides, they suit both skilled and beginners in the wood carving industry.

We design durable wood carving bits suitable for faster removal of wood. Thus, you can work with any type of wood faster, leaving a very smooth finish.

Also, our wood engraving bits have well-designed tips, comprising of sharp cutting edges. Therefore, they allow you to make any kind of craft without breaking or damaging the piece of wood. At the same time, you achieve an excellent and smooth finished craft effect.

Wood carvers and engravers have found wood engraving bits stable apparatus. Hence, they can use them to refine forms and establish features on a specific wood surface.

Syndent wood carving bits come in various grits, besides different sizes, shapes, and designs. For instance, medium grit can provide a medium rate grinding, whereas rough grit provides a sanded grinding.

How Do You Use Wood Carving Bits?

In wood carving, the bit part of the instrument does the definite task of removing wood. In this case, you’ll use a power rotary tool like a flexible shaft or micro motor.

The rotary tool spins the wood carving bit at a relatively high speed. Eventually, the cutting edges on the carving bit pare away the extra wood.

In wood carving, we have roughing, carving, engraving, and detailing. For instance, roughing out a carving requires quick grinding of excess wood without regard for surface finish.

Otherwise, it would help if you had an advanced precise touch to form feathers and extra fine details.

Therefore, you should always consider the amount of wood you expect to remove when selecting proper wood carving bits.

Also, consider the rate at which you wish to remove the material and the smoothness you want to acquire.

Syndent wood carving bits come in most standard sizes. Therefore, they can fit most rotary tools or a Dremel machine.

Because of this, you can do several tasks like carving, engraving, grinding, shaping, and finishing your work precisely.

What Is A Shank Diameter On Wood Carving Bits?

The shank features hardened steel which a manufacturer bonds composite materials on its head. Therefore, it acts as the bit’s backbone. The other end of the shank fits in a compatible rotary tool.

Our wood carving bits’ most popular shank diameters include 1/4-Inch, 1/8-Inch, 3/32-Inch, and 1/16-Inch. With such a case, a flexible shaft tool can accept any of the typical shank diameters mentioned here.

Micro motors can accept 1/8-Inch and 3/32-Inch shank diameter wood carving bits. Alternatively, you can buy optional collets to suit alternate shank sizes.

On the other hand, air tools can accept frictional wood carving bits with a 1/16-inch shank diameter. It means that a wood engraving bit with a larger head size has a larger shank diameter and vice versa.

We suggest using a more significant bit you can comfortably handle to effectively and accurately remove heavy stock.

When you fit the wood carving bit into a given rotary tool, ensure a perfect fitting in the collet.

Do Wood Carving Bits Have Different Head Shapes?


We can group wood carving bits into different general shapes commonly found on the market.

The head shape of the bit dramatically determines the type of cut you can achieve on a wood surface.

A giant head means you can remove more wood material because of the larger surface area. Therefore, it means you can use larger wood carving bits to rough out a piece of wood material.

On the flip side, wood carving bits with smaller heads can help you in detailing your workpiece.

Most of the standard shapes provide specific applications on wood materials. Common shapes carvers and engravers use include ball, flame, cylinder, and pear bits.

Different Shapes of Wood Carving Bits

Different Shapes of Wood Carving Bits

Bull Nose/Ball Nose

A bullnose or ball nose wood carving bit features a combination of both a ball and cylinder profile. Thus, it can provide a concave cut. Also, it hollows out an area on the piece of wood when using the top part.

When you use the sides, you can nicely cut flat positions and round edges. In addition, the bullnose cuts with the exact resemblance to the U-gouge when you use the top. On the other side, it creates a knife cut when you apply the side.

Bull nose Wood Carving Bit

Ball nose/Bullnose Wood Carving Bit


Carvers and engravers can carve around edges, flat areas or make V-cuts and stop cuts with cylinder-shaped wood carving bits.

Cylinder shapes can create cuts produced with tools like a straight chisel or knife. To achieve V-cuts, you position the device at a specific angle, then apply the top corner.


The oval-shaped wood carving bits remain useful for woodcarvers aiming at rounding the edges. Also, you can use them in creating bumps and lumps and make concave cuts on a piece of wood.


You can use a ball-shaped wood engraving bit to make precise concave cuts or hollow out areas on wood. Besides, ball bits can make a U-gouge cut.

Inverted Cone

With inverted wood carving bits, you can make V-cuts suitable for hair and feather barbules.


Sometimes we call them cutting bits.

You can also find disc-shaped wood carving bits which you can use for undercutting feathers. In addition, disc wood carving bits can create channel cuts and shave off thin parts of extra wood.


With a pear-shaped wood carving bit, you can quickly round the edges. Furthermore, you can create bumps and lumps while bird carving.

Large Taper

Larger taper wood carving bits provide concave cuts, round edges and allow you to access hard-to-reach positions.

Small taper

Small taper wood carving bits allow you to maneuver through tight places on your piece of wood. Also, carvers use wood engraving bits to process angled areas and create both feather barbules and hair.


The flame-shaped wood carving bits allow you to create concave cuts or V-cuts. You can also use them to grind recess areas.

Drilling/Routing Bits

We have a vast collection of drilling and routing bits. Therefore, you can perform very crucial wood carving applications using drilling and routing bits.

However, you should check to ensure that your rotary tool suits these bits because they have different strengths.

Sanding Bits

Sanding bits can appear in two different types: drum and disc bits.

Drum bits look small and cylindrical and feature an abrasive band. On the other hand, the disc goes by its name and features an abrasive surface that helps smooth sanding.

Otherwise, you can use them on other materials like glass, other than wood.

Which Materials Or Grits Do Wood Carving Bits Have?

Wood carving bits can take different material designs. Besides, the materials vary broadly in grade. Thus, it determines the cost of the bit, cutting rate, durability, and smoothness achieved on a material surface.

For extra coarse and long-life wood carving bits, manufacturers bond aggressive carbide material on the metal shaft. Such bits can remove extra material from wood very fast. However, they make the surface look rough.

The finest carving bits on the other side features artificial stones. If you use these bits, you achieve a very smooth surface.

Note that coarse wood carving bits work well when you engage a slower RPM. Conversely, finer wood engraving bits work best with a higher RPM.

Carbide-Point Bits

Wood carving bits made from carbide provide high durability. Thus, they can provide lasting performance for several years without noticing any change.

Carbide wood carving bits can make aggressive cuts when grinding materials. Hence, carvers prefer them for quick removal of stock when carving either soft or hardwood.

Carbide-grit Bits

Carbide-grit bits have high durability. With tough carbide grit, the bit stays sharp for long without tearing. However, they wear out faster compared to carbide cutters or carbide-point bits.

You can find them in several grits and shapes, which can include cutting wheels. With these types of wood carving bits, you can cut wood, gourds, ceramics, laminates, fiberglass, gourds, etc.

High-speed Steel Bits

Manufacturers can design wood carving bits using high-speed steel. But, HSS bits have only medium durability but are not durable as carbide wood carving bits.

You can find different shapes of wood engraving bits. With various forms, carvers can use them for cutting grooves and for countersinking.

Although high-speed steel bits have a low price tag because of their low durability than carbide and diamond. Besides cutting wood, HSS bits can process bone, plastic, antler, or soft metals.

Diamond Bits

Wood carving bits sintered with diamond bits have slight durability than carbide bits. Nonetheless, plated diamond wood carving bits have less durability than sintered bits.

Plated diamond wood carving bits consist of a layer of diamond specks. Manufacturers embed a single layer on a shaped metal head.

On the other hand, sintered diamond wood carving bits consist of diamond elements. It also includes a mixture of a powdered bronze matrix.

With sintered diamond bits, you can reshape or sharpen them slightly with the aid of a diamond dressing stone. However, you cannot apply the same to plated diamond bits.

Diamond wood carving bits can provide perfect texturing and carving fine details. In addition, they come in several grits and identical shapes.

What Are Tricuspid-Shaped Wood Carving Bits?

Tricuspid Design Wood Carving Bits

Tricuspid Design Wood Carving Bits

Tricuspid-shaped carving bits refer to three-sided arc surface flute bits. That implies they have incredibly sharp and durable flutes.

Therefore, they can provide accurate centering on wood surfaces and other soft materials like jade, bone, or plastic.

The three-sided arc surface design provides quick and automatic discharge of chips from the sides of the whole. Thus, you can suitably use them in carving, engraving, drilling, grinding, etc.

In addition, tricuspid design wood carving bits leave a smooth ending without damaging your wood workpiece.

With a tricuspid bit, you don’t need any modification on the material surface. Therefore, you can effectively grind, carve, engrave, grind, shape, or complete your wood.

Where Can You Use Wood Carving Bits?

Wood carving bits can fit different applications in various sectors of the industry. You can use wood engraving bits in:

  • Cork DIY
  • Wood carving and engraving
  • Carving
  • House maintenance
  • Model making
  • Engineering
  • Toolmaking
  • Deburring
  • Grinding

Why Should You Choose Wood Carving Bits?

Syndent manufactures highly versatile wood carving bits. For instance, we choose the highest grade materials to manufacture our tools. Therefore, our wood carving bits can suit all wood applications with precise accuracy.

Tungsten carbide and diamond, for example, represent the most highly durable metal compounds on earth. It means we can come up with super hardwood engraving bits for all industrial applications.

The superior toughness of our products can help many workers in various sectors to efficiently process hardwood. Besides, you can use them on other materials like stone, bone, jade, plastic, etc.

In developing our ideal products, we use ultra-modern CNC equipment. Furthermore, we use the latest USA-based welding technology.

Therefore, we guarantee high-quality products by using quality components, ultra-modern machines, and the newest technology.

As a result, you can have wood engraving bits that can serve you for years before replacement.

Quality Wood Carving Bits

Quality Wood Carving Bits

Can You Use Wood Carving Bits To Drill Wood?

Although designed specifically for carving and engraving, wood carving bits can also drill through hardwood.

As reiterated earlier on, we design our product with versatility in mind. Therefore, it can perform several tasks other than engraving and carving your piece of wood.

It means, if you need to drill holes in your piece of wood, our versatile wood carving bits can perform.

With several shapes available, choosing the correct tool can perfectly complete the required application.

With ball-shaped wood carving bits, you can make concave cuts on your piece of wood. Also, you can precisely hollow out areas. Therefore, woodcarvers and engravers can use the specific shape to drill accurate holes.

For advanced drilling outcomes and outstanding performance, we make rotary file bits. Also known as drill bit rotary file, our product produces impressive results, highly appreciated by most regular clients internationally. For example, our clients in America and other European nations use our product.

Which Different Sizes of Wood Carving Bits Do We Have?

Wood carving bits come in different valuable sizes. In addition, we have recommended RPM as in the following tabulation;

NoBit SizeRPM
12.5 mm or 3/32”17 000 – 26 000
23.0 mm or 1/8”17 000 – 26 000
36.0 mm or 1/4″11 000 – 16 000
413.0 mm or 1/2″  8 000 – 12 000
516.0 mm or 5/8”  7 650 – 11 000


In any case, you’ll never find an exact speed dedicated for a specific bit size. Only that, you can choose an appropriate rate within the prescribed range based on some factors.

Therefore the desired speed can depend on a few elements, precisely three factors.

First of all, the type of wood you intend to process can dictate a speed suitable for the material. For instance, the rate you choose for softwood differs from that which you choose for hardwood.

Hardwood has a bit of hardness compared to softwood. Thus, it would help if you had a higher speed on the hardwood than on softwood.

Next, we have the wood carving bit’s head diameter. An outside edge of a more significant diameter bit moves faster than a smaller bit with the same shaft speed. Therefore, the tool speed should reduce with the same narrative in correspondence to the bit’s diameter attached.

In other words, a more significant wood carving bit should use a slower RPM. It prevents possible vibration brought about by wood carving bits that have greater mass.

Lastly, the power exhibition of a specific rotary machine is available for the job. In essence, most rotary tools come with a speed range between 8 000 RPM and 24 000 RPM. Some have a maximum speed of 35 000 RPM. Therefore, those with lower full RPM speed can limit how far you can adjust the rotary tool.

As you can see, we don’t have a specific speed suitable for a given wood engraving bit. Therefore, a few factors can help you choose the right speed to use.

Nonetheless, you can freely use the maximum practical speed available for the specific size of wood carving bits.


Because a higher speed used helps in effective removal of swarf. At the same time, it reduces chattering when applied to a specific wood surface. Therefore, you can carve or engrave wood with a precise and gain a smooth finish.

Nevertheless, never supersede a speed of 35 000 RPM when using wood carving bits on any rotary tool. When you choose a rate of more than 35 000, RPM brings about instability. Furthermore, you expose your workpiece to possible damage, or you may have inaccurate results.

Can You Find Wood Carving Bits Set?


Wood Carving Bits Set

Wood Carving Bits Set

Wood engraving bits feature a complete kit suitable for different woodwork application scenarios at other places.

Wood carving bits set offers a one-stop solution for woodworkers to perfectly complete any work at hand.

Before making any dispatch of our complete kit of wood engraving bits, Syndent checks. Thus, you receive the right quality products you requested for.

The wood carving bits can contain a mixture of different pieces that can help meet your various needs.

In a particular set, you can find a mixture containing bits suitable for material removal for an instant. Also, you can order a different set containing bits with a long shank or the same shape but different sizes.

Wood carving bits can have ten pieces containing double-cut bits. Using the ideal set, you can efficiently finish contours on a material surface and for surface removal.

Next, you can order eight wood carving bits set that can perfectly remove material from your wood workpiece. Moreover, it may include the 1/4″ and 6 mm shank sizes.

The 5-piece wood carving bits contain a double-cut set. Therefore, it can help you process contour and arc surface at a given angle.

The 9-piece set includes small wood carving bits that incorporate 1/8″ and a 3 mm shank. As a result, the miniature can provide perfect execution in handling tasks that significant bits can’t handle.

You may request the four pieces set as well. It contains four pieces of wood carving bits with an extended shank.

With the shank size of 1/4 inches x 6 inches, you can reach positions ordinary bits can’t go.

When it comes to wood carving, you desire to have highly efficient wood carving bits. You also wish to have long-lasting tools, and that can help you do more than one task. Therefore, you need a versatile device that can engrave, carve, drill, shape, cut, detail, etc.

Syndent ranks amongst professional manufacturers of quality and durable wood carving bits in the world. We design tools that guarantee up to par performance with precise accuracies when processing wood.

Besides, we offer attractive discounts on items purchased in large quantities. Also, we can coordinate for quick dispatch and safe delivery of your order.

Other than wood carving bits, Syndent makes other abrasives like carbide burr for wood carving. Also, you can request for fiberglass router bit or carbide dental burs.

To receive quotations of our wood carving bits, kindly contact us.

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